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Sepulchres Parish at the signe of the Resurrection a little aboue
Holbourne Conduite. Cum gratia . .
Small 8vo. (12mo.), limp vellum

COLLATION :--48 leaves, with signatures A–F in eights. The detail is : title,
I leaf; To the Reader, 21 pp. ; Calvyn, 411 pp. ; The Denmark Order, 27} pp.-

Myles Coverdale was the translator.
393 Carew. An Apology for the Life of Mr. Bampfylde-Moore Carew,

commonly called the King of the Beggars ... (by Robert Goadby).
Sixth edition, with additions. 12mo., with large folding portrait ;
calf neat

n. d. (1768 ?) 399 CARLETON (Capt. George). The Memoirs of an English Officer, Who

serv'd in the Dutch War in 1672. to the Peace of Utrecht, in 1713.
Containing Several Remarkable Transactions both by Sea and Land,
and in divers Countries ... On the Bull-feasts, and other publick
Diversions; as also on the Genius of the Spanish People, amongst
whom he continued several Years a Prisoner of War ... 8vo., FIRST
EDITION; a fine copy in old English red morocco, dentelle borders, gilt

No better testimony to the interest and merit of these memoirs can be adduced
than the fact that for long they were attributed to Defoe. They are now, however,
believed to be genuine memoirs with which Defoe had nothing whatever to do. Such
competent authorities as Lord Stanhope and Dr. John Hill Burton have gratefully
acknowledged their importance as historical evidence on a period for which trust-

worthy evidence is scarce.
400 CAXTON. Here begynneth a lityll treatise shorte and abredged

spekynge of the arte and crafte to knowe well to dye (1490). Sm.
folio. Rodd's facsimile reprint from Lord Desart's copy, with facsimile
of the original covers in which that copy was bound, one having a large
woodcut of the Crucifixion on its recto, sewed

n. d. Only a few copies issued. Inserted is a leaf with a facsimile of W. Caxton's mark. 401 CERVANTES. Don Quixote, a New and Accurate English Translation,

with Life, by H. E. Watts. 5 vols. 4to., half vellum (£4.) 1888-9

Only 250 copies printed, all on handmade paper.

This is considered by all competent crities to be the best of all the English Translations of the great Spanish romance. The life of Cervantes by Mr. Watts, which forms the first volume, is a masterpicce, based throughout upon sound historical research. The Index which terminates the work is most exbaustive, and is the only

complete Index ever added to any English edition of Don Quixote.
402 CHAUCER. The Workes of our Ancient and Learned | English Poet

GEFFREY CHAUCER, | newly Printed i. Small folio, old calf
London, Printed by Adam Islip at the charges of Thomas Wright, 1598

This Edition of Chaucer was edited by Thomas Speght, and its importance lies in
the fact that it contains Chaucer's Dream, and The Flower and the Leaf, which were

here printed for the first time."
403 CHRONICLE OF Calais, in the Reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII to the

year 1540. Edited from MSS. in the British Museum, by JOHN
GOUGH NICHOLS. Sm. 4to., cloth

Camden Soc. 1846 404 CHRONICLES. A Collection of the principal English Chronicles. 15 vols., impl. 4to., uniformly bound in russia gilt; A FINE SET 1807-15

Holidshed's Chronicles of England, Scot- 1 Arnold's Chronicle--Rastell's The Pas-
land and Ireland. 6 vols., 1807-8.

time of People.- in 1 vol., 1811.
Grafton's Chronicle or History of Eng. Froissart's Chronicles (Lord Berner's
land. 2 vols., 1809.

Translation). 2 vols., 1812. (Sold
Hall's Chronicle during the Reigns of separately, half morocco gilt, £3. 10s.
Henry IV-Henry VIII. 1 vol., llardyng's Chronicle, with Continuation

by Grafton. 1 vol., 1812.
Fabyan's Chronicles of England and William of Malmesbury, History of the
France. I vol., 1811.

Kings of England. 1 vol., 1815.

