New Tracks in North America: A Journal of Travel and Adventure Whilst Engaged in the Survey for a Southern Railroad to the Pacific Ocean During 1867-8, Volumen2

Chapman and Hall, 1869

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Página 255 - UP are tremendously in earnest. The moment the car is empty it is tipped over on the side of the track to let the next loaded car pass it, and then it is tipped back again, and it is a sight to see it go flying back for another load, propelled by a horse at full gallop at the end of sixty or eighty feet of rope, ridden by a young Jehu, who drives furiously. Close behind the first gang come the gaugers, spikers, and bolters, and a lively time they make of it. It is a grand Anvil Chorus that those...
Página 255 - A light car, drawn by a single horse, gallops up to the front with its load of rails. Two men seize the end of a rail and start forward, the rest of the gang taking hold by twos until it is clear of the car. They come forward at a run. At the word of command the rail is dropped in its place, right side up, with care, while the same process goes on at the other side of the car.
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Página 246 - ... all compensation for services rendered for the Government shall be applied to the payment of said bonds and interest until the whole amount is fully paid.
Página 210 - ... angles across his course from the Chiquito. When he reached the mouth of the latter stream the raft suddenly stopped, and swinging round for an instant as if balanced on a point, it yielded to the current of the Chiquito, and was swept into the whirlpool. White felt now that all further exertion was useless, and dropping his paddle, he clasped his hands and fell upon the raft. He heard the gurgling waters around him, and every moment he felt that he must be plunged into the boiling vortex. He...
Página 10 - ... materially altered and amended from beginning to end, with a large body of critical Notes . almost entirely new, and a Glossary, in which the language of the poet, his allusions to customs, &c., are fully explained. " THE BEST TEXT OF SHAKESPEARE WHICH HAS YET APPEARED. Mr. Dyce's edition is a great work, worthy of his reputation, and for the present it contains the standard text."— TIMES.
Página 203 - ... which they succeeded in descending with their animals, and where they obtained the water of which all stood so much in need. "On the night of the 23rd of August they encamped at the bottom of the canyon, where they found plenty of fuel, and grass in abundance for their animals. As they sat around the camp fire they lamented their failure in the San Juan country, and Strole began to regret that they had undertaken the expedition. But Baker, who was a brave, sanguine fellow, spoke of...
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