Alexander Hamilton: Ambivalent Anglophile

Rowman & Littlefield, 2002 - 196 páginas
Of all of the Founding Fathers of the American republic none, with the possible exception of Thomas Jefferson, has evoked more passions and aroused more controversy than Alexander Hamilton.

In this absorbing new biography, eminent historian Lawrence Kaplan examines Hamilton's conception of America's role in the world and the foreign policies that followed from his vision. Kaplan looks at how Hamilton acted upon his views in shaping the course of American foreign relations.

The author provides a focused, accessible biography of Hamilton and a nuanced assessment of his impact on Federalist Era foreign policy. In the Jefferson-Jackson era Hamilton's persona as an elitist urban aristocrat condemned him as an enemy of an expanding democratic America-an Anglophile at a time when Great Britain was the major adversary. Such was his reputation as an enemy of the common man that his deep-seated opposition to the institution of slavery won little recognition from northern abolitionists.

This book will fascinate readers with its insights into Hamilton and the formative years of the United States of America.

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I will begin by saying that I did not buy the book, but only read the parts available for preview. I read enough to know that I don't want to buy the book.
There is too much pro-Hamilton bias and
not enough detail to support that bias. Too many suppositions are made without supporting evidence. It is more like an outline or first draft than a finished history. Historians should be neutral unless they are prepared to support their case. 


The Rise of a Wunderkind
The War as Opportunity 17751782
Toward the Constitution 17821789
Secretary of the Treasury 17891791
To the Jay Treaty 17901794
Behind the Scenes 17951798
General Manque 17981800
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Lawrence S. Kaplan is University Professor Emeritus at Kent State University and adjunct professor of history at Georgetown University.

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