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Front again-Effect at the South-His Visitors many-- Amusing
Incidents—His Height—The Scanty Dinner-Hannah Armstrong
- Incidents in Chicago-His Election to the Presidency-Dramatic

Scene in Presence of Mr. Bateman-His Confidence in Bible and

Prayer-Child of Providence-Went to see his Mother, a Touch.

ing Scene— People Fear his Assassination-Speech to Neighbours

on Leaving for Washington-Trip there--Plot to Assassinate him 262



“Father Abraham "_" The Boys ”—His Opinion expressed—Spoke

from Experience— Would not Yield Care of Soldiers-Daily
Routine --Night-work—Soldiers before Senators—A Soldier and
his Mother—The Baby-Boy on the Ottawa—The Drummer Boy
-A Mother Asks for a Son—The Handsomest Man-Rests in


Pardoning the “Boys ”—The Four Telegrams—Do him no Good
to Shoot him—The Vermont “Boy”- Blood and Remission of
Sins, Rebel Sympathizer-Shaking the Hands of 5,000 Soldiers
- The Rebel Soldier-Extracts from Letters-Sorrow over Slain
Soldiers—Dr. Holland's Words and Facts—His Praise of General
Garfield-His Letter to a Mother -- Interest in Soldiers' Aid
Societies—Letter and Speeches—Joy over Relief for Soldiers
- Pity for “ Boys” in Rebel Prisons-Retaliation-Visiting Rebel

Prisoners — The Penitent - Herndon's Eulogy-Climax of the

Sacrifice . . . . . . . . . . . 317


THE miserable log cabin in which Abraham Lincoln

I was born was a floorless, doorless, windowless shanty, situated in one of the most barren and desolate spots of Hardin County, Kentucky. His father made it his home simply because he was too poor to own a better one. Nor was his an exceptional case of penury and want. For the people of that section were generally poor and unlettered, barely able to scrape enough together to keep the wolf of hunger from their abodes.

Here Abraham Lincoln was born February 12th, 1809. His father's name was Thomas Lincoln; his mother's maiden name was Nancy Hanks. When they were married, Thomas was twenty-eight years of age and Nancy, his wife, twenty-three. They had been married three years when Abraham was born. Their cabin was in that part of Hardin County which is now embraced in La Rue County, a few miles from Hodgensville—on the south fork of Nolin Creek. A perennial spring of water, gushing in silvery brightness from beneath a rock near by, relieved the barrenness of the location, and won for it the somewhat ambitious name _"Rock Spring Farm.”

“How came Thomas Lincoln here?” the reader will ask, “Whence did he come?” “Who were his ancestors ?."

Thomas Lincoln was born in Rockingham County, Virginia, in 1778. Two years later (in 1780), his

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