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Peacock, Ralph William-name changed to John Bowen, 146.
Penitentiary-established and regulated, 79; locating commissioners, and

superintendent and directors to be ppointed by the Gov or, 79, 80.
Pilots—at the mouth of the Brazos, regulated, 144.
Polk County-act creating, amended, 57; to pay a portion of the debt of

Liberty, 213.
Prairies— (See Fires.)
President and Vice President-(See Electors.)
Printing, Public-(See Public Printing.)
Proceedings--in the District Courts (See District Courts); in the county

courts: (See County Courts).
Promissory Notes—(See Drawers and Endorsers.)
Property, Public-(See Public Property.)
Public Buildings—in the city of Austin, one reserved for the use of the

Supreme Court, 4; repairs on, 8.
Public Debt-provision made for ascertaining, 208, 234.
Public Printing-regulated, 59, 137.
Punishments and Crimes—(See Offences.)

Records-of Red River county, to be transcribed, 18; of administrators,

may be transferred, on certain conditions, 28; of counties, 153.
Red River County-certain records to be transcribed, 15.
Refugio County-excepted from provisions of 37th chapter, 29.
Reports-of the decisions of the Supreme Court, to be subscribed for, 32.
Right of Property-method of trying, when levied on under writs of exe-

cution, sequestration, or attachment, 140.
Rigbts, Marital-(See Marital Rights.)
Rio Grande-county seat of Starr, 24.
Roads—duties of County Courts, and of overseers of, 99.
Robertson County-land office removed to Springfield, in Limestone
county, 45.

Sabine Pass, Lake, and River— (See Memorial.)
San Patricio County-excepted from operation of the provisions of 37th

chapter, 29.
Santa Fe County-created, 95; militia to be organized, 50; seat of justice

located and named, 95; boundaries defined, 96; erected into the eleventh
judicial district, 96; memorial concerning political jurisdiction over

territory of, 218.
Santa Rita-county seat of Cameron, 27.
Seat of Justice- (See County Seats.)
Sequestration-regulated, 88.
Set off-allowed in certain cases, 50.
Sexton, Franklin B.-admitted to the practice of law, 9.
Shelby County-map of, to be procured, 150.
Sheriff-to keep his office at county seat, 128.
Slaves-act concerning, amended, 29.
Smith County-former act creating, amended, and proceedings of county

commissioners made valid, 37.
Starr County-created, 24; boundaries defined, 24; county seat located

and named, 24.

Suits-in which counsel may be employed by the Governor in behalf of

the State, 215; against illegal banking, 234.
Supreme Court-of the State, public building to be reserved for, 32; former

act organizing, amended, 72; of the United States, counsel to be em-

ployed to represent the State in suits taken to, 215.
Surveyors—each corporate county to be entitled, on certain conditions, to
its separate surveyor, map and records, 153.

Taxes—assessors of, to be compensated for taking the census in 1847, 12;

county court of Fort Bend authorized to levy additional, 51; county
court of Guadalupe authorized to levy special, 52; lands sold for, re-
stored, on certain conditions, 112; revenue from, 15l; assessment and
collection of, 196; sales of property for, 209.
Timber-penalty for cutting, carrying away, or destroying, without con-

sent of owner, 191
Titles-to the islands within the limits of the State, to be investigated by

the Attorney General, 33,
Travis County-boundaries defined, 218.
Tyler County-to pay a portion of the debt of Liberty, 213.

United States District Judge-for the District of Texas, memorial concern-

ing residence of, 19; address to, requesting his resignation, 149.
L'pshur County-seat of justice to be located, 14.

Van Zandt County-created, 149; boundaries defined, 119; temporary seat

of justice, 149.
Vessels, Domestic-(See Domestic Vessels.)
Victoria County-excepted from provisions of 37th chapter, 29.

Walker County-boundaries defined, 53; acts of Clerk of District Court.

made valid, 128.
Ward and Guardian-proceedings in county court in relation to, 285.
Webb County-created, 18; boundaries defined, 18; county seat located

and named, 18.
Williamson County-created, 76; boundaries defined. 76; county seat to

be located, 76; chief justice of Milam to organize, 77.
Willie, Asa H.--admitted to the practice of law, 9.
Woods—(See Fires.)










For more convenient reference, the laws contained herein are severally designated by chapters and numbers in regular series. The laws of the first Legislature are considered as being embraced in vol I, and those of the second in volume II.

The laws of the present or second volume are divided into two parts—Part 1, containing those denominated "laws of a general nature;" and Part II, those "for private relief” and “incorporating towns, cities, institutions of learning, and private associations of every nature,” in conformity to the provisions of Chapter 71, Section 2, (Part I.)

** Those laws signed by the Governor, are designated by the word Approved—and those not signed by him, are said to be Passed.




An Act To grant a ferry privilege to Nancy Hutchinson.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas, That Nancy Hutchinson, of the County of Jefferson, is hereby granted the privilege of keeping a ferry on river Neches, at Beaumont, upon her giving bond as required by law.

Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That this act be in force from and after its passage.

Approved, January 14, 1848.


An Act for the relief of Martin Walker.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas, That the Commissioner of the General Land Office be, and he is hereby required to issue a patent to Martin Walker, upon a certificate for one league of land issued to said Walker by the Board of Land Commissioners for Bastrop County, under the provisions of "an act making provisions for persons who have been permanently disabled in the service of Texas," approved December 18th, 1837.

Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That this act take effect from and after its passage.

Approved, January 14, 1848.

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