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Jasper, town of, incorporated, 4.
Johnson, Ignacius S., relief of, 44.
Jones, Elizabeth, relief of, 203.


Kelsey, Leeman, heirs of, relief of, 34.
Kling, Henrietta, relief of, 183.
Korn, Levi, relief of, 96.
Kratz, Louis, relief of, 171.


LaGrange Collegiate Institute, incorporated, 153.
Lake Creek Bridge and Turnpike Company, incorporated, 72.
Larissa, town of, incorporated, 157.
Latham, Mastin, relief of, 172.
Lantz, Henry C., relief of, 183.
Lavaca Navigation Company, incorporated, 125.
Lee, Martha C., (alias Martha C. Quirl) relief of, 61.
Little, Thomas N., relief of, 38.
Little Cypress Bridge Company, incorporated, 179.
Linn, John E., relief of, 113.
Lockhart, town of, in Caldwell county, incorporated, 91.
Lofton, Henderson, relief of, 147.


Madison, Mary, permitted to remain in Galveston county, in this State, 10.
Mallard, Eldridge, relief of, 204.
Mallard, Alfred Franklin, relief of, 204.
Mallard, James Jefferson, relief of, 204.
McKenzie, Henry J., relief of, 150.
McKisick, John W., securities of, relief of, 28.
McFarlin, William, of Red River, relief of, 71.
McWilliams, James, relief of, 109.
Manin, Daniel, heirs of, relief of, 183.
Manier, Daniel, relief of, 183.
Marshall City, certain civil and criminal jurisdiction given to the Mayor

of, 108.
Martin, George W., relief of, 166.
Merritt, Harriett and heirs, relief of, 163.
Merritt, Barrett, relief ot, 180.
Middleton, Mary Angeline, name changed, 5.
Milam Masonic Female Institute, incorporated, 12.
Mills, Rogers Q., permitted to practice law, 8.

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Morey, Nelson, relief of, 44.
Morris, Lee, relief of, 29.
Morris, Seth, relief of, 29.
Morse, Wylie, relief of, 60.
Mount Vernon, town cf, in Titus county, incorporated, 61.
Murphy, James and William, heirs of, relief of, 112.


Nacogdoches City, supplementary to an act concerning, 110.
Nail, Mary, relief of, 149.
Newsome, Penelope, relief of, 9.
New Orleans, Texas and Pacific Railway Company, for the extension of

the New Orleans, Algiers and Opelousas Railway through Texas, es-

tablished, 220.
Nuner, William McMin, Commissioner of the General Land Office, author-

ized to issue a patent in the name of, 29.

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Paris, town of, incorporated, 102.
Parrish, Jefferson C., relief of, 150.
Parker, Isaac D., relief of, 165.
Parker, William H., relief of, 97.
Patton, Samuel J. C. M., relief of, 183.
People's Line of Gulf Steamers, incorporated, 5.
Perryman, Harman A. permitted to practice law, 8.
Pevito, Michael, relief of, 130.
Pittman, James F., relief of heirs of, 124.
Porter, Elizabeth, relief heirs of, 148.
Powers, John, relief of, 9.
Plummer, Luther T. M., relief of, 59.
Prather, Stephen, relief of heirs of, 90.
'Quitman, town of, incorporated, 15.


Red Mount Seminary, incorporated, 112.
Richardson, Felix A., relief of heirs of, 81.
Richmond Male and Female Academies, incorporated, 119.

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San Antonio, city of, incorporated, 49.
San Antonio Railway Company, supplementary to an act incorporating, 160.
San Augustine, laws in corporating town of, repealed, 10.
Sanchez, Julian, relief of, 80.
Sanders, Sophia, relief of, 44.
Scott, Antoinette, name changed, 68.
Shannon, Jacob, administrator of Daniel Warren, relief of, 149.
Sheffield, Samuel T., relief of heirs of, 219.
Short, Michael, relief of 82.
Smith, William R., relief of, 183.
Smith, William, Sheriff of Starr county, relief of, 10.
Smithwick, Noah, relief of, 96.
Smyth, George W., accounts of, authorized to be settled, 118.
Snodgrass, Joseph G., relief of heirs of, 173.
Stewart, Joseph, relief of heirs of, 182.
Stringer, Zachariah L., relief of, 94.
Sulphur Fork Turnpike Company, incorporated, 56.
Sulphur Springs, in Hopkins county, incorporated, 122.
Supreme Court, public building appropriated for use of, 70.
State Department, suitable building provided for, 215.


Tarrant, Brigadier General Edward H., relief of, 70.
Taylor, Joseph, act for relief of, amended, 100.
Texas Central Railroad Company, incorporated, 130.
Texas and Louisiana Railroad Company, incorporated, 136.
Texas Western Railroad Company, incorporated, 183.
Thacker, John B., relief of, 82.
Thompson, W. D., relief of 183.
Thompson, W. D. & Co., assignees of John Simonds, relief of, 13.
Thompson, Edenton, relief of, 183.
Toll Bridge across Big Cypress authorized to be erected, 128.
Treasurer authorized to pay J. A. Greer, guardian of J. A. Greer, jr., any

money deposited by order of the County Court of Grimes county, 1o.
Troutz, Christopher, relief of, 59.
Tyler, Theresa, relief of, 38.


University of Eastern Texas, supplementary to an act, establishing the, 124.


Veatch, John A., his heirs or assigns, assignee of Ramon Sanchez, relief

of, 30.
Vicksburg and El Paso Railroad Company incorporated, 197.
Victoria Lodge, No. 9, of Independent Order of Odd Fellows, incorpo-

rated, 31.


Walker, Landon, relief of, 147.
Walker, Henderson, relief of, 147.
Walling, Jesse, relief of, 93.
Wallace, Johnathan, relief of heirs of, 30.
Walters, Andrew C., relief of, 55.
Ward, Thomas Wm., benefit of, 203.
Ware, Hardy K., relief of, 183.
Watson, John, relief of, 217.
Washington, town of, incorporated, 104.
Way, Sidney, name of changed, 68.
Whaley, William J. M., permitted to practice law, 147.
Welch, William, relief of, 70.
White Oak Bridge and Turnpike Company incorporated, 162.
Wilson, Samuel A., permitted to practice law, 8.
Wilson, Joel, relief of heirs of, 183.
Williams, Nancy, relief of heirs of, 34.
Williams, Edward E., relief of heirs of, 90.
Wilkinson, William, relief of heirs of, 180.
Wooten, W. W., assignee of David Lloyd, relief of, 22.
Wood, Edward B., relief of, 14.
Wood, Edward, relief of, 165.
Wood, Joseph H., relief of, 166.








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