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Cameron County-created, 27; boundaries defined, 27; county seat located

and named, 27.
Castroville-county seat of Medina, 28.
Cattle-forfeitures in certain cases, provided for, 62.
Censors, Medical-(See Medical Censors.)
Census-of 1847, compensation for taking, 12; of 1848, provided for, 310.
Certificates-of headright, to those who fell under the command of Fannin,

Travis, Grant and Johnson, 18; to be issued only upon conditional cer-
tificates previously obtained, 49; donation, may be alienated, with cer-
tain exceptions, 52; fourth section of the act of May 12, 1816, requiring
patents to issue on unconditional headright certificates repealed, 143,
those issued by the Supreme and District Courts to be valid, 143; Condi-
tional, to be issued to the colonists of Fisher and Miller's colony, 146;
eleventh section of the act of Feb. 4, 1841, in relation to patents on a cer-
tain class of certificates, repealed, 183; those issued by George W. Miles,

Chief Justice of Liberty county, made valid, 206.
City of Austin-a public building to be reserved for the use of the Su-

preme Court, 4; repairs, 8; relief of purchasers of lots, 96.
Collectors of Taxes-to be compensated for taking the census of 1817, 12;

election, qualifications and duties, 196.
Collin County-seat of justice to be located, 10; northern boundary de-

fined, 13; name of county seat changed, 112.
Colonists-of Fisher and Miller's colony to receive conditional certificates

to lands, 146.
Commissioners, Land-(See Land Commissioners.)
Connor. Hn-name changed to Hn Valentine Dalton, 186.
Constitution-amendments proposed to, 84.
Cooke County-created, 183; boundaries defined, 183; county seat tempo-

rarily located, 183.
Coroner-former act concerning duties of. amended, 11; fees, 305.
Corsicana-county seat of Navarro, 25.
Counsel-to be employed by the Governor, in certain cases, 215.
County-of Austin, (See Austin County); of Grayson, (See Grayson

County); of Collin, (See Collin County); of Upshur, (See Upshur
County); of Webb, (See Webb County); of Newton. (See Newton
County);of Starr,(See Starr County); of Navarro, (See Navarro County);
of Nueces, (See Nueces County); of Goliad, (See Goliad County); of
Cameron, See Cameron County); of Medina, (See Medina County); of
Matagorda, (See Matagorda County); of Red River, (See Red River
County); of Refugio, (See Refugio County); of Jackson, (See Jackson
County); of Gonzales, (See Gonzales County); of Victoria, (See Vic-
toria County): of San Patricio, (See San Patricio County); of Gillespie.
(See Gillespie County); of Denton. (See Denton County); of Smith, (See
Smith County); of Grimes, (See Grimes County'; of De Witt, (See De
Witt County); of Kaufman, (See Kaufman County); of Hays, (See
Hays County); of Santa Fe, (See Santa Fe County); of Fort Bend. (See
Fort Bend County); of Guadalupe, (See Guadalupe County); of Walker,
(See Walker County); of Caldwell, (See Caldwell County); of Cass, (See
Cass County); of Polk, (See Polk County); of Williamson, (See Wil-
liamson County): of Henderson. (See Henderson County); of Panola,
(See Panola County); of Van Zandt, (See Van Zandt County); of Shelby,
(See Shelby County); of Dallas, (See Dallas County); of Cooke, (See
Cooke County); of Limestone, (See Limestone County); of Tyler, (See
Tyler County); of Liberty, (See Liberty County); of Travis, (See
Travis County).

