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The chief-justice of Brazoria county for the twenty-fourth district;

The chief-justice of Travis county for the tweny-fifth district; The chief-justice of Victoria county for the twenty-sixth district;

The chief-justice of Guadalupe county for the twenty-seventh district;

The chief-justice of Cameron county for the twenty-eighth district;

The chief-justice of Nueces county for the twenty-ninth district; The chief-justice of Bexar county for the thirtieth district; The chief-justice of Bexar county for the thirty-first district; The chief-justice of Colorado county for the thirty-second district;

The chief-justice of El Paso county for the thirty-third district;

Sec. 3. That the State shall be divided into Representative Districts, and the Counties and Representative Districts shall elect members of the House of Representatives as follows, to wit:

No. 1. Bowie shall elect one representative;
No. 2. Red River one representative;
No. 3. Lamar two representatives;
No. 4. Fannin one representative;
No. 5. Grayson one representative;
No. 6. Collin one representative;.
No. 7. Denton, Collin and Cooke one representative;
No. 8. Dallas one representative;
No. 9. Hunt one representative;
No. 10. Hopkins one representative;
No. 11. Hopkins, Fannin and Red River one representative.
No. 12. Titus one representative;
No. 13. Cass one representative;
No. 14. Cass and Titus one representative;
No. 15. Harrison three representatives;
No. 16. Upshur one representative;
No. 17. Smith two representatives;
No. 18. Wood and Van Zandt one representative;
No. 19. Kaufman and Henderson one representative;
No. 20. Anderson two representatives;

No. 21. Cherokee three representatives;
No. 22. Rusk four representatives;
No. 23. Panola one representative;
No. 24. Shelby one representative.
No. 25. Shelby, Panola and San Augustine one representative;
No. 26. San Augustine one representative.
No. 27. Nacogdoches two representatives;
No. 28. Houston one representative;
No. 29. Polk and Trinity one representative;
No. 30. Sabine, Jasper and Newton two representatives;
No. 31. Angelina and Cherokee one representative;
No. 32. Jeiferson and Orange one representative.
No. 33. Liberty one representative;
No. 34. Tyler one representative;
No. 35. Galveston two representatives;
No. 36. Harris two representatives;
No. 37. Montgomery one representative;
No. 38. Walker one representative;
No. 39. Grimes one representative;
No. 40. Walker, Madison and Grimes one representative;
No. 41. Leon one representative;
No. 42. Freestone, Limestone and Falls one representative;
No. 43. Navarro one representative;
No. 44. Ellis and Tarrant one representative;
No. 45. Bell and McLennan one representative;
No. 46. Robertson and Milam one representative;
No. 47. Burleson and Brazos one representative;
No. 48. Williamson and Burnett one representative;
No. 49. Washington two representatives;
No. 50. Austin one representative;
No. 51. Fort Bend and Austin one representative;
No. 52. Brazoria one representative;
No. 53 Matagorda and Wharton one representative;
No. 54. Colorado one representative;
No. 55. Favette one representative;
No. 56. Bastrop one representative;
No. 57. Travis one representative;
No. 58. Fayette, Bastrop and Travis one representative;
No. 59. Jackson and Calhoun one representative;
No. 60. Victoria and Goliad one representative;
No. 61. Lavaca and De Witt one representative;
No. 62. Gonzales one representative;
No. 63. Guadalupe one representative;

No. 64. Caldwell and Hays one representative;
No. 65. Nueces, San Patricio and Refugio one representative;
No. 66. Webb one representative;
No. 67. Starr one representative;
No. 68. Cameron one representative;
No. 69. Cameron and Hidalgo, one representative;
No. 70. Bexar three representatives;

No. 71. Bexar, l'valde, Gillespie, Medina, Kinney, and Comal one representative;

No. 72. ('omal and Gillespie one representative.
No. 73. El Paso and Presidio one representative.

