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there were evident tokens of his approaching dissolution. His strength gradually decreased, and his sight and speech in a great measure failed. Yet he frequently broke out in prayer, in these and such like sentences :- “O Lord, in Thee have I trusted, and have not been confounded. In Thee do I now trust; let me never be confounded. Salvation is of the Lord. I have nothing to bring or to offer unto the Lord, but . God be merciful to me a sinner!' When my soul departs from this body, a convoy of angels will conduct me to the paradise of God.” His last prayer that could be understood was to this effect: “O Almighty God, who dwellest in light, which no mortal can approach, and where no unclean thing can enter, cleanse the thoughts of our hearts; grant us continually sweet peace, quietness, and assurance of Thy favour!” About an hour before his decease, he was heard to say, “ This is a good

O that all may tread this path in the important hour!” Presently after, he departed so quietly, that it was scarcely perceivable when he drew his last breath,


WHITCHURCH, September 1st, 1784.


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