County Boundaries—(See Boundaries.)
County Court-of Red River, to have certain records transcribed, 15; of

the several counties, organized, 113; clerk to keep his office at county
seat, 128; proceedings in regard to estates of deceased persons, 129, 235;

proceedings in relation to guardians and wards, 285.
County Seat-of Austin county, 8; of Collin county, 10, 112; of Grayson

county, 11; of Upshur county, 14; of Webb county, 18; of Newton
county, 23; of Starr county, 24; of Navarro county, 24; of Cameron
county, 27; of Medina county, 28; of Gillespie county, 36; of Denton
County, 37; of Smith county, 37; of Grimes county, 38; of Kaufman
county. 41; of Hays county, 49; of Caldwell county, 53; of Cags county,
54; of Polk county, 57; of De Witt county 63; of Williamson county,
76; of Henderson county, 86, 213; of Panola county, 92; of Van Zandt

county, 149; of Dallas county, 181; of Cooke county, 183.
County Surveyors—(See Surveyors.)
Crimes and Misdemeanors—act of Dec.21, 1836, amended, 97. (See Offences.)
Crimes and Punishments-(See Offences.)
Crosby, Josiah F.-admitted to the practice of law, 9.
Cypert, Robert Franklin-name changed to Robert Franklin Miller, 17.

Dallas County-seat of justice to be located, 181.
Dalton, Hn Valentine-name changed from Hn Connor, and made the law-

ful heir of Valentine T. Dalton, 186.
Debt-(See public debt.)
Deceased Persons Estates-(see estates.)
Denton County-county seat located and named, 36.
Descent and Distribution-(see estates.)
Detainer-(See Forcible Entry and Detainer.)
De Witt County-boundaries defined, 40; seat of justice to be located, 63.
Distribution and Descent—(See Estates.)
District Attorneys-salary increased, 13; fees, 297.
District Court-when held in first district, 46; in second, 136; in third, 46;

in fourth, 94; in fifth, 134; in sixth, 134; in seventh, 46; in eighth, 134;
in ninth, 162; in tenth, 85; in eleventh, 96; proceedings regulated, 106;
clerk to keep his office at the county seat, 128; acts of clerk, in Walker

county, make valid, 128.
District Judges of the U. States—for the District of Texas—(See United

States District Judge.)
Districts, Judicial-(See Judicial Districts.)
Domestic Vessels-lien on, for supplies, labor and material furnished, 22.
Donation Lands-may be alienated, with certain exceptions, 52.
Drawers and Endorsers—of bills of exchange and promissory notes, mode

of establisbing liability of, 187.
Dues Government-(See Government Dues.)
Dugat, Beazeley-name changed and legitimated, 17.

Election-for President and Vice President, 104; regulated, 120; for State

and county officers, and representatives in Congress, 186.
Electors-of President and Vice President, how and when chosen, 104.
Emigrants-introduced by the German Emigration Company, under Fisher

and Miller's colonization contract, to receive conditional land certifi-

cates, 146.
Endorsers--(See Drawers and Endorsers.)
Entry-(See Forcible Entry and Detainer.)
Enumeration-of the inhabitants of the State in 1847, compensation for,

12; in 1848, provided for, 310.
Escheats-how ascertained and vested, 210.
Estates-of deceased persons. descent and distribution regulated, 129; pro-

ceedings in county court, in relation to, 235; of minors, &c., 285.
Estrays-regulated, 157.
Exchanges, Literary-provided for, 190.
Executive-(See Governor.)
21 - VOL. III.

( 321 )

Fannin's Command-proof necessary to obtain headright certificates of

those who fell under, 18.
Fees—to be charged by Secretary of State, 184; Comptroller, 184; Com-

missioner of the General Land Office, 184; Adjutant General, 184; Dis-
trict Attorneys, 297; Attorney General, 298; Clerk of the Supreme Court,
298; Clerks of the District Court, 299; Clerks of County Court, 301; Chief
Justices of counties, 302; Sheriffs, 303; Coroners, 305; Constables, 306;

