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They rest not day and night, saying Holy, Holy, Holy, LORD GOD Almighty."- Revelations iv. 8,

no more.

and pray.

48.–THE MORNING. And always watch thy sliding Pray without ceasing.


Think where thou once hast The first thing in the morning fallen before; light,

And mark the place, and fall The chief thing through the

busy day, The last thing ere you sleep Think on the helps thy God at night,

bestows, Should be to watch, and think, And cast to steer thy life by

those; Think on the sweets thy soul

did fill, Ejaculations.

When thou didst well, and do Waking. When I wake up

so still. I am present with Thee.

Rising. + Glory be to Think on the pains that shall GOD Most High.

torment Washing. Make me a clean Those stubborn souls that heart, O GOD.

ne'er repent; Dressing. Clothe me, 0 Think on those joys that wait LORD, with Thy grace.

above, To crown the head of holy

love. Thoughts. Open thine eyes, my soul, and Think what at last will be see,

thy part, Once more the light returns

If thou goest on where now to thee;

thou art; Look round about, and choose See life and death set thee

to choose, Thou mean’st to travel o'er One thou must take and one to-day..

refuse. Think on the dangers thou O my dear LORD, guide Thou may'st meet,

my course,

the way,


And draw me on with Thy | Preserve me from my callsweet force;

ing's snare, Still make me walk, still make

And hide my simple heart me tend,

aboveBy Thee my Way to Thee my Above the thorns of choking End.

care, All glory to the Sacred Three,

The gilded baits of worldly One Undivided Trinity ;

love. As it hath been in ages gone, Thee may I set at my right May now and ever still be done.

hand, Amen.

Whose eyes mine inmost

substance see; Resolutions.

And labour on at Thy comConfess fault's guilt,

mand, Crave pardon for thy sin;

And offer all my works to Tread holy paths,

Thee. Call grace to guide therein.

Give me to bear Thy easy I will set God always before

yoke, my face; I will take no wicked

And every moment watch thing in hand; I will not go in the way of sinners; I will And still to things eternal try not to—-; I will try to

look, LORD, be Thou my And hasten to Thy glorious helper.

day: Hymn.

For Thee delightfully employ

Whate'er Thy bounteous Forth in Thy Name, O LORD,

grace bath given;

And run my course with even My daily labour to pursue : joy, Thee, only Thee, resolved to

And closely walk with Thoe know,

to heaven. In all I think, or speak, or

Amen. do. The task Thy wisdom has

Five Parts of Morning Prayer. assigned O let me cheerfully fulfil; 1. Be grateful. In all my works Thy Presence 2. Offer up thine heart. find,

3. Design thy daily task. And prove Thine accept- 4. Shun sin. able will

5 Seek aid Divine.

and pray ;

I go

49.-THE DAY. 14. Beat down the passions

that rebel. Subjects for Meditation.

15. Live to meet death withGo forth, my soul, another day, out a fearGo forth upon thy pilgrim way: | 16. To meet thy Judge with Remember thou art not thine

conscience clear. own;

T. B. P. Remember thou art not alone; For God to thee thy being

Ejaculations. gave; And Jesus died thy life to save;

Going out.

O send out Thy And all around are those who light and Thy truth, that need

they may lead me. Thy love in thought, and

Going to Church. LORD, I word, and deed.

have loved the habitation of Thou hast a place in Heaven's Thy house. plan;

At Work. Labour is sweet, Bring praise to God and good for Thou hast toiled. to man.

Thinking. O let not mine 1. Do all to glorify thy God: heart be inclined to any evil 2. Tread in the path thy


Talking. Set a watch, O Saviour trod. 3. Fear lest thy soul for ever

LORD, before my mouth.

Actions of the Day. Let

me not be occupied in un4. Thy flesh keep down and

godly works with the men mortify.

that work wickedness. 5. In penitence forsake thy

In doubt. Teach me, O

LORD, to do the thing that 6. Each heavenly virtue

pleaseth Thee. strive to win. 7. Flee from the place of

Tempted. LORD JESUS + endless pain,

save me, help me, keep me. 8. Press on the heavenly ciful to me a sinner.

