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has been one of his finest services to the pany and the Waters-Pierce Company State.

from arbitrarily apportioning the State His most important achievement, aside for trade without regard for the confrom his work in the railway cases and venience of their customers. If his in helping to obtain the enactment of work did not reduce the price of oil, at several important laws, has been in con- least it had the salutary effect of demonnection with his fight to force the Stand- strating that huge corporations could be ard Oil Company to obey the statutes compelled to obey the law. of Missouri. This contest not only Mr. Hadley habitually insists that he exposed and drove out of business one is no politician, but solely a lawyer. oil company that was fraudulently posing Any conflicts with corporate interests, as a competitor of the Standard, but it he contends, are merely incidental to his furnished the Federal Government much duty to his clients, the people. It is inof the information on which it has based ferred that, with no sacrifice of principle, its recent important proceeding against he might enter the employ of a corporathe Standard Oil Company as a trust. tion at the expiration of his term. He Such a complete revelation of the Com- has not proclaimed himself a man with a pany's methods had never been made in “mission.” But while he regards the any court.

law as his profession, he is frankly interThe Attorney-General stumbled on ested in politics. the case while in other work. In a “Why is it, Hadley," a Standard Oil legislative hearing on terminal charges attorney is quoted as asking him, " that in St Louis the manager of the Waters- you always take the public into your Pierce Oil Company happened to testify confidence? Why not handle this litithat the Standard had no agency in that gation without a blare of trumpets ?” city. Mr. Hadley remarked to him that And the Attorney-General is said to that was odd. The manager thought have replied: "Every lawyer imparts not, but he failed to convince his ques- the fullest information to his clients. He tioner. A few days later the Attorney- wants the man who hired him to know General discovered that the Waters- all about the case. The public is the Pierce Company was not represented in client of the Attorney-General's office." Kansas City. He learned also that the All of which is quite true. At the Republic Oil Company, which was every- same time it shows an instinct quite akin where soliciting trade on the ground that to the politician's understanding of the it was " fighting the trust,” had head value of publicity. This full information offices at 75 New Street, New York, which has been imparted to the client This address he found was the rear of the Attorney-General's office—this entrance to the Standard Oil building, blare of trumpets, if you please—in view No. 26 Broadway.

of the results obtained, is what has as. The proceedings that he instituted sured to him, if he will accept, the next put the "fake" company out of business Republican nomination for Governor of and prevented the Standard Oil Com- Missouri.



THE Boston housewife would The Pacific coast has long been looked

almost as soon be without an- to for the world's supply of canned

cestors as to think of buying salmon, and the annual catch of the any but Penobscot salmon. The New cannery-men is more than one hundred York hotel-keeper would as soon confess thousand tons. Canneries line the coast to the use of canned vegetables in spring from the Columbia River to Alaska, as to offer any but Atlantic halibut. Any which now makes the market on the French restaurateur would swear by all canned product. The value placed on his sacre-bleus that the only sardines are this product for a single year, in the those caught in the net of a Mediterra- Government reports, exceeds by two nean fisherman. And as for cod—why, million dollars the price paid by the George's and Grand Banks are household United States for Alaska, where, fish words.

ranks second only to gold among the And far be it from the Eastern fish natural resources yet developed. In the dealer to disturb any of the fondly cher- Northwest States fish is second to lumber ished traditions of his patrons. But now, though the salmon canneries were Yonder on the Pacific coast there are practically the sole support of this terrimen who boast, and can back their boast tory until the men and the money came with figures, that more than ninety per to develop the forests and farming lands. cent of the fresh salmon sold in Eastern Three and a half million cases of canned markets is caught in the salmon rivers of salmon are the average yearly output of the Pacific; that at least eighty per cent the Northwest coast during the past ten of the halibut used on the Atlantic coast years, which means more than a hundred is caught between Puget Sound and thousand tons of fresh fish. Bering Sea ; that sardines packed on the Yet within the past few years there California coast are used in every city has been a steady decrease in the output, of size in the United States; and as for in spite of a very considerable increase cod, from two to three thousand tons of in facilities for catching and handling Alaskan cod go out of Gloucester every the fish. This has given rise in some year.

quarters to grave fears regarding the depletion of the salmon supply, and has not supply half the demand of Boston caused much-needed and none-too-early alone. Though this condition has existed activity looking toward the better pro- for many years, the Boston fish dealer tection and artificial propagation of this labels his salmon “ Penobscot," not only valuable fish. But investigation proves from June to August, but from August that the decrease is not due wholly to to June again, for he would never dare the years of relentless pursuit of the admit that most of his fish is caught salmon and much wanton waste, but to three thousand miles from the New Enga diversion of vast quantities of the fish land coast. from the canneries to the fresh fish With the demand for fresh salmon at markets. The system of cold storage all seasons there has grown also a demand and refrigerator cars which has elimi- for mild-cured and sweet-pickled salmon, nated seasons, which puts strawberries, not only in Eastern but in European green peas, and asparagus into northern markets. For these purposes tons of markets while blizzards are yet raging fish are used that formerly went into over their farms and gardens, has made cans. Only the largest and finest Chia year-round market in the East for this nook, the famous King salmon of the fish that runs in Atlantic waters only Columbia and Sacramento Rivers, are from June to August.

used for mild-curing, which is a process Time was when the New England of preserving them in mild brine to coast ran so plentifully with salmon that, retain all the juice and flavor of the it is told, apprentices and servants de- fresh fish until they reach their destimanded a written agreement from their nation, where they are freshened and masters that they be not fed on salmon smoked. Th demand came first from more than twice a week. But the dammed Germany, where smoked salmon is the rivers of the Maine timber lands and the favorite delicacy in beer gardens and dye-polluted streams of the factory States railway stations. And many a Baedekerno longer offer spawning-grounds for conducted tourist would have the keen salmon, which has become so scarce that edge of his delight in this typical Gerthe entire catch in New England would man dish dulled if he knew that it had



Taking up slack in the spiller traveled across the ocean in the hold of they are wrapped separately in paper, the very steamer on which he sailed. packed in ice, and loaded in refrigerator The American market now requires large cars. The annual shipments of frozen quantities of this mild-cured salmon, salmon to the East and to Europe from and from fifteen to twenty-five thousand Puget Sound are not less than five milltierces of a thousand pounds each are ion pounds. shipped annually from Columbia and But, important as the shipment of Sacramento River points.

fresh salmon has become, it stands The cold-storage process of preserv- second to the halibut industry. The ing salmon in sugar and salt has been halibut catch in the Pacific last season superseded to a great extent by freezing was about forty million pounds, of which the fresh fish. Steelheads and silver twenty-five million pounds went to Eastsalmon, which run through the fall and ern markets. winter months, are used chiefly for this That the Atlantic has been fished out purpose. They are brought on barges of halibut and cod is a statement that one from the traps that picket every salmon sometimes hears from Western fisherriver for miles and stop the up-stream folk who have not lately stood on the flight toward the spawning-grounds, or old T-wharf at Gloucester when the fishby grill-netters who, to cheat the traps, ing fleet came in, or on a big market day. risk their very lives at the bars where But the drain of more than two hundred rivers meet the sea. Weighed in by the years has been felt, and for the everpackers, and carefully washed, they are growing demand of ever-growing cities, taken to the storage-rooms, where the whose people refuse to be governed by temperature is always below freezing- seasons, the catch of the North Atlantic point, and dipped in water, which forms is inadequate. And since cold storage a coating of ice upon them. They are has become a practical science and refrigthen stacked in cords, like so much -erator cars a known quantity—at least wood, until time for shipment, when to the initiated—and since railways make

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