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Rilor. Roy. Recueil des de Waurin


LAND during the Middle Ages. Nos. 1-74, in 187 vols. roy. 8vo.,
with facsimiles; half bound (pub. £93. 10s); SCARCE

Master of the Rolls, 1858-1900 60 0 0
A consecutive series, as the above, is very difficult to obtain, many of the vols.
being out of print and scarce.

The following vols. are offered at the reduced prices affixed. *5*13. CHRONICA Johannis de Oxenedes. Edited by Sir Henry Ellis. Roy. 8vo., half bound

1859 0 6 0 406 19. Pecock. The Repressor of over much blaming of the Clergy.

Edited by Churchill Babington. 2 vols. roy. 8vo., half bound 1860 0 :07 28. CHRONICA Monasterii S. Albani:

Vol. II. WILLELMI RISHANGER Chronica et Annales, 1259-1307.
Edited by H. T. Riley Roy. 8vo. half bound

1865 06 0 410 Vol. III. JOHANNIS DE TROKelowe et Henrici de Blaneforde Chronica

et Annales, 1259-1296; 1307-1324; 1392-1406. Edited by H. T.
Riley. Roy. 8vo., halj bound

1866 0 6 0 1939. Wavrin. Recueil des Chroniques et anciennes Istories de la Grant

Bretaigne . . par Jehan de Waurin. Vols. I and II. Edited by W.
Hardy. Roy. 8vo., half bound

1864-8 0 12 0 413 40. — Chronicles, translated by W. Hardy. Vol. I (from Albina I to A.D. 688). Roy. 8vo., half bound

1864 0 6 0 (CLARKE (J.)]. Glances at Character (London Cousins, the Bounce,

Hair Quackeries, the Old Maid, the Gad Fly (and other satirical
sketches, in verse). 8vo., 8 humourous plates coloured by hand, polished
culf extra, uncut, by Riviere

1814 4 4 0 EL COLE BIDGE (Samuel Taylor). Poems; edited by Richard Garnett. 12mo., with portrait, fancy cloth

The Muses Library, 1898 040 HIS CONGREVE (William). The Works of .. in three volumes, consisting of his Plays and Poems. Fifth Edition. 3 vols. 12mo., old calf

J. Tonson, 1730 2 2 0 Each volume contains the engraved bookplate of Sr. John Houstoun of that Ilk, Baronet, DATED 1711. $COTGRAVE. A DictionARIE of the French and English Tongves.

Compiled by RANDLE COTGRAVE. Whereunto is also annexed a most copious Dictionarie of the English set before the French, by R. S. L. London printed by Adam Islip. Anno 1632. Sm. folio, engraved title

mounted, otherwise a good sound copy in old calf (neatly repaired) 1632 2 10 0 3(OCBTHOPE (W. J.). Life in Poetry : Law in Taste. 8vo., 452 pp., cloth


Mysteries formerly represented at Coventry on the Feast of Corpus
Christi. Edited by James Orchard HalLIWELL. 8vo., cloth; SCARCE

Shakespeare Soc. 1841 1 10 0 41WWLEY. The Works of MR. ABRAHAM Cowley. Consisting of Those

which were formerly Printed, and those which he Design'd for the Press . . Fourth Edition, small folio, with portrait by Faithorne, old calf, with the letters D. C. interlaced on the sides

1674 1 0 0 — the same. Another Edition. Small folio, with portrait by Faithorne, old calf

1688 0 18 0 - the same. IOth edition. The Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley : in two volumes. 1707—The Third and Last volume of the Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley 1708–3 vols. post 8vo., several fine portraits and plates by Vander Gucht and others, calf neat

1707-8 2 16 0 This is the best edition, as regards completeness, as it is the only one in which Cowley's entire poems are given.-Huth Catalogue.

- the same. In two volumes. Eleventh edition. 1710—The Third and Last volume . . 1708–3 vols. post 8vo., with portraits and plates, old calf

1708-10 2 7 6 The contents of this edition are precisely the same as the one mentioned above.

£ 8. 421 COWLEY. THE WORKS OF M' Abraham Cowley . . . LONDON : Printed for

J. Tonson . . . 1710 , 3 vols., 8vo., with portraits and plates; old
panelled calf

1710-11 2 10 0 422 CRASHAW (William). FISCUS PAPALIS. A part of the Popes Exchequer.

