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The discussions upon international law during the year 1915 were conducted by George Grafton Wilson, LL. D., professor of international law in Harvard University. Matters relating to the war which has been going on since July, 1914, were under consideration. Final opinions can not be offered at the present time, and for this reason the War College contents itself in the main with statements of facts concerning which there is no dispute, and with copies of official documents. It is hoped that the present volume will be of considerable value in the future, as a work of reference, not only for officers of the Navy, but for others who may be engaged in the study of international law as affected by the history of the unprecedented crisis through which the world is now passing.

The documents particularly referred to in the discussions are printed with brief notes. Some of these documents are accessible in the publications of the Government of the United States. Others are not easily accessible.

As in previous years the Naval War College desires to receive such questions as officers deem worthy of consideration, and for such questions the documents herewith published may furnish many suggestion

Rear Admiral, United States Navy,

President, Naval War College. DECEMBER 15, 1915.


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