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Who by Thy Cross and Pre- Visit, O LORD, this house, cious Blood hast redeemed us: and drive far from it all Save us and help us, we humbly snares of the enemy; let Thy beseech Thee, O Lord.

holy Angels dwell in it, to Live, O! for ever live and preserve us in peace ; and reign,

may Thy blessing be upon us Blest Lamb, Whom Thine own evermore, through JESUS love has slain;

CHRIST our LORD. Amen. And may Thy lost sheep live JESU, Bleeding Dying Love ! to be

Let me daily die with Thee; True lovers of Thy Cross and That in Thy sweet Arms Thee.

above The peace of God which I may rest eternally. passeth all understanding ; The LORD + bless and prothe + blessing of GOD Al- serve us this night; the LORD mighty, the Father, the Son, make His face to shine upon and the Holy Ghost; the vir- us, and keep us under the tue of the blessed Cross and shadow of His wings; the Passion of our LORD JESUS LORD lift up the light of His CHRIST be with us now and countenance upon us, and give unto the end. Amen.

us peace and rest in Him;

now and for ever. Amen. 56.-EVENING PRAYERS. In the Name. Our Father.

57.-LATE EVENING My God, I thank Thee for

PRAYERS. all the blessings of the past

In the Name. Our Father. day. I will lay me down O LORD, fulfil all Thy works in peace, and take my of grace in me, that I may rest; for it is Thou, LORD, fulfil all the service that I only, that makest me dwell owe Thee; through JESUS in safety. Guard my lying | CHRisT our LORD. Amen. down and my rising up, from 0 Heavenly Father, for henceforth and for ever. Thine own great mercies'

Grant, O LORD, grace, mer- sake ; for Thy truth and procy, and life everlasting to all mises' sake; for the sake of my relations—and friends, all the merits and sufferings and every one for whom I of the Son of Thy love: parought to pray,--or who needs don all my sins and failings, my prayers. Comfort the and receive me into Thy faafflicted.--Give rest to the de

Amen. parted.- [The line - means, LORD, forsake us not in the Stop and think.]

vanishing of our days; but


still continue Thy gracious | hast redeemed me, O Lord, Thou and fatherly care over us. Be God of Truth, Thou our Light and Defence, LORD, save us as we wake, our Guide and Guard, through keep us as we sleep: That the valley of the shadow of we may watch with Christ and death to the holy hill of Thine rest in peace. honour and our rest; for JESUS May the souls of all the CHRIST's sake. Amen. faithful departed, by the mer

Almighty Father, grant us, cy of God, rest in the peace we beseech Thee, Thy grace; of JESUS CHRIST. Amen. that we, who reverently make a remembrance of the Incar- JESU, in my hour of Rest,

After life's long weary day, nation, Nativity, Passion, Resurrection, and Ascension of

In Thy Arms and on Thy

Breast the Son; and also of the Coming of the Holy Ghost; may,

Let me breathe my life by the grace of the same

away! Holy Ghost, rise from the The + God of mercy and death of the soul, and with peace be with us and ours, Thee live an eternal life, and with all that need His through JESUS CHRIST our blessing, this night and for LORD. Amen.

Amen. Let Thy mighty hand and stretched-out arm, O LORD, 58.—THE EVENING. be ever our defence; Thy

Daily Self-Examination. mercy and loving-kindness in Jesus Christ, Thy dear Son,

O Fount of mercy, our salvation; Thy true and Light of heaven, holy word, our instruction; Our darkness cast away; Thy grace and Holy Spirit, And grant us all, our comfort and consolation, Through Thee forgiven, this night and for evermore.

To see the perfect day. Amen.

Did I think of God when I LORD, lighten mine eyes : awoke ? That I sleep not in death. Did I rise in good time?

Grant us, O LORD, Thy Did I say my prayers, fully Light: That we, being saved and devoutly? from the darkness of our hearts, Have I remembered God's may come to the True Light Presence through the day? Which is Christ.

How far have I kept my Father, into Thy Hands I good resolutions ? commend myself, my spirit, Have I guarded my heart soul, and body : For Thou 1 against evil thoughts?


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Have I sinned with my | O, say not so: thou canst not tongue ?

tell what strength Have I done anything Thy God may give thee wrong?

at the length: How far have I yielded to Renew thy vows, and if thou temptation ?

keep the last, Have I gone in the way of Thy God will pardon all temptation ?

that's past. Have I been diligent, honest, Vow while thou canst: while and cheerful in my work ? thou canst vow thou may'st

Have I been moderate in Perhaps perform it when thou food ?

thinkest least. Have I been kind to others?