After a Sin. God be merrest to gain. 9. Make ready for eternity: be done. Blessed be the Name

Sorrow or Loss. Thy will 10. Use well each hour that

of the LORD. passes by. 11. With deeds of love thy teach me to number my days.

When the clock strikes. LORD, life adorn; 12. The world's temptations learn to scorn.

Aspirations. 13. Fight bravely with the May Thy death, LORD powers of hell:

Jesus, be the life of my soul!



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LORD JESUS, live in me,

Praise be to God, peace to and let me live in Thee! the living, and rest to the

LORD JESUS, be Thou my dead. Saviour, now and at the hour LORD, blessed be Thy paof my death!

tience, that endures so long: LORD, teach me to love blessed be Thy grace that deThee with all my heart, with | livers at last. all my mind, with all my soul, The LORD grant me a share and with all my strength. in the happiness of the world The LORD make me pure

to come; and His will be in my thoughts, kind in my done in all that happens to me words, wise in my deeds, obe- in the present world. dient to His laws, and thank

In Heaven with Thee, LORD, ful for His favours.

let me be; LORD, keep me from all sin and danger this day.

On Earth my heaven's alone

in Thee. LORD, make my service acceptable to Thee while I live, and my soul ready for

Prayers. Thee when I die.

God be in my head and underTeach me, LORD, to submit standing. my desires to reason, my rea- God be in my eyes and in my son to faith, and my whole seeing. self to Thee.

GOD be in my mouth and in In all my ways I desire to

my speaking. acknowledge Thee: do Thou GOD be in my heart and in O LORD, direct my paths.

my thinking. LORD, command what Thou God be at my end and my depleasest, and let it be my parting. pleasure to do what Thou

Amen. commandest. O LORD, my GOD; call me,

LORD be Thou that I may come to Thee; fix Within to strengthen me; me, that I may not leave Without me, to keep me; Thee.

Above me, to guard me; LORD, teach me to trust Beneath me, to uphold me; Thy care, to be resigned to Before me, to guide me; Thy will, and to do Thy work. Behind me, to forward me;

May the will of God, which Round me, to defend me. is most high, most just, and most deserving of all love, be O my LORD God, grant me done, praised, and exalted for In my heart to desire Thee; over above all things ! Desiring Thee, to seek Thee;

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Seeking Thee, to find Thee ;

Hymns. Finding Thee, to love Thee ; | Shine on our souls, Eternal Loving Thee, to follow Thee.


With rays of beauty shine! LORD, let me ever Olet Thy favour crown our Run the race set before me, days, Walk in Thy ways,

And all their round bo Stand in Thy grace,

Sit at Thy feet,
Kneel in devotion,

Did we not raise our hands

to Thee, Fall down in adoration, and Lie down in Thy peace.

Our hands might toil in

vain; LORD, may I at last Small joy success itself could Sleep in Thee,

give, Wake up in Thy likeness, If Thou Thy love restrain. Rise by Thy power, and Reign in Thy glory,

With Thee let every week for JESUS CHRIST's sake. Amen

begin, With Thee each day be

spent; Blessed JESU! put

For Thee each fleeting hour Thy Innocence between my

improved, soul and my impurity :

Since each by Thee is lent. Thy Obedience between my soul and my iniquity:

Thus cheer us through this Thy Agony between my soul

desert road, and my impiety:

Till all our labours cease ; Thy Priesthood and Sacrifice And Heaven refresh our weary between my soul and my

souls guilt:

With everlasting peace. Thy Passion between my soul

Amen. and my punishment: Thy Intercession between my Pilgrim, are you heavy laden,

soul and my indevotion: Is your pathway dreary, Thy Kingdom and Conquest | Has the long and rugged road

between my soul and my Made you sad and weary?enemies.

Lean on JESUS, lean on JESUS, For what Thou didst and From your load He'll free what Thou sufferedst, O! my

you, dearest Saviour, O! my best To your toilsome journey’send of Masters, was done and

Safely He will see you. suffered in my stead, and for Do the winds blow bleak and my benefit. Amen.


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