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COUNTY of Grayson, seat of justice permanently located, 143.

Harris authorized to levy a special tax, 158.
Harrison, records transcribed, 81.
Henderson, boundaries of defined, 88.
Jasper, relief of the citizens of, 17.

taxes of for 1850, to be appropriated to building a

court-house, 65.

County Court of, to levy a special tax, 84.
Kaufman, boundaries of defined, 123.
Kinney, created, 88.
Leon, to establish the seat of justice of, 76.
Limestone, boundaries of defined, 112.
McClennan, created and how organized, 62.
Medina, jurisdiction of, extended for certain purposes, 94.
Presidio, created, 24.

civil organization of, 26.
Panola, amending act to create and organize, 112.

special term of District Court in, authorized, 159.
Robertson, patents on certificates issued by the board of land

commissioners of, 106.
Red River, probate records of, to be transcribed, 73.
Santa Fé, boundaries of defined, 21.

civil organization of, 26.
Smith, supplemental to the act creating, 45.

surveyor of, to record certain field-notes, 48.
Tarrant, created and organization prescribed, 14.
Titus, acts of Clerk of District Court made valid, 11.
Trinity, created, 201.

to organize the, 159.
Upshur, supplementary to act organizing, 86.
Uvalde created and organization prescribed, 132.
Van Zandt, boundaries of defined, 91.
Webb, act to create, amended, 46.

books and documents to be transferred by the Clerk of
the County Court to the city council of Laredo, 95.
Wood, created and organization prescribed, 103.
Worth, created, 24.

civil organization of, 26.
Commissioners, any two of, to perform the duties of Chief

Justice in certain cases, 22,
Surveyor, act giving to each county its own, amended, õ.

Treasurers, to be elected by the people, and when, 83.
COURT, COUNTY-Act requiring to regulate roads, &c., amended, 49.

of Red River county to have probate records trans-

cribed, 73.
of Harrison county, to have records transcribed, 81.

of Jasper, authorized to levy a special tax, 81,
COURTS, DISTRICT—First District, time of holding in, 140.

Fourth District, time of holding in, 183.
Fifth District, time of holding in, 185.
Sixth District, time of holding in, 185.
Seventh District, time of holding in, 174.
Eighth District, time of holding in, 187.
Ninth District, time of holding in, 187.
Twelfth District, time of holding in, 141.
Third section of the act of 1818, to define the time

of holding, amended, 174.

Panola county, special terms of, authorized in cer-

tain cases, 159.


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COURTS, JUSTICES—55th section of act of 1848, organizing, amended, 18.
COURT, SUPREME-Concerning proceedings in, 171.

duty of Clerk of, sec. 1, 2.
trial of causes, in wbat order, sec. 3.
filing transcripts, secs. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
affirmation of judgments or certificate of clerk, sec. 7.
assignment of errors, when and where, sec. 9.
certain sections of former acts relating to, repealed,

sec. 10.
decisions of, Governor to subscribe for 250 copies

of, 97. CRIMINAL CASES— Appeals in, supplementary act to regulate, 47. CRIMINALS, and persons held in bondage, for the mutual surrender of, 30.



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DEBT of late Republic-Provisions for ascertaining, extended, 144.

liquidation of, 198. DEEDS of married women-Separate acknowledgement of, taken by Clerks

of County Courts, 11.
on paper of the second seal, may be withdrawn from General Land

Office, 200.
DELEON’S COLONY-Locations of certificates in prohibited, 118.

archives of, to be removed to General Land Office,

142. DEWITT'S COLONY-Locations of certificates in prohibited, 118. DECISIONS of Supreme Court--Governor to subscribe for 250 copies of, 97.

distribution of, provided for, 99. DIGEST of the Laws of Texas-Governor to subscribe for 1,500 copies of, 9.

distribution of, 99. DISTRICTS, Congressional-Defined, elections in, 161. DISTRICT, Land-Boundary line between Nacogdoches and Fannin, to be

established and run, 5.
DISTRICT, Judicial-The third altered and established, 143.

fourth altered and established, 183.
sixth altered and established, 186.
seventh altered, and times of holding courts in, 174.
eighth amended and established, 176.
ninth amended and established, 176.
eleventh established, 24.
twelfth created, 92.
Judge and District Attorney in twelfth to be elected,

when, 158.
DOCUMENTS, Spanish, to be removed from Nacogdoches, 71.

certain, to be transferred by clerk of the County Court of Webb county, to the city council of Laredo, 95. DUES, government–Time for payment of, extended, 22.