Have I done anything for Thy God hath not denied thee God's Glory?

all, Whilst He permits Thee but

to call : Confession. I confess to Almighty God, Call to thy God for grace to that I have sinned very much

keep in thought,

word," — and Thy vows; and, if thou break deed.

them, weep. May Almighty God have Weep for thy broken vows,

and vow again. mercy on me and forgive me

Vows made with tears cannot my sins, and bring me to

be still in vain. everlasting life.

May the Almighty and Then, once again, Merciful + LORD grant me I vow to mend my ways; pardon, absolution, and remis- LORD, say Amen, sion of all my sins.

And Thine be all the praise. Renewal of Vows. Said I not so, that I would sin

Hymns. no more?

Blest be Thy love, dear LORD, Witness, my God, I did; Yet I am run again upon the

That taught us this sweet

way; My faults cannot be hid. Only to love Thee for Thyself,

And for that love obey. What shall I do? Make vows, and break them still ? O Thou our souls chief Hope,

"Twill be but labour lost; We to Thy mercy fly; My good cannot prevail a- Where'er we are, Thou canst gainst mine ill,

protect, The business will be crost. Whate'er we need, supply,


Whether we sleep or wake All praise to Thee in light

To Thee we both resign: arrayed, By night we see as well as day, Who light Thy dwelling If Thy Light on us shine. place hast made.

A boundless ocean of bright Whether we live or die,

beams Both we submit to Theo:

From Thy all-glorious GodIn death we live, as well as life,

head streams. If thino in death we be.

The sun in its meridian height Glory to Thee, Great GOD,

Is Thy darkness in Thy sight! One co-eternal Three;

My soul O lighten and inflame To Father, Son, and Holy With thought and love of Thy Ghost.

Great Name. Eternal glory be. Amen.

Shine on me, LORD, new life 0 may my Guardian, while I impart,

Fresh ardours kindle in my sleep, Close to my bed his vigils

heart; keep;

One ray of Thy all-quickening His love angelical instil,

light Stop all the avenues of ill.

Dispels the sloth and clouds

of night. May he celestial joy rehearse, And thought to thought with LORD, lest the tempter me

surprise, me converse ; Or, in my stead, all the night Watch over Thine own sacrilong,

fice; Sing to my God a grateful All loose, all idle thoughts

cast cut, song.

And make my very dreams

devout. Blessed Angels! while silent lie,

Praise God, from Whom all You hallelujahs sing on high; blessings flow; You joyful hymn the Ever- Praise Him all creatures here Blessed

below; Before the throne, and never Praise Him above, ye heavenrest.

ly host; I with your choir celestial join, Praise Father, Son, and Holy

Ghost. Amen.
In offering up a hymn divine,
With you in heaven I hope to

Five Parts of Evening Prayer. And bid the night and world | 1. Give thanks to God. farewell.

2. Beg light.


3. Search well thy soul. Draw with stronger influence 4. Ask pardon for thy faults. My unfettered soul to Thee, 5. Check sin's control. To me, LORD, Thyself reveal;

Fill me with a sweet surNight Thoughts.


Let me Thee, when waking, Omnipresent GOD! Whose aid

feel, No one ever asked in vain; Be this night about my head,

Let me in Thy image rise, Every evilthought restrain: When in the night I sleepless Lay Thy hand upon my soul,

lie God of my unguarded hours;

My soul with heavenly All my enemies control,

thoughts supply ; Hell, and earth, and nature's

Let no ill dreams disturb my powers.

rest, O Thou jealous God! come No power of darkness me down,

molest. God of spotless purity;

The faster sleep our senses Claim and seize me for Thine

binds own,

The more unfettered are our Consecrate my heart to

minds; Thee: Under Thy protection take:

O may my soul, from matter

free, Songs in the night season

Thy loveliness unclouded see! give; Let me sleep to Thee and My soul, when I shake off this wake;

dust, Let me die to Thee and live. LORD, in Thy arms I will

entrust; Only tell me I am Thine And Thou wilt not quit Some mansion for my soul

O make me Thy peculiar care, Thy right; Answer me in dreams divine,

prepare. Dreams and visions of the As every night lays down our

night: Bid me even in sleep go on,


And morning opes our eyes; Restlessly my God desire ; So shall the dust be once our Mourn for God in every groan,

bed, God in every thought re

And so.we hope to rise : quire.

To rise and see Thy beauteous Loose me from the chains of light sense,

Spring from those eyes of Set me from the body free;

Thine ;

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