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Do the storm-clouds lower, | Why must I either fly or Is your path beset with foes, yield,

Mighty in their power?- Since JESUS is my mighty Trust in JESUS, trust in JESUS, Shield ?

See: He stands beside you, I know not what may soon With His arm outstretched

betide, to save,

Or how my wants may be How can harm betide you?

supplied, Are the friends you loved so But Jesus knows, and will truly

provide. Friends, alas! no longer;

Though faint my prayers, When their love should deeper

and cold my love, be, Truer still and stronger ? | My stedfast hope shall not

remove, JESUS loves you, Jesus loves

While Jesus intercedes above. you, And He longs to take you

Against me earth and hell To that Sacred Heart of His ; combine; He will not forsake you.

But on my side is Power

Divine; Fear not, halt not, faithful Jesus is all, and He is mine !

pilgrim; JESUS doth befriend you; And, by loving angel guards,

Will from harm defend you. 50.-HOURS OF PRAYER. When the toilsome march is “Seven times a day will I over,

praise Thee.” Ps. cxix. 164. Then comes rest and glad- | The Hours of Prayer are ness,

these :With an end to pain and toil, Nocturns or Mattins, a night Trial, woe, and sadness. office, usually said with Lauds.

A. J. B. 1. Lauds, a service of praise,

at daybreak. Chapter 51.

2. Prime, about six o'clock, Why should I fear the dark

the first hour. Chapter 52. est hour,

3. Tierce, at nine o'clock, Or tremble at the tempter's

the third hour. Chapter 53.

4. Sexts, at noon, the sixth power? JESUS vouchsafes to be my

hour. Chapter 54.

5. Nones, at three o'clock, Tower.

the ninth hour. Chapter 55. Though hot the fight, why 6. Vespers, an early evening quit the field ?

service. Chapter 56.

7. Compline, a later ser- | Born of the Virgin Mary, vice, completing the offices of Suffered under Pontius Pilate; the day. Chapter 57. Was crucified, dead, and bu

The Seven Hours tell the ried; He descended into hell; Acts of the Passion :

The third day He rose again At Matins bound, at Prime re

from the dead; He ascended viled, Condemned to death into heaven, and sitteth on at Tierce,

the right hand of God the FaNailed to the Cross at Sext, ther Almighty; From thence

at Nones His Blessed Side He shall come to judge the they pierce;

quick and the dead. They take Him down at Ves

I believe in the Holy Ghost; per-tide, in grave at Com- The Holy Catholic Church;

The Communion of Saints; pline lay, Who thenceforth bids His The Forgiveness of Sins; Thé Church observe her seven

Resurrection of the Body, And fold Hours alway.

the life everlasting. Amen.

Glory be to the Father, and

to the Son, and to the Holy 51.—MORNING PRAYERS. Ghost;

In the Name of the + Fa- As it was in the beginning, ther, and of the Son, and of is now, and ever shall be, the Holy Ghost. Amen. world without end. Amen.

Our Father, Which art in I laid me down and slept, heaven, Hallowed be Thy and rose up again; for the Name. Thy Kingdom come. LORD sustained me. Thy will be done in Earth, As Keep me, O LORD, this day it is in Heaven. Give us this without sin. day our daily bread. And Guard my going out and forgive us our trespasses, As my coming in, henceforth and we forgive them that trespass for ever. against us. And lead us not Shew Thou me the way into temptation ; But deliver that I should walk in, for I us from evil: For Thine is lift up my soul unto Thee. the Kingdom, The Power, and LORD, bless and help me, the Glory, For ever and ever. that I may every day grow Amen.

more fit for Thy service. Hear I believe in God the Father my prayers, pardon my failAlmighty, Maker of heaven ings, be with me in my work, and earth:

supply my wants, and give And in JESUS CHRIST His me grace to live in Thy fear only Son our LORD, Who was all the day long; for JESUS conceived by the Holy Ghost, Christ's sake. Amen.

Looking off unto JESUS

O Lamb of God That takest I go not astray,

away the sin of the world : My eyes are on Him, and

Have mercy upon us. He shows me the way ;

LORD of goodness and mercy, The path may seem dark as Who didst send Thine own He leads me along;

Son to a Cross, to bring me to But, following JESUS, a Crown; and at the price of I cannot go wrong.

His most bitter Passion didst May the Almighty and purchase my salvation. Let Merciful LORD, † Father, this love of Thine be ever in Son, and Holy Ghost, bless my heart, and let the fruits and preserve us, and bring us

of it abound in my life. Teach to life everlasting. Amen.

me to hate sin more than death, because it made Thy Son to

die. And may nothing in this 52.-SECOND MORNING

life be too dear to me; lest I PRAYERS.

sin against my Saviour, Who In the Name. Our Father. has made me by His death

O wonderful exchange! The to live. Creator of mankind, taking LORD, let me give up all I upon Him a living body, has have and all I am to Thee, not disdained to be born of a Who gavest Thy Dear Son a Virgin: And He being made sacrifice for me ; that I may man, has given to us His God- do Thy will all my days, and head.

may dwell with Thee for ever Lo, all things are fulfilled and ever. Amen. that were spoken by the angel Guide Thou my way, of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Who art Thyself Thanks be to God.

