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ginning with the words—“Ye | adoration and prayer. Do that ļo truly.” It tells us, in not lose these few precious few words, what we ought to minutes. Worship the LORD be when we come to receive | JESUS, Who comes to hear the Blessed Sacrament. Next you and to bless you. “Let come the Confession, Absolu- your requests be made known tion, and some words of com- unto GOD." fort from the Bible. Then, When the Priest begins the in preparation for the solemn LORD's Prayer say it after part of the Service which is him, praying earnestly for to follow, the Priest says to the “ daily bread ” which the the people, “Lift up your LORD gives to His people. hearts." After this, we find Then in the Prayer that folthe “Preface,” so called be- lows make an offering of yourcause it is an offering of praise self, with all you have and are, that comes before the Conse- | in union with the offering of cration. At the end of the CHRIST. The angels' hymn, Preface comes the angels' song “Glory be to God on high, spoken of in the Preface. All teaches you again to adore the people begin to join in your Saviour with all your this at the words “Holy, Holy, heart. Then with the blessing Holy.” The


" We do of God's peace you may go to not presume,” like the Con- your home with gladness and fession and other parts of the thankfulness. Do not go away Service, may be joined in by from Church, or even rise all who, at the time, are about from your knees, till the Priest to receive the Communion, or has left the altar. Think of intend soon to prepare them- | the Service in which you have selves for It.

joined. Thank God for all All that has been said so his benefits. Ask Him to far is only the preparation for forgive the defects of your that which is indeed the Di- | prayers, and to accept them vine Service I mean the for JESUS CHRIST's sake. CONSECRATION, in which the Priest speaks the words and

Devotions. performs the acts given by our Saviour Himself. When [All the Prayers in this the prayer is said, bow down Chapter may be used when you humbly and worship the are present at the Sacrament LORD—"seeing Him Who is of the Altar, whether you reinvisible.” During the Com- ceive the Holy Communion or munion of the Priest and of not. Also the Hymns in Chapthe people, there is time for ter 43.]

When you kneel down. When you offer your alms. In the Name of the + Fa- Blessed be Thou, O LORD ther, and of the Son, and of God; for all things come of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Thee, and of Thine own do Take away from us, O LORD,

we give Thee. we beseech Thee, all our sins, that we may be able to enter While the Bread and Wine with pure hearts into the Holy are offered on the Altar. of Holies.

In the spirit of humility O merciful LORD, incline and with contrite hearts may Thine ears to our prayers, we he accepted of Thee, O and enlighten our souls by LORD; and may our offering the grace of Thy Holy Spirit, be so made in Thy sight, that that we may worthily cele- it may be accepted of Thee, brate Thy Holy Mysteries, and may please Thee, O LORD and love Thee with an ever

our GOD. lasting love.

Wash me, LORD JESUS, in O GOD, Who in this wonder- | Thy Precious Blood, that I ful Sacrament hast left unto may stand before Thee in us a Memorial of Thy Pas- truth and purity all my days. sion: Grant to us, we beseech Thee, so to venerate the Sa- Before the Consecration. cred Mysteries of Thy Body Most merciful God, look and Blood that we may al- | graciously upon the gifts now ways feel in ourselves the lying before Thee, and send fruit of Thy Redemption ; down Thy Holy Spirit upon Who livest and reignest with this Sacrifice; that he may the Fatherand the Holy Ghost, make this Bread the Body of One God, world without end. Thy CHRIST, and this Cup the

Blood of Thy CHRIST.

Blessed is He that cometh Forth from the dark and in the Name of the LORD. stormy sky,

Hosanna in the highest. LORD, to Thine Altar's shade we ily:

After the Consecration. Forth from the world, its hope It is the LORD! LORD I and fear,

believe: help Thou mine unSaviour, we seek Thy shelter belief. LORD JESUS! have here:

mercy upon me. Weary and weak, Thy grace Hail Saving Victim, offered we pray;

for me and all mankind on Turn not, O LORD, Thy guests the Cross ! Hail Precious away.

Blood, flowing from the side


of my LORD JESUS CHRIST, and | Save me from all my sins. washing away the stains of Teach me to obey Thy Comall sins, new and old! Cleanse, mandments. 0 let me be sanctify, and keep my soul Thine, and do Thou, O my unto everlasting life. Amen. Saviour, be mine from hence

LORD, receive this sacrifice, forth and for ever. Grant which is offered as a memo- that nothing in life or death rial of our Saviour's Passion, may ever separate me from Resurrection, and Ascension. Thee any more.

