Reports from the Court of Claims Submitted to the House of Representatives, Volumen3

C. Wendell, printer, 1858

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Página 20 - The United States of America, To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting: Whereas Isaac Gullett of Butler County, Ohio has deposited in the General Land Office of the United States...
Página 66 - That by virtue of this, it is not only the right, but the bounden and solemn duty of a state, to advance the safety, happiness, and prosperity of its people, and to provide for its general welfare, by any and every act of legislation, which it may deem to be conducive to these ends ; where the power over the particular subject, or the manner of its exercise is not surrendered or restrained, in the manner just stated.
Página 6 - In expounding this law the judgment of the court cannot, in any degree, be influenced by I he construction placed upon it by individual members of Congress in the debate which took place on its passage, nor by the motives or reasons assigned by them for supporting or opposing amendments that were offered.
Página 40 - In witness whereof the master or purser of the said ship hath affirmed to three bills of lading, all of this tenor and date, the one of which three bills being accomplished, the other two to stand void, and so God send the good ship to her desired port in safety. Amen.
Página 63 - The said commissioners, thus appointed, shall, in presence of each other, take an oath to examine and decide impartially the claims submitted to them, and which may lawfully be considered, according to the proofs which shall be presented, the principles of right and justice, the law of nations, and the treaties between the two republics.
Página 29 - ... proof being had of her admeasurement') shall not be employed in any trade, while this license shall continue in force, whereby the revenue of the United States...
Página 75 - ... port of arrival, where the same is different from the port from which the vessel originally sailed, to transmit a copy of the list so reported to him to the collector of the port from which such vessel originally sailed.
Página 20 - Now, Know ye, That the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, in consideration of the premises, and in conformity, with the several Acts of Congress in such case made and provided, HAVE GIVEN AND GRANTED, and by these presents DO GIVE AND GRANT, unto the said Conrad B.
Página 3 - Illinois for the construction of a railroad from the southern terminus of the Illinois and Michigan canal to a point at or near the junction of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, with a branch of the same to Chicago on Lake Michigan, and another via the town of Galena in said State, to Dubuque in the State of Iowa...
Página 20 - Union, so to alter the provisions of the act of congress, entitled " an act to grant a certain quantity of land to aid in the improvement of the Fox and Wisconsin rivers, and to connect the same by a canal in the territory of Wisconsin...

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