Sec. 4. That in the several Representative Districts composed of more counties than one, the chief-justices of the following named counties shall receive the returns and give the certificates of election to the person receiving the highest number of votes for representative, to wit:

The chief-justice of Denton county for the seventh district; The chief-justice of Hopkins county for the eleventh district; The chief-justice of Cass county for the fourteenth district; The chief-justice of Wood county for the eighteenth district;

The chief-justice of Henderson county for the nineteenth district;

The chief-justice of Shelby county for the twenty-fifth district; The chief-justice of Polk county for the twenty-ninth district; The chief-justice of Sabine county for the thirtieth district; The chief-justice of Angelina county for the thirty-first district;

The chief-justice of Jefferson county for the thirty-second district;

The chief-justice of Grimes county for the fortieth district;

The chief-justice of Limestone county for the forty-second district;

The chief-justice of Ellis county for the forty-fourth district; The chief-justice of Bell county for the forty-fifth district; The chief-justice of Milam county for the forty-sixth district;

The chief-justice of Burleson county for the forty-seventh district:

The chief-justice of Williamson county for the forty-eighth district;

The chief-justice of Fort Bend county for the fifty-first district;

The chief-justice of Matagorda county for the fifty-third district;

The chief-justice of Bastrop county for the fifty-eighth district; The chief-justice of Jackson county for the fifty-ninth district; The chief-justice of Victoria county for the sixtieth district; The chief-justice of Lavaca county for the sixty-first district; The chief-justice of Caldwell county for the sixty-fourth district; The chief-justice of Nueces county for the sixty-fifth district; The chief-justice of Cameron county for the sixty-ninth district; The chief-justice of Bexar county for the seventy-first distriet;

The chief-justice of Comal county for the seventy-second district;

The chief-justice of El Paso county for the seventy-third district.

Sec. 5. That at elections hereafter for Senators and Representatives in the Legislature of this State, they shall be elected for the Districts herein designated; Provided, That the chief-justice of Nueces county, the returning officer for the twenty-ninth Senatorial District, shall, on the thirtieth day after the day of the election in the several counties of said twenty-ninth Senatorial District, open and examine said returns and give the certificate of election as in other cases provided for by law.

Sec. 6. That whenever a new county shall be created, it shall vote in the Senatorial and Representative District or Districts from which it is taken.

Passed, February 2, 1853.


An Act to create the County of Madison.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas, That all that portion of territory comprised within the following limits shall be erected into a new county, to be called the county of Madison.

Sec. 2. Beginning at the mouth of Bedias creek on the Trinity river, and running up the main Bedias to a point where the line between the counties of Grimes and Walker crosses the same; thence by a direct line to the north-west corner of a tract of land in the name of B. Q. Hadley, on the Navasoto river; thence up

said stream to where the San Antonio road crosses the same; thence running with the south boundary of Leon county to the south-west corner of Alce Garrett's survey; thence on a direct line to the north-east corner of Hiram Walker's survey on the west bank of the Trinity river, and thence down the river to the place of beginning.

Sec. 3. That it shall be, and is hereby made the duty of the Chief Justice of Grimes county to organize the said county of Madison on the first Monday in April next, by ordering an election for county officers, and conducting the same in all respects in conformity to law.

Sec. 4. That so soon as the said county of Madison has been organized as aforesaid, and the officers of the same qualified according to law, they shall enter upon the discharge of their respective offices; and all courts in and for the county, shall be held at the house of James Mitchell, Junr., until the county seat of said county shall be permanently located by the citizens thereof.

Sec. 5. That so soon as the county shall have been organized as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the Chief-Justice of said county to receive proposals as inducements, and issue an order for an election, to be held for the permanent location of the county seat of said county; which proposals shall be in the shape of penal bonds, and made payable to the Chief-Justice aforesaid, and his successors in office.

Sec. 6. That a majority of the votes polled shall determine the location, and in the event no place receives such majority in the first election, the Chief-Justice shall order a new election, putting in nomination the two places having received the highest number of votes in the first election, and the point which shall receive the highest number of votes in the said second election, shall be the lawful county seat of said county of Madison, and shall be known by the name of, and called Madisonville; provided, the said county seat to be located shall, in no event, be more than five miles from the centre of the said county.

Approved, January 27, 1853.

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