EDUCATION—Buildings and grounds designed and used for, exempt

from taxation, 9. supplemental act, extending exemption from taxation to

libraries, furniture, &c., 80.

appropriating land for purposes of, 37. ELECTORS for President and Vice President, per diem pay and mileage

of, established, 7. ELECTIONS-Supplemental to the act of 1818, regulating–161. ELECTION-for permanent location of the Seat of Government, 77.

for County Treasurers by the People, 83. EL PASO and LA SALLE-Railway Company established, 181.

EMPRESARIO SUITS--Judginents of Supreme Court in, how carried

into effect, 176. ENUMERATION-of inhabitants provided for, 74. ESTRAYS-act regulating, 128.


FANNIN and NACOGDOCHES-Land Districts, boundary line be

tween, 5. FANNIN AND OTHERS-for the relief of the Heirs of those who fell

with, 153. FERRIES-act to regulate, 67. FERRY-across the Sabine in front of Sabine town established, 157.

on the Colorado, in Travis county, near Shoal creek, estab

lisbed, 206. FIELD NOTES-time for returning of extended, 22. FISCAL AGENT-act authorizing appointment of, repealed, 91.

Affairs of late Republic, for the settlement of, 220. FUGITIVES FROM JUSTICE—to provide for the surrender of, 30.




Jishing amended, 208. GUADALUPE BRIDGE COMPANY-incorporated, 206. GERMAN EMIGRATION COMPANY-to secure to Colonists of, their

lands, and adjust the liabilities of, 76. GOVERNMENT DUES-time extended for payment of, 22.

SEAT OF-election for permanent location of, 77.
GOVERNOR—to employ counsel to represent the State, when, 38.

to subscribe for 1500 copies of Hartley's Digest, 9.
to subscribe for Decisions of the Supreme Court, 97.
to order elections, when, 162.
to appoint officers pro tem to fill vacancies, 162.
Election of, 162.

Lieutenant, election of. 162.
GRANT AND OTHERS-for the relief of the Heirs of those who fell

with, 153.

H HARTLEY'S DIGEST OF LAWS-the Governor to subscribe for, 9. HART'S CREEK Turnpike Company, incorporated, 179. HEADRIGHT CERTIFICATES-to be granted to the Heirs of those who

fell with Fannin, Ward, Travis, Grant and Johnson, 153. HOUSTON PLANK ROAD COMPANY-incorporated, 125.


INHABITANTS-enumeration of for the year 1851, 79.
INDIANS-resolution and memorial to the President of the United States,

relative to depredations by, 85.


JOHNSON AND OTHERS-for the relief of the Heirs of those who fell

witb, 153. JOURNALS-distribution of, 99.

JUDGES OF THE SUPREME COURT-election of when, 162.

DISTRICT COURTS-election of when, 162.
JUDGE OF 12th DISTRICT-to provide for election of, 158.

to hold special terms in Panola county, 159.
JURISDICTION-over lands for certain purposes ceded to the U.States, 12.

Application to Congress to extend, over Red, River, 80.

of Medina county, extended for certain purposes, 94.
JURORS-grand and petit, payment of, 107.
JUSTICES COURTS-act of 1818 to organize etc., amended, 18.


