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air resounded with the applause of the populace.

(Bang)-(bang) – (bang)6. There go the marroons," said Mr. Sey


The band now struck up a march, and the major completely succeeded, by having arranged different lengths of quick match, in making them explode at appropriate intervals, so as to mark correctly, the commencement of each bar of the music which was performing.

“ Bravo ! bravo !” exclaimed Mr. Seymour; " had Handel witnessed such an effect, he would have engaged the major as a performer in his grand choruses.”

“ See ! what a beautiful fountain of fire there ! now a most brilliant star is ejected !”–

“ It is a Roman candle,” said Mr. Seymour.

A variety of different rockets were next exploded; such as “ Towering rockets,” so called from their ascending to a greater height than any others; an effect which is produced by fixing a smaller rocket on the top of another of superior dimensions:“ Honorary rockets," which, when they attain their greatest height, communicate fire to other rockets affixed to them in a

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transverse direction, and thus produce a rapid revolution, and represent, on their return to the ground, a spiral of descending fire: “ Caduceus rockets," so called from their resemblance, when in action, to the rod borne by Mercury; the effect is produced by firing two rockets obliquely on the opposite sides of a rod, so that they shall form, in their flight, two spiral lines.

It is not necessary to enumerate the series of beautiful exhibitions which succeeded; we shall only add, that the concluding fire-work was a Catharine-wheel of imposing splendour. After having repeatedly changed its device, during its revolution, it at length exploded and threw out a group of serpents; the dense volume of smoke which followed this explosion, having gradually cleared off, the appropriate motto of “FAREWELL," appeared in brilliant letters of fire.

In a few minutes the populace began to separate; they had, however, scarcely arrived at the gate of the park, when a large rocket ascended, and bursting over their heads, discharged a parachute, to which was attached a brilliant light; eight similar rockets were successively fired, and with the same effect. The major had ingeniously contrived, by varying the angle, to

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disengage the floating luminaries in the form of a crown or circle, which threw a most brilliant light over the whole country; nor did it fade, until sufficient time had been allowed for the return of the villagers to their respective homes.

Should our readers have fortunately been infected with a portion of that good humour and hilarity which elated the hearts of the rustic spectators upon this memorable occasion, we may conclude our labours with a conviction that they will receive a favourable reception at the tribunal of public opinion.


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