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clad ones,

Singing still their hymn of Patience, patience, soon the

glory, As they round about Him To that holy land shall throng:

come, And the one amazed who And our weary wandering witnessed

footsteps That dread hour of agony,

Never more shall leave When the blood-sweat poured their home. from Him,

Jesus in Thy mercy grant us Prostrate in Gethsemane. Strength to conquer in the

strife, Those too who, at dawn of Then hereafter we shall hymn Easter,

Thee Rolled the heavy stone In those blissful realms of away,


A. J. B. As He rose, o'er death triumphant,

44.-SPIRITUAL COMMUOn the first bright Easter


You can make an Act of Stand around Himwith bright- Spiritual Communion at any

time, either at Church or at Who to men of Galilee, home, when you do not receive Spake and said, “as He had the Holy Communion. When left them,

you attend the Sacrament of So His coming back should the Altar, you may use this be.”

devotion instead of some of

those “After the ConsecraO for faith to pierce the veil tion,” which are given in the that

last Chapter:Hides Him from our long

LORD, I am not worthy that ing eyes,

Thou shouldest come under O for angels' wings to mount my roof; but speak the word up

only, and my soul shall be Far above

the starry | healed. skies;

LORD JESUS, I believe that There to see Him in His Thou art truly present in the glory,

Most Holy Sacrament. I adore There to worship at His Thee; I am sorry that I have Feet,

offended Thee, I love Thee. There to sing the song of Come to my soul ... +. triumph

and never, never leave me. There to know true bliss

Soul of CHRIST, sanctify me. complete.

Body of CHRIST, save me.

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Blood of CHRIST, gladden me. I of Communion is for “the Water out of the side of strengthening and refreshing" CHRIST, wash me.

of weak and sorrowful souls Passion of CHRIST, strengthen like yours. [See Church Cate

chism.] O good JEsus, hear me.

3. You don't know enough. Hide me within Thy wounds. But you are not asked to know Suffer me not to be separated a great deal. You are only from Thee.

asked to believe God's truth. From the malicious enemy If you have faith, you will very defend me;

soon learn all that is needed. At the hour of my death call 4. You have too many cares. me,

For this very reason you And bid me come unto Thee should come to Communion. That, with Thy Saints, I may The more the world drags praise Thee

you down, the more you need For ever and ever. Amen. God's help against it.

5. Some people go to Com45.-GOING TO COMMU- munion, and get no good by NION.

it. If they come unworthily, If you attend Church often, let this warn you to come and join in the Prayers of the worthily, and prepare yourself Communion Service, you will for receiving so great a blessdesire also to receive the Holy | ipg. Communion. Perhaps you 6. Your neighbours will have felt this longing, but scoff at you. Don't mind this. have never yet dared to come Pray for them and for yourto the altar. What keeps you self. It is better that your away? Examine yourself and neighbours should laugh at see what the reason is. No- you, than that God should thing ought to keep you away. mourn over you. The LORD For instance

JESUS asks you to confess 1. You are not fit to come

Him before men. to Communion. If you mean your cross, and follow Him. by this that you are living in 7. You are afraid of falling sin, then you are not fit. But, back after Communion. You remember this, you are not ought to fear this. But you fit to die.

ought also to fear keeping 2. You are not good enough. back now. Besides, you will If you mean that you are try- get help from GOD, if you ing to be good, and find it hard seek it; and, if you do God's to keep from sin, then you will in this one thing, He will ought to come. The blessing hear your prayers, when you

Take up

ask Him to help you in other ther, and of the Son, and of duties.

the Holy Ghost. Amen. 8. The Communion is a very Our Father. I believe. solemn thing. Yet, it is; for Help me, LORD, to call my the LORD JESUS, your Saviour, own ways to remembrance, is present in it. But you will and seriously think of the erhave to stand before Him rors of the past; that I may some day as your Judge. He enjoy the benefits of the Holy is now your Saviour, as kind Sacrament and the blessings and good as ever He was when of the Heavenly Feast. [See He walked on earth; and He Instructions and Devotions, says “Come unto Mé.”

Part II.] Believe it, there is danger Let Thy Holy Spirit so asin coming unworthily; but sist me, O most gracious Fathere is also danger in stay- | ther, that my preparation for ing away unworthily. JESUS the Blessed Sacrament may Christ has said, “ Except ye be earnest and devout. Let eat the flesh of the Son of Man, nothing take away my heart and drink His blood, ye havo from Thee, or change my reno life in you.” S. John vi. 53. solves. Let me so eat the

Flesh of CHRIST and drink 46.- HOW TO GO TO His Blood; that, when I go COMMUNION.

hence, I may be admitted to Do not go to Communion the Marriage Supper of the without preparation. Ask your Lamb; through the same clergyman to help you. Be | JESUS CIIRISTour LORD. Amen. very careful about your First [Add one or more of these Communion. Think of the Psalms-63, 65, 84, 85, 86.] great blessing you seek. “Prepare to meet thy God.”