That is, A Catalogue of the Indulgences and Reliques belonging to the
seven principall Churches in Rome ... Taken out of an ancient MS.
and translated by WILLIAM CRASHAW. Sm. 4to. in Latin and English;
half calf

1621 0 12 423 DAVISON'S Poetical Rhapsody, edited by A. H. Ballen. 2 vols., 8vo.,

LARGE PAPER ; morocco super-extra, richly tooled sides, doublé, silk linings,
uith monogram, thistles, etc, in gold, gilt uncut edges; from the Library
of the late R. T. Hamilton Bruce

1890 331 Only 250 copies of this large paper edition were printed. 424 DEFOE (Daniel). Religious Courtship: being Historical Discourses, on

the Necessity of Marrying Religious Husbands and Wives only. As
also of Husbands and Wives being of the same Opinions in Religion
with one another. .. London: Printed for E, Matthews ...
Sm. 8vo., FIRST EDITION; calf

1722 1 12 425 Denton (W.). England in the 15th Century. 8vo., cloth ( pub. 128) 1888 0 7 4:26 DIGBY (Kenelm Henry). Mores CATHOLICI; or Ages of Faith, XI books, in 1l vols. 12mo., half blue morocco, gilt edges

1831-12 5 5 427 — the same. 11 vols. in 9, half morocco, with backs fully gilt, gilt tops, by Larkins

1831-42 6 10 428 - COMPITOM; or the Meeting of the Ways at the Catholic Church.

Second edition, with Additions. 7 vols. 12mo., half red morocco, fully
gilt backs, gilt tops

1851-54 3 13 4:29 DISRAELI (Rt. Hon. Benjamin). Curiosities of Literature. 3 vols.

Fifth Edition,--The same, Second Series. 3 vols. First Edition.-
together, 6 vols. 8vo., LIBRARY EDITION, half calf

1807-23 1 8 430 [DOD (CHARLES), i.e. Rev. Hugh Tootel]. The Church HISTORY OF

ENGLAND. From the year 1500 to the Year 1688, chiefly with regard
to CATHOLICKS . . . in Eight Parts. 3 vols. in 1, folio, half calf

Brussels, 1737-39-42 2 15
Although each volume bears the imprint "Brussels" they were doubtless printed in

England, probably at Sherborne.
431 DRAMATIC CHARACTERS, or Different Portraits of the English

Stage. London: Printed for Robt. Sayer ... MDCCLXX. Engraved
titles in English and French, one leaf of list of contents, and 38 fine
COLOURED plates, showing Garrick, Foote, Mrs. Clive, and other eminent
actors of the time, in their principal partsThe Metamorphoses of
Melpomene and Thalia, or Dramatic Characters of the French and
Italian Comedies. London: Printed for Robert Sayer, No 53, Fleet-
Street [1772]. Titles in English and French, one leaf of list of
contents, and 30 fine COLOURED plates showing the chief French and
Italian actors of the time, in their principal parts

In 1 vol., sq. 12mo., contemporary red morocco extra, gilt edges; VERY

1770-[72] 10 0 432 DRYDEN (John). Dramatick Works. 6 vols. 1735-62—Miscellaneous

Works, 4 vols. 1767—Works of Virgil : translated into English Verse.
3 vols. 1763-together 13 vols. 12mo., portraits, and plates, unifornily
bound in old calf gilt

1735-67 11
- Miscellany Poems. Containing Variety of New Translations of
the Ancient Poets: Together with Several Original Poems. By the
Most Eminent Hands. Publish'd by Mr Dryden ... 6 vols., 18mo.,
with a frontispiece to each vol.; old red morocco

Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1716 1 5 434 - Dramatick Works. 6 vols. 12mo., with portrait, and plates, old calf

1735 1 0


£ 8. d. 436 DRAYTON. Poems by MICHAEL DRAYTON Esquyer Collected into one

Volume. With sondry peeces inserted neuer before Imprinted LONDON
printed for John Smethwick This title engraved within figures. Letter- - .
press title : POEMS BY MICHAEL DRAYTON ESQVIRE . . Printed by W...
Stansby for Iohn Swethwicke .. reverse. Portrait of Drayton by
Wm. Hole. Leaves 3, 4: Dedication to Sir Walter Aston, etc. Leaf
248 (paged 487): . . FINIS.

