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RESOLUTION-requesting the establishment of another Judicial District

for the United States Court, 178. requesting United States District Judge to hold sessions

of his court at Jefferson and Corpus Christi.

declaring the boundaries of Texas, 207. REVENUE-to be raised by taxation, 183.

S SAN ANTONIO—for the relief of prisoners taken at, in 1842, 189. SANTA FE-see Volunteers. SEAT OF GOVERNMENT-election for, 77. SHERIFFS-for the relief of, under the late Republic, 72. SLAVERY-resolutions on the subject of, 93. SOUTHERN CONVENTION-delegates to, 171. SPANISH DOCUMENTS, to be removed from Nacogdoches to the State

Department, 71. SOLDIERS and officers called out by Generals Tarrant and Smith in 1841,

claims to be audited, 208. SURVEYOR, COUNTY-proviso to the 6th section of the act of March,

1819, respecting-repealed, 5.
of Smith county to record certain field notes, 48.

TAXATION-buildings and ground for education, exempt from, 9.

Jibraries, furniture etc. appropriated to education exempt

from, 80.

to raise a revenue by, 183.
TAXES-lands sold for, and purchased by the State to be restored, 37.

supplemental to restore lands sold for, 169.
of Jasper county for 1850, appropriated to Courthouse, 65.
Jasper county authorized to levy a special, 81.
Fayette county permitted to levy a special, 76.
Harris county authorized to levy a special, 158.
the collection of, due the late Republic, 66.

assessment and collection of, 209,
TITLES and land claims in certain counties--investigation of, 177.
TRAVIS and others-for the relief of the heirs of those who fell with, 153.
TREASURERS, COUNTY-to be elected by the people, 83.
TREASURER, STATE-election of, when, 161.
TURNPIKE-Rio Grande Company established, 113.

from Bonham across the Bois d'Arc, authorized, 139.
Hart's creek company, incorporated, 179.

U UNITED STATES-jurisdiction of lands authorized to be ceded to, 12. is

District Court-resolution respecting, 178.
District Judge, requested to hold courts at certain

places, 200.
UNIVERSITY LANDS-for surveying a certain quantity of, 96.

V VOLUNTEERS-payment of forage and subsistence of company mus

tered into the service by Col. H. L. Kinney, 19. to provide for payment of, on western frontier, 27. payment of sorage, subsistence etc. Capt. Johnsons com

pany of, 119. captured at Mier and Santa Fe, for the relief of, 156.


WARD and others-for the relief of the heirs of those who fell with, 133.











An act to amend the second section of an act to incorporate the

Town of San Augustine, approved March 18, 1848.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas, That the second section of the above entitled act, be, and the same is hereby so amended, as to read thus:

Sec. 2. That the bounds of said corporation shall include one square mile, or six hundred and forty acres of land, having the public square of said town in the middle, or centre, of said corporation; and that this act shall go into effect from and after its passage.

Approved, November 20, 1849.


An act to change the name of Daniel Richardson Kaufman, per

manently to Daniel Kaufman Richardson.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas, That the name of Daniel Richardson Kaufman, minor son of David S. Kaufman and Jane B. Kaufman of Sabine county, in this State, be, and the same is hereby changed to Daniel Kaufman Richardson.

Approved November 20, 1849.

[blocks in formation]


An act to incorporate the Austin College.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas, That Daniel Baker, Sam Houston, Robert Smither, J. Carroll Smith, Henderson Yoakum, John Branch, John Hume, Hugh Wilson, James W. Miller, Joseph McCormack, Anson Jones, Abner S. Lipscomb and [Joseph W.] Hampton and their successors in office, be, and they are hereby constituted a Board of Trustees of a college to be established in or near the town of Huntsville, in Walker county, to be incorporated by the name of the Austin College, by which name it may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, and buy and sell property, real personal, and mixed, and hold the same. The said college shall have a common seal for the transaction of its business, which seal it shall have power to make, break and alter at pleasure.

Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That a majority of the Trustees shall constitute a quorum to transact all ordinary business for the corporation. They shall have power to make such by-laws as they may think necessary for the government of the college and its finances; Provided, such by-laws are not inconsistent with the constitution and the laws of this State, or of the United States. They shall have power, also, to elect their own officers, to appoint their own committees, examine into any branch or department of said college and to appoint and dismiss Tutors—but it shall require the concurrence of two-thirds of all the Trustees to elect or remove the President or any one of the Professors.

Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, that the college shall have power to confer the usual degrees upon men distinguished in science and literature; and shall also have power, upon the recommendation of the faculty to confer the usual degrees upon deserving students. and to grant diplomas for the same; Provided, that such diplomas shall be first signed by a majority of the faculty of said college.

Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, That said Trustees shall have the power [of] fixing the salaries of all the officers connected with the college, and also, of filling all the vacancies in their own body till regularly filled as herein provided for.

Sec. 5. Be it further enacted, That all vacancies which may occur in the Board of Trustees, shall be regularly filled by the Presbytery of Brazos: but in case this Presbytery should be divided into two or more Presbyteries, this power shall be vested in that Presbytery in whose bounds the college shall be located, and in case of the formation of one or more synods, the power

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