During the Service you may You perhaps think that


some of the Devotions are too young to be a commu

given in Chapter 42. Before nicant. You are not too young, you go to the Altar say—LORD if you are old enough to sin, JESUS I adore Thee; I believe to repent of sin, and to desire that Thou art present in this help to keep from sin.

Sacrament; I hope in Thee; You should receive the Holy I love Thee; I desire to reCommunion, if possible, at an

ceive Thee, that I may feed early service, and before you

on Thee, and never be sepahave taken any food.

rated from Thee.

At the Altar say–Lord, I Devotions before Communion.

am not worthy that Thou In the Name of the + Fa-I shouldest come under my roof;


but speak the word only, and [Add Prayers from Chapter my soul shall be healed. 42 if you have time.]

When the Priest comes to you with the paten, open both

Grant, blessed God, that we your hands, and lay the right and all Thy servants, who hand on the left in the form have received this Holy Comof a cross. After the words munion may partake of all of the Priest, say—“ Amen.” | Its benefits. May wo be so When the Priest conies


saved from the wiles of Satan, with the chalice, drink a few and so confirmed in the ways drops, saying “Amen” as be- of godliness; that, being filled fore.

with Thy Holy Spirit, we may Go back to your place after in this life be made worthy a few moments, and kneel in members of Christ's Body, silent adoration.

and at last become heirs of

eternal life ; through the After Communion. merits and mediation of JESUS Thanks be unto God for Christ our Saviour. Amen. His unspeakable gift. O LORD, Almighty God, Who hast whom have I in heaven but united all Christians in one Thee, and there is none upon

Brotherhood by the Holy Saearth that I desire in com

crament of the Altar: Let me parison of Thee.

be partaker of the prayers of Soul of CHRIST. Chapter 44. all that this day receive the

Holy Communion in all parts Truest Bread, Good Shepherd, of the world; and let my

pravers for them be accepted Jesu, pity and befriend us;

by Thee; for JESUS CHRIST'S Feed our souls, from ill de

sake. Amen. fend us, Sight of all Thy Goodness | Jesu, the true Paschal Food,

By Thyself on Thine beIn the Land of Life and Light. stowed; Thou Who all things canst Miracle of mightiest love ! and knowest,

Living Bread of Heaven supWho on earth such Food be- port me, stowest,

So no earthly chance may Us, with Thy blest Saints, though lowest,

World, nor Flesh, nor Satan Where the Heavenly Feast

Thou shewest, Evermore in bliss unite.

Praised be the LORD for Amen.

Amen and Amen.

tend us,

send us,

hurt me,




Before Private Prayer.

Before Service at Church. Unto Thee lift I up mine As for


I will come into eyes, 0 Thou that dwellest in Thy House, even upon the the heavens. Unto Thee, o multitude of Thy mercy, and LORD, will I lift up my soul. in Thy fear will I worship

Breathe on me, O God, by | toward Thy Holy Temple. Thy Holy Spirit, tha the O LORD, hear the voice of breath of my spirit may now my humble petitions, when I please Thee; and that my cry unto Thee; when I hold prayers may come up as sweet up my hands toward the odours before Thee; through mercy-seat of Thy Holy TemJESUS CHRIST my Saviour. ple.

O LORD, open Thou my We wait for Thy loving lips that I may bless Thy kindness, O God, in the midst Holy Name; cleanse my heart of Thy Temple. from all vain, evil, and dis- LORD, save me from wantracting thoughts; enlighten dering thoughts and looks, my understanding and purify but chiefly from fixed lusts my will; that I may perform and habits of sin. this service with attention LORD, cleanse my heart and devotion; and that my and my lips, that I may be prayers and praises may be able to love and serve Thee heard in the Presence of Thy as I ought ; for JESUS CHRISTS glory. Amen.

sake. Amen. After Private Prayer.

After Service at Church. Pardon, O merciful GOD, LORD, hear my prayers, all the defects of my prayers ; accept my praises, pardon grant all that I have prayed my sins, teach me to do Thy for, and all that I ought to will, and give me Thy blesshave prayed for; and give ing; for JESUS CHRIST's sake. me a share in all the blessings Amen. granted unto the devotions of My soul, wait thou still Thy Holy Church; for JESUS upon God: for my hope is in CHRIST's sake. Amen.

Him. Amen.

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