In this one Grant that we may die with prayer hear me, O LORD; and Him to our sins, rise with in all things else do with me Him to a new life, and ascend as Thou wilt. with Him to Thee.

O Lamb of God, that takest Worthy is the Lamb that away the sins of the world, was slain. Blessing, and ho- have mercy upon us. nour, and glory, and power, O Lamb of God, that takest be unto Him that sitteth upon away the sins of the world, the throne and unto the Lamb have mercy upon us. for ever and ever.

O Lamb of God, that takest Help me to adore Thee, Sa- away the sins of the world,

grant us Thy peace. viour, God Unseen, Veiling now Thy glory under 0 Saving Victim, opening shadows mean.

wide Low before Thy Presence all The gate of heaven to man my soul is bowed,

below; As by faith I see Thee shrin'd | Our foes press on from every

within the cloud. Shepherd of the faithful, say- Thine Aid supply, Thy ing “It is I,”

Strength bestow.
Bid my faith more simply on
Thy word rely.

We pray Thee, help Thy

servants, whom Thou hast reLORD JESUS, I adore Thee deemed with Thy Precious present in this Holy Sacra- Blood. Make them to be ment. I believe that Thou numbered with Thy saints in art here. All my hope is in glory everlasting. Thee. I desire to love Thee We commend unto Thy with my whole heart. Come mercy, O LORD, all Thy serto me, and help me. Feed vants, who are gone before us me, for I am hungry. Strength- with the sign of faith, and en me, for I am weak. Heal now rest in the sleep of peace; me, for I am sick. Give me especially-Grant unto them, life, that I may never die. we beseech Thee, a place of

side :

refreshment, light, and peace. Saviour, LORD, speak the

Our Father [Say the Lord's word,

By Thy death release me.
At Thy Cross behold me ly-


Make my soul throughly All hail Redeemer of man


By Thy Blood's applying.
Thy life on Calvary resigned
Did fully once for all atone;

Hear me, LORD, my sins conThy Blood hath paid our ut

fessing ; most price,

Now relieve, Saviour give;-Thine all-sufficient Sacrifice Give me now Thy Blessing.

Remains eternally alone. Still my cruel sins oppress me; Angels and men might strive

Tied and bound, till the in vain,

sound They could not add the small- | Of Thy voice release me. est grain

Call me out of condemnation ; T'augment Thy death's

To my grave come and save; atoning power ;

Save me by Thy Passion. Thy Sacrifice is all complete, The death Thou never canst To Thy foul and helpless repeat,

creature Once offered up to die no

Come and cleanse all my

Come and change my nature. Yet may we celebrate below, And daily thus Thine Offer- Save me now and still deliver;

Enter in, cast out sin, Exposed before Thy Fa- Keep Thine house for ever.

ther's eyes! In this Tremendous Mystery Present Thee bleeding on the With all the powers my poor Tree

soul hath, Our Everlasting Sacrifice. Of humble love and loyal faith

Thus low, my God! I bow to

Thee, By the picture of Thy Passion Whom so much love bow'd Still in pain I remain

low for me. Waiting for salvation.

Be still, vain thoughts of How Jesu, let Thy sufferings ease and Why,

And all adore faith's mystery:



ing show

me ;


Faith is my skill, faith can Jesus is the Lamb they worbelieve

ship, As fast as Love new laws can Jesus is the Name they give.


All His pain and woe are Faith is my eye, faith strength

over, affords

All the shame and bitterTo keep pace with those

ness; powerful words:

Henceforth He in glory reignAnd words more sure, more

eth, sweet than they,

King of might and rightLove could not think, Truth

could not say. O dear Memorial of that death, Though our eyes no longer Which still survives, and gives

see Him, us breath!

Still for us He intercedes, Live ever, Bread of Life, and And His Sacrifice prevailing be

Ever with the Father pleads. My food, my joy, my all to me.

And He longs to bring us all

to Come, glorious LORD! my

That dear land of peace hopes increase,

and love, And fill my portion in Thy Ever, ever to be with Him peace:

In His palace bright above. Come, hidden life; and that long day

Angels there are gathered For which I languish, come round Him away:

In their nine-fold choirs

they stand; When this dry soul those eyes He the light, the joy, the

beauty And drink the unsealed source

Of their ever-glorious band. of Thee !

Gabrielis among their number When glory's sun faith's shade Who the glorious message shall chase,

brought And for Thy veil give me Thy of the Saviour's Incarnation face.

When that miracle


shall see,


JESUS treads the floor of

JESUS reigns the angels'


There are angels who at

Filled the air with sweetest


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