n. d. (1619-20)
The contents are: The Barons Warros ; Eaglands Heroicall Epistles; Iden in
sixtie three Sonnets (with one to the reader prefised); Odes with other Lyric Poesies ;
the Legends of Robert, Matilda, Pierce Gaveston, and Thomas Cromwell; The () wle ;
Pastorals containing Eglogues with the Man in the Moone. - This is Drayton's own
revision and augmentation, and is decidedly the best form of the collection.

COLLATION :- Titles (2), Dedication and Verses, -4 leaves : Sig. B-Qqq in fonrs.
. . NIMPHDIA, the Court of Fayrie The Quest of Cinthia. The
Shepheard's SIRENA. The Moone-Calfe. Elegies vpon sundry occasions.
BY MICHAELL DRAYTON Esquire .. Printed for William Lee . . 1627.

COLLATION :-Portrait (missing), title, dedication, 3 leaves ; preliminary verses,

leaves ; text, 109 leaves, paged 1-218. (Sig. B 6 leaves, C-Ee3 in fours). - the two works in 1 vol. sm. folio. FINE LARGE COPY IN CONTEMPORARY CALF

(1619)-27 48 0 0 4:37 - - another copy (BOTH WORKS) 2 vols. in 1, sm. folio, fine copy in old

red morocco, CHARLES II's COPY with his crown, monogram and
wreath repeated on the back and sides

(1619)-27 63 0 0 COLLATION :-The same as the copy above.

Drayton's portrait with verscs is impressed on the back of the letterpress title in the 1619 Poems. Another impression of the same plate was published with the Agincourt in 1627, but was cancelled in this volume by the King's binder, as supererogatory.

The royal binding of this volume, executed about 1670, is a gratifying evidence that Drayton's poetry was prized by the “Mutton-eating King." Inside the cover is

the bookplate of Sir Henry Hope Edwards. 38 EDWARD IV. Historie of the Arrivall of Edward IV. in England, and the

finall recouerye of his Kingdomes from Henry VI. A.D. MCCCCLXXI.

Edited by John BRUCE. Sm. 4to., cloth ; SCARCE Camden Soc. 1838 0 10 0 03 EIKON BASILIKE. | Eikwù BaciAlkń. | THE | POVRTRAICTURE | OF | His

More then Conquerour, &c. | Bona agere, & mali pati, Regium est.
(Here a device) | M.DC.XLVIII. |

Sm. Svo., with a most brilliant impression of the double-page copper-
plate of allegorical character by Wm. Marshall, in which the King is
shown praying ; in the original black velvet binding (now almost napless,
and repaired), the signature Dan: Fleming. 13 : 2 : [17]18." on
a flyleaf

1648 6 6 0 HO ELIZABETH (QUEEN). (Title, within woodcut boriler :) | Iniunctions

giuen by the Queenes Maiestie. | Anno domini. 1559. The first yere
of the raigne l of our soueraigne La: 1 die Queene Eli- | zabeth. ' Cum
priuilegio Regiæ | Maiestatis. ||
Sm. 4to., black letter, 16 leaves ; stamped calf

1559 2 2 0 Without printer's name. Another edition was printed in the same year by Richard

Jogge and John Cawood.
41 ExGLISH DIALECT DICTIONARY (The), being the Complete Vocabulary of

all Dialect Words still in use, or known to have been in use during
the last two hundred years. Founded on the Publications of the
English Dialect Society and on a large amount of material never before
printed. Edited by Joseph Wright, M.A., PH.D. Parts 1-5 (A-CYUT)
completing Vol. I, 4to. (pub. £3. 158), in parts as issued

1898 2 442 FELLTHAM (Owen). RESOLVES. A Duple Century. Ye 4th

Edition. Sm. 4to. engraved title and leaf of verses; old morocco, gold
tooled sides

1631 4 4 U With irscription Thomas Sotherne his booke. Ao. 1631.

