Transportation Act of 1972: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Transportation and Aeronautics of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, House of Representatives, Ninety-second Congress, Second Session, on H.R. 11824, H.R. 11826, and H.R. 11207) (and All Identical Bills) ...


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Página 717 - ... is subject to the jurisdiction of the Interstate Commerce Commission under Part III of the Interstate Commerce Act or subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Maritime Board under the Intercoastal Shipping Act, 1933...
Página 508 - ... fit, willing, and able properly to perform the service proposed and to conform to the provisions of this part and the requirements, rules, and regulations of the Commission thereunder, and that the proposed service, to the extent to be authorized by the certificate, is or will be required by the present or future public convenience and necessity...
Página 543 - The district courts shall not enjoin, suspend or restrain the assessment, levy or collection of any tax under State law where a plain, speedy and efficient remedy may be had in the courts of such State.
Página 483 - It will be appreciated if you will incorporate this letter in the hearing record on HR 4750, the Interest Equalization Tax Extension Act of 1965.
Página 486 - Division of the Consumer and Marketing Service of the US Department of Agriculture. (b) Director. "Director" means the Director of the Cotton Division.
Página 554 - Committee has proceeded from these fundamental premises in its reappraisal of national transportation policy : namely, that the transportation industry operates today in the general atmosphere of pervasive competition ; that adjustment of regulatory programs and policies to these competitive facts is long overdue ; and that the restoration and maintenance of a progressive and financially strong system of common carrier transportation is of paramount importance to the public interest.
Página 538 - That highway users are the principal recipients of the benefits flowing from rail-highway grade separations and from special protection at railhighway grade crossings. For this reason the cost of installing and maintaining such separations and protective devices is a public responsibility and should be financed with public funds the same as highway traffic devices.
Página 508 - Sec. 207. (a) Subject to section 210, a certificate shall be issued to any qualified applicant therefor, authorizing the whole or any part of the operations covered by the application, if it is found that the applicant is fit, willing, and able properly to perform the service proposed...
Página 641 - Not exempt," it must be kept in mind that an "Exempt" commodity loses its exemption whenever it is transported in a vehicle which at the same time is transporting for compensation commodities not within the exemption. The absence of a commodity from the list below should not be taken to mean that it is either within or not within the exemption. Only those commodities...
Página 654 - MCC 511, the Commission held that dehydrated vegetables do not come within the exemption. However, that position would seem no longer valid in view of the recent holding in Frozen Food Express vs. US , 148 F. Supp. 399 that dried egg powder, dried egg yolks and powdered milk are within the exemption, which holding was affirmed by the US Supreme Court in 355 US 6.

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