LANDS-jurisdiction over certain, ceded to the United States, 12.

to be patented when in three surveys, in certain cases, 31.
sold for taxes, and purchased by the government, to be re-

stored, 37.
supplemental act to restore, when sold for taxes, 169.
appropriated for the purposes of education, 37.
secured to settlers in Peters' Colony, 51.
to perfect titles to, in Castro's colony, 59.
to secure to German emigration company and their colonists. 51.
University, provisions for surveying a certain quantity of, 96.
locations on in the colonies of Austin, De Leon and De Witt,

prohibited, 118.
LAND CERTIFICATÉS-price of established, 97.

to be issued to the heirs of those who fell with

Fannin, Ward, Travis, Grant and Johnson, 153.
LAND-to provide for investigating titles to, in certain counties, 177.
LAND OFFICE GENERAL-Commissioner of to issue patents on claims

in three surveys in certain cases, 31.
to issue patents on certificates of board of

land commissioners of Robertson county,

when, 106.
for the district of Milam to be removed to Cameron, 79.
in the district of Rusk, relief of sufferers by the de-

struction of, 101.
titles and claims in certain counties, investigation of, 144.
LAWS-when to go into effect, 5.

distribution of, 79.
payment for translating and printing of those of the first and sec-

ond sessions of the Legislature, into German, 89.
LA SALLE and El Paso railway company, established, 181.
LEGISLATURE-Appropriation for per diem pay of members of. 3.

appropriation for contingent expenses of, 4.
appropriation for per diem pay of members and officers

of, 81.
LIGIIT HOUSE at the mouth of the Rio Grande--resolution asking an

appropriation for, 34.
LOCATIONS in the colonies of Austin, De Witt and De Leon prohib-

ited, 113.
of certificates in three surveys to be patented in certain

cases, 31.



MAILS-transportation of, from Austin to Clarksville, twice a week, re-

quested, 6.

joint resolution respecting, 178.
MARRIED WOMEN-separate acknowledgment of deeds by whom taken,11.
MARSHALL Railway and Plank Road Company, incorporated, 149.
MERCERS COLONY-relief of the citizens of, 120.
MIER-See Volunteers.
MILITARY force in Texas--resolution asking an increase of, 85,
MONUMENT NATIONAL-to provide a slab for, 25.


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NACOGDOCHES and Fannin Land District, boundary line between, 5. NAVIGATION-resolution asking an appropriation for the improvement

of, on the south-western coast, 31. relative to the removal of obstructions to in Red River, 98. Galveston and Brazos company, incorporated, 133. company, Brazos, Oyster Creek, and San Bernard Canal,

189. Bear Creek, in Sabine county declared a navigable

stream, 66. Caney creek in Matagorda county, declared a public

highway, 189.

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0 OFFICERS, State, District and County, to continue to perform their

duties until their successors are qualified, 10. and soldiers called out by Generals Tarrant and Smith in

1841, claims of, to be audited, 208.


PASSENGERS coming to Texas, act concerning, 202.
PATENTS to be issued on claims located in three surveys, 31.

on certificates issued by the board of land com

missioners of Robertson county, when, 106. not to be issued on lands in counties on the Rio Grande until

next Legislature, except in certain cases, 177. PENSIONS-resolutions to procure a law for the benefit of those who

suffered in the Texas revolution, 34.
PILOTS—act to regulate, at the mouth of the Brazos, amended, 118.
PETERS COLONY-lands secured to colonists in, 51.
PRISONERS-relating to the mutual surrender of, 30.
PUBLIC DEBT-provisions for ascertaining extended, 144.

to provide for the liquidation of, 198.




RAILWAY and Turnpike, Rio Grande Company established, 113.

Galveston and Red River Company, act establishing amended,

208. Road- Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Company established, 194. RECORDS–Probate, of Red River county to be transcribed, 73.

of Harrison county to be transcribed, 81.
of Land Office of Rusk district, for the relief of the sufferers

by the destruction of, 101.
and papers pertaining to proceeds in courts, remedy for loss

or destruction of, 160. REPORTS-Supreme Court-Governor to subscribe for, 97.

distribution of, 99. RESOLUTION-respecting the transportation of the mails from Austin

to Clarksville, twice a week, 6.
respecting navigation on the south west coast, 34.
respecting the exercise of jurisdiction over Red Biver, 80.
asking an increase of military force in Texas, 85.
on the subject of Slavery, 95.
relative to obstructions to navigation in Red River, 98.
authorizing the construction of a National Road through

Texas to the Pacific, 151.
in relation to the Southern Convention, 171.
respecting mails in Texas, 178.

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