Notaries Public, 307; county or district surveyors, 308.
Field Notes-time for return of, extended, 4.
Fines and Forfeitures—the Governor may remit, in certain cases, 45; in-

curred, for introducing neat cattle into the State for the purpose of graz-
ing, 62; moneys collected on account of, to be paid into the county
treasury for county purposes, 138.
Fires-in woods and prairies, prohibited within certain periods of the

year, 138.
Fiscal Agent-for collection of revenue, 189.
Fisher and Miller's Colony-(See Emigrants.)
Forcible Entry and Detainer-proceedings in cases of, regulated, 102.
Forfeitures—(See Fines’and Forfeitures.)
Forrester, Thomas Harvey-name changed from Thomas Harvey, 31.
Fort Bend County-county court authorized to levy an additional tax, 51.
Fredericksburg-county seat of Gillespie, 36.
Funds-received from the U. States as indemnity, disposed of, 3, 59.

Garnisements-regulated, 70.
General Land Office-time for payment of government dues and return of

field notes, extended, 4; fourth section of the act of May 12, 1816, in re-
lation to patents on unconditional certificates, repealed, 143; patents to
be issued on certain certificates, 144; eleventh section of the act of Feb.
4, 1841, in relation to patents on a certain class of certificates, repealed,
183; fees to be charged, 184; certificates issued by George W. Miles,

chief justice of Liberty county, made valid, 206.
Gillespie County-created, 35; boundaries defined, 35; county seat located

and named, 35.
Gilmer-county seat of Upshur, 14.
Goliad County-boundaries defined, 26; excepted from provisions of the

37th chapter, 29.
Conzales County-excepted fron provisions of 37th chapter, 29.
Government Dues-on lands, further time given for payment of, 4.
Governor-to pay certain moneys to James Bourland, late collector of

customs under the Republic of Texas, 5; to forward copies of memorials, 7,
19, 21, 22, 134, 139, 206, 217, 219; residence of, to be provided, 29; to sub-
scribe for reports of Supreme Court, 32; may remit fines and forfeitures
in certain cases, 45; to appoint commissioners to locate penitentiary, 79;
to appoint superintendent of the Penitentiary, 80; to appoint directors
of Penitentiary. 80; to exercise removing and appointing power over
officers of Penitentiary, 83; to employ counsel in certain cases, 215; to
issue proclamation to people of Santa Fe, 219; to request the President
of the U.States to issue orders to the military authorities in Santa Fe to
aid in the organization of the county, 219; to appoint Auditor for set-

tlement of public debt, 231.
Grant's Command-proof necessary to obtain headright certificates of

those who fell under, 18.
Grayson County-boundaries defined, 9; county seat to be located, 11.
Grimes County-county seat to be located, and named, 38.

Guadalupe County-special tax to be levied, 52.
Guardians and Wards-proceedings in county court relating to, regu-
lated, 285.

Harvey, Thomas-name changed to Thomas Harvey Forrester, 31.
Hays County-created, 48; boundaries defined, 48; county seat located

and named, 49.
Head right Certificates—(See Certificates.)
Henderson County-boundaries defined, 86; county seat to be located, 86,

Houston, Gen. Sam-to be notified of his election to the United States Sen-

ate, 3.
Hunt, William H.-requested to increase the service on the mail route be-

tween Austin and Bonham, 3.

Illegal Banking-suits to be instituted against, 234.
Indemnity-from the U. States, for spoliation of goods and disarming

Sniveley's command of Texian troops, how disposed of, 5, 59.
Indians-intercourse with, memorial concerning, 206.
Intercourse with Indians—memorial concerning, 206.
Intestates. Estates-(See Estates.)
Islands-titles to, to be investigated, 33.

Jackson County-excepted from the provisions of the 37th chapter, 29.
Judicial Districts—the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh,

eighth, ninth, and tenth, defined, 44, 145; eleventh defined, 96; courts,
when holden in the first, third, and seventh, 46; in the tenth, 85; in the
fourth, 94; in the eleventh, 96; in the fifth, sixth, and eighth, 134; in

the second, 136; in the ninth, 162.
Juries—former act regulating, amended, 127; compensation of jurors, 139.
Jurisdiction-over the Sabine Pass, Lake, and River, 139; of Justice's

courts, 163, 233; over the Santa Fe territory, 218.
Justice's Courts-jurisdiction, powers, and proceedings in, 163, 233.
Justices of the Peace- (See Justice's Courts.)