£ $. d.
443 FIELDING (Henry). Works; with a Life of the Author. 12 vols.
12mo., with plates, old calf

1783 1 5

. . MDCCXLIX. 6 vols. 12mo., FIRST EDITION ; in the original calf, fine

17496 60
445 FORD (John). 'Tis | Pitty Shee's a Whore Acted by the Queenes

Maiesties Ser- uants, at The Phoenix 'in | Drury-Lane. | LONDON. |
Printed by Nicholas Okes for Richard | Collins, and are to be sold at
his shop | in Pauls Church-yard, at the signe of the three Kings.

1633 |

Sm. 4to., FIRST EDITION, one or two catchwords cut into; sprinkled
calf, gilt edges, by Riviere

1633 13 13 0
VERY RARE. It is the drama to which Macaulay alludes as being “painful to

read, and scarcely decent to mention."
446 FROISSART, in English. Vol. I, fol. 1 (the title in facsimile): Here

begynneth the first volum of sir | Johan Froyssart: of the cronycles
of Englande, Fraunce, Spayne, Por- | tyngale, Scotlande, Bretayne,
Flaŭ | ders : and other places adioynynge. | Trāslated out of frenche
into our ma | ternall englysshe tonge, by Johan Bourchier knight |
lorde Berners : At the comaundement of oure moost ! highe redouted
souerayne lorde kyng Henry the .viii. | kyng of Englande and of
Fraunce, ( highe defender of the christen faythe. th. Fol. 2a, head-
line : The preface, column 1: The preface of Iohan Bour- | chier
knyght lorde Berners, / translatour of this pre- / sent cronycle.l...
Foll. 3-10 contain the Table. Fol. lla, heading: The prologue of
Froissart. Fo. primo. Fol. 332a (foliated CCC.xxii), column 2: ...
Imprinted at London in Fletestrete | by Richarde Pynson, printer to
the kynges no | ble grace. And ended the .xxviii. day of Ianua ry:
the yere of our lorde .M.D.xxiii. ' Cam priuilegio a rege indulto. On
the reverse the arms of Lord BernersVol. II, fol. 1, title (within a
woodcut border) : ( Here begynneth the thirde | and fourthe boke of
sir Iobñ Frois- / sart of the cronycles . . . On the reverse the royal arms.
Fol. 2a contains the preface; 20-8a the Table ; 8b blank. Fol. 9a
(numbered Fo. Primo), headline : The cronycle of Froissart. Col. 1:

Howe sir Iohn Bourchier gouer- | nour of Gaunt... Fol. 334a
(foliated CCC.xix): .. Thus endeth the thirde and fourthe boke of
sir Iohn Fro- | issart . . . Fourth line from bottom : Imprinted at
London in Fletestrete by Rycharde Pynson, | printer to the kynges
moost noble grace. And ended the last day of August : the yere of
our lorde god. M.D.xxv. ' Cum prinylegio a rege in dulto. On the
reverse the arms of Lord Berners

2 vols. small folio, printed in double columns ; 54 lines in Vol. 1 and
52 in Vol. II, to the column ; red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Rivière

1523-25 55 01
First edition of each volume, in excellent condition, with no other draw back than
the following: the last two leaves of the second volume have been partially
remargined, and the title of Vol. I is, as mentioned above, a reprint.

It is an unusual thing to get both volumes of Pinson's issue.

The signatures are as follows:--Vol. I: A6 and B4 ; a-v, aa-vv, aaa-nnn, all in
sixes, and ooo in 4.-Vol. II : a 8, A-V in sixes, AA-VV in sixes, AAA-NNN

in sixes, 000 8.
447 FULLER (THOMAS; D.D.). The History of the Worthies of England,

with Index. FIRST EDITION, folio, fine portrait by Loggan, russia ; FINE

1662 4 0
448 GALE (Norman). Orchard Songs. 12mo., beautifully printed on handmade
paper, vellum gilt (pub. at 21s)

(1893) 0 126
Only 150 copies of this Special Edition were printed.
449 Gay (John). Poetical Works, edited with a Life, and Notes by John
Underhill. 2 vols. 12mo., with portrait, fancy cloth

The Muses Library, 1893 0 7 6

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