Joannis Lelandi antiquarii de rebvs britannicis collectanea, Volumen2

impensis Gvl. & J. Richardson, 1770 - 433 páginas

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Página 674 - ... THE FONT. (From an original sketch of the whole procession in the College of Arms. ) torches were borne about the canopy by four other gentlemen. "Next after the canopy went the Lady Mary, the King's daughter, appointed for the lady godmother, with her train borne by the Lady Kingston." After the Lady Mary, "all other ladies of honour and gentlewomen, in order after their degrees, did follow.
Página 631 - was built close to the upper end of the hall, as it seemed at the first sight : but indeed it was but a false wall faire painted, and adorned with stately pillars, which pillars would turn about; by reason whereof, with the help of other painted clothes, their stage did vary three times in the acting of one tragedy :" that is, in other words, there were three scenes employed in the exhibition of the piece.
Página 652 - Caftell, wherein hce proceeded foe farr, as that there Champions were entred the Lifts to try the Combatt. But the Kinge tooke up the Matter, and ordered the Bysfhop to give a Some of Mony to the Earle, which was don accordingly, and the Caftell reftored to the Bysfhoprick.
Página 659 - Building, and leading from the Gates aforefaid to the great Hall, at the Entry whereof is a Porch, and on the right Hand of a fmall Room called The On the left or North Side of the fame Court is One fair wett Larder, a dry Larder, a privy Bake-houfe, and a...
Página 660 - From the upper end of the great hall a steyer ascending up towards the great chamber, at the lop whereof are two lodging rooms. Leading from the steyer's head to the great chamber is a fair room paved with brick, and a chimney in the same.
Página 639 - Flagellifer, wherein the stage varied three times. They had all goodly antique apparell, but for all that, it was not acted so well by many degrees as I have seen it in Cambridge. The King was very wearie before he came thither, but much more wearied by it, and spoke many words of dislike.
Página 465 - Then certayne Gascoyne toke hym away, and put a pillid broken hatte or hoode, on his hedde, and set hym on a lene white jade with owt bridil, and he than cried thus, " King of heven, have mercy on me, For the King of North nous ad querpi.
Página 562 - BoCme, sun to King John that was killid at the batail of Crescy. This Charles electid emperor fled at the batail of Crescy. Henry duke de Lancastre chalengid at the coronation of Charles themperor at Rome a greate part of Province, the which by deathe of his auncestors was fallen to hym, by reason of his fathers mother queen of Navar.
Página 566 - Lownes, destroying the countery on to Edingburg. Then he repayrid yn to England, and left the erle of Northampton gardian of the marches, which toke a trews with the Scottes that was not wel kept. John king of Fraunce toke by covyne the king of Navar, that had afore treatid with king Eduard for alliaunce. In the yere of our lorde 1355.
Página 659 - Kitchin is a privy Kitchin, over which is a Lodging Chamber for Cooks. On the back Side of which laft recited Building are certain decayed Buildings, fometimes ufed for a back Houfe and an Armery, with certain decayed Lodgings over the fame. From the great Kitchin (leading to the great Hall) an Entry ; on the One Side whereof is a decayed Room, called The Scullery, with a large Flew or Chimney therein, and a Pantry to the fame adjoyning. On the other Side of the Entry are Two old decayed Rooms heretofore...

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