Kaufman-county seat of Kaufman, 42.
kaufman County-created. 40; boundaries defined, 40; county seat to be
located and named, 41: Chief Justice of Henderson to organize, 43.

Land Certificates—(See Certificates.)
Land Commissioners-of the several courties, prohibited from issuing cer-

tificates, except upon conditional certificates, previously obtained, 49.
Land Office-of Robertson district, removed to Springfield, 45.
Land Office, General- (See General Land Office.)
Laredo-county seat of Webb, 18.
Legislature-to meet biennially, on first Monday in November. 30.
Liberty County-certain land certificates issued by George W. Miles, late

Chief Justice, made valid, 206; portion of debt to be paid by Polk and

Tyler counties, 213.
Lien--on domestic vessels, 22; on buildings, 97; on property for taxes, 153.
Limestone County-northern boundary defined, 207.
Literary Exchanges-provided for, 1.90.
Livingston-county seat of Polk, 67.
Lockhart-county seat of Caldwell, 54.
Losses-of property, during the Mexican campaign, 6; during the Texas

revolution, 216.

Mails-on route from Austin to Bonham, 3; on various other routes, 33.
Maps-of counties. (See Surueyors.)
Marital Rights-detined, 77.
Marks and Brands-regulated, 156.
Master Builders and Mechanics—required to record contract within a cer-

tain period, 97.
Matagorda County-boundaries defined, 31.
McKinney-county seat of Collin, 112.
Medical Censors-board of, abolished, 21.
Medina County-created, 27; boundaries defined, 27; county seat located

and named, 28; Chief Justice of Bexar to organize, 28.
Meeting of the Legislature-to take place biennially, on the first Monday

in November, 30.
Memorial-to Congress, for increase of mail service, 3; for compensation

of men called out under the requisition of Col. Curtis, 6; concerning the
Judge of the U.S. District Court for Texas, 19. 149; protesting against
the relinquishment of conquered Mexican territory, and in favor of un-
restricted emigration thereto, 20; recommending the incorporation of
the late Navy of Texas into that of the U. States, 21; asking increase of
mail service on various routes in the State, 33; for the compensation of
the Texas troops called out by the Governor under the requisitions of
General Taylor and Col. Harney, in 1846, 65; on the subject of the Wil-
mot proviso, slavery, the tariff, and the war with Mexico, 132; in regard
to jurisdiction over the Sabine Pass, Lake, and River, 139; concerning
military posts and intercourse with the Indians, 206; in behalf of per-
sons who have lost property during the Texas revolution, 216; concern-

ing jurisdiction over the Santa territory, 218.
Miles, George W.-certain headright certificates issued by, as Chief Just-

ice of Liberty County, legalized, 206.
Military Posts-on the frontier, recommended, 206.
Militia-of Newton county, to be organized, 32; of Santa Fe, to be organ-

ized, 50.
Misdemeanors—(See Crimes and Misdemeanors.)

Navarro County-seat of justice located and named, 24.
Neat Cattle-(See Cattle.)
New Counties-mode of organizing, 284.
Newton County-seat of justice located and named, 23; militia to be organ-

ized, 32.
Nueces County-boundaries defined, 26.

Offences-against the State, 219: against the life or person, 220: against

property, 222; of forgery and counterfeiting, 225; against public justice,
227; against the public peace, 229; against decency, chastity, and moral-

ity, 229; against public policy, 230.
Official Fees-(See Fees)
Organization-of new counties, provided for, 284.
Overseers of Roads-(See Roads.)

Panola County-county seat to be located, 92.

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