My everlasting end; LORD, shew Thy mercy That every step, upon us. And grant us Thy Or swift or slow, salvation.

Still to Thyself may tend. We beseech Thee, O LORD,

The blessing of God Alpour Thy grace into hearts; that, as we have known mighty, the + Father, the the Incarnation of Thy Son Son, and the Holy Ghost, be JESUS CHRIST by the message

with us this day, the rest of of an angel, so by His Cross our lives, and evermore. Amen. and Passion we may be brought unto the glory of

53.-NINE O'CLOCK. His Resurrection; through In the Name. Our Father. the same JESUS CHRIST our 0 Thou Who at the third LORD. Amen.

hour didst send to Thine Apos



tles the gift of the Holy Ghost: Faith, and evermore defend Take not Thy Holy Spirit from us from all adversities; Who me; but fill me with the riches livest and reignest, one GOD, of His grace, and save me. world without end. Amen. Come, Holy Ghost, fill the

We worship Thee, O CHRIST, hearts of Thy faithful: And and we bless Thee. For by kindle in them the fire of Thy Thy Cross and Precious Blood love.

Thou hast redeemed the world. Send forth Thy Spirit, and LORD JESUS CHRIST, Son of they shall be made : And the Living God: Set Thy Thou shalt renew the face of Passion, Thy Cross, and Thy the earth.

Death between Thy judgment GOD, Who didst teach the and our souls, now and in the hearts of Thy faithful people hour of our death. Give to by the sending to them the the living mercy and grace, light of Thy Holy Spirit: to the departed rest and peace, Grant us by the same Spirit to the Church and the kingto have a right judgment in dom peace and concord, to the all things, and evermore to sick help and comfort, to our rejoice in His holy comfort; friends and enemies true chathrough the merits of CHRIST rity, and to us sinners life JESUS our Saviour, Who liveth and endless glory: Who livest and reigneth with Thee, in and reignest, with the Father the unity of the same Spirit, and the Holy Ghost, one God ono God, world without end. for ever and ever. Amen. Anien.

Live, Jesus, live; Save and deliver and jus- And let it be tify us, 0 Blessed Trinity. My life to die Amen.

For love of Thee; Blessed be the Name of the

And grant mine eyes LORD. From this time forth

One day to see

The sweet reward for evermore.

Of love in Thee.
Almighty and everlasting
God, Who hast given unto us

May the Sacred Trinity, + Thy servants grace by the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, confession of a true Faith to

bless us and ours, this day

Amen. acknowledge the Glory of the and for ever. eternal Trinity, and in the

54.-TWELVE O'CLOCK. power of the Divine Majesty to worship the Unity: We be- In the Name. Our Father. seech Thee that Thou would- O Thou, Who, at the sixth est keep us stedfast in this hour, didst nail the sins of the


world with Thy Body to the May the glorious + Passion Cross Blot out the handwrit- of our LORD JESUS CHRIST ing of my sins which is against deliver us from sorrowful me, and take it out of the way, heaviness, and bring us to and save me.

the joys of Paradise. Amen. We ought to glory in the Cross of our LORD JESUS 55.-THREE O'CLOCK. CHRIST. Amen.

In the Name. Our Father. O GOD, Who hast ascended O Thou, Who at the ninth Thy most holy Cross, and hast hour didst taste death for the given light to the darkness of sins of every man: Mortify the world: Vouchsafe to en- all my members, which are upon lighten, visit, and comfort the earth, even all things that both our hearts and bodies; are contrary to Thy holy will, Who livest and reignest God, and save me. world without end. Amen. O LORD JESUS CHRIST, Who Blest be that hour,

hast power over all things,

and Whose will none can reWhen He repaired my loss; sist; Who didst vouchsafe to I never will

be born, to die, and to rise : Forget my Saviour's Cross. By the mystery of Thy most

LORD JESUS CHRIST, Son of holy Body, and by Thy five the Living GOD, Who for our

wounds, and by the shedding redemption in the sixth hour of Thy most precious Blood, didst ascend the cross and have mercy on us, and give shed Thy blood through Thy us all things needful for our five wounds, for the remis- souls and bodies; save sion of our sins: We meekly from the temptations of the beseech Thee, that, through devil, and from all things the merits of the same Pas- / that thou knowest to be trousion we may enter the gate bles to us; keep us and of Paradise; Who livest and strengthen us in Thy service reignest God, with God the

unto the end; give us space Father in the unity of God for repentance and true the Holy Ghost, world without amendment of life; make us end. Amen.

all love one another; and

grant us with all Thy saints LORD, Who for me in Thy kingdom to have joy Didst on the Tree

without end; Who livest and Open Thine heart of love: reignest GOD, with God the My Peace in strife, Father and GOD the Holy

In death my Life, Ghost, forever and ever. Amen. O help me from above! O Saviour of the world,


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