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Prayer—the LORD's Prayer- 7. The Liturgy ; because and told us,

“when we pray,” it is the Service that God gave, to use it. So, as He also gave and in which His Priests us one Service, we may be sure minister. Acts xiii. 2. that " when meet in It is offered chiefly for four Church to worship God, we ends :must put that Service in the 1. For the honour and glory highest place. 1 Cor. xi. 18, 20. of God.

The Divine Service has 2. As an offering of thanks many names :

and praise to God for what 1. The Sacrament of the He gives us. Altar; because of the place 3. For getting pardon of where It is celebrated. Heb. sin from GOD. xiii. 10.

4. For seeking help and 2. The Sacrament of the blessing through JESUS Body and Blood of CHRIST ; | CHRIST. because of the Presence of our You ought to attend the Saviour's Body and Blood on Church Services often : you the Altar in this Service. 1 must, if be a Christian, attend Cor. xi. 27.

the Divine Service as often as 3. The Eucharist; because you can. You cannot put any it is an offering of thanks and ordinance of man above the praise to God. This word is ordinance of God, which He applied to the service in the appointed for constant use in Bible. 1 Cor. xiv. 16. 1 S. His Church. Don't put the Tim. ii. 1.

Church above the Saviour : 4. The Mass; either because if you do this, you sin very of the words with which the much, and must pray for parpeople are in some countries don. You must not choose sent away at the end of the the service you like best, or service, or because It is the go to Church at the time that Christian Sacrifice. This is most convenient. Your word is in such names duty is to ask when the DiChristmas Candlemas, and vine Service is used and to Lammas. 1 Cor. xi. 26. attend It. After you have

5. The Lord's Supper; be- done this, you may go to the cause in It we eat the Flesh Church Services, if you can. of CHRIST, and drink His Blood.

40.—THE REAL PRES6. The Holy Communion;

ENCE. because in it we are made one All the names given by the with Christ, and CHRIST with Church to the Divine Service, 1 Cor. x, 16.


and mentioned in the last


chapter, may be used by Chris-, words just as they stand, and tian people. Indeed, the best try to believe them. way is to keep them all in mind; It will not be hard for us for each of them tells us some- to believe what God says, if thing about the doctrine of the we think of His power and Service. They do not teach us His goodness. He Who gave different doctrines, but diffe- His Son to die for us can give rent parts of the same doc- | Him to be our Food. GọD trine. There is one great fed His people in the wilderdoctrine of this Sacrament ness with bread from heaven, which is taught us, more or Exod. xiv. 4; and Jesus says less, by all the seven names. that He is “the true bread That doctrine is the truth of from heaven.” S. John vi. the Real Presence of the LORD | 32. The Lord's Prayer teachJesus in the Sacrament. Let es us to pray for daily bread; me show you how needful it and the LORD says, “ The it is to hold this truth firmly. bread that I will give is My

It is the Presence of our Flesh, which I will give for Saviour on earth that saves the life of the world.” S. us—“CHRIST JESUS came into John vi. 51. Even the devil the world to save sinners.” | believed that JESUS could turn 1 S. Tim. i. 15. It is true, stones into bread; and Chrisfor God tells us, that JESUS tian people cannot doubt that CHRIST was made man-that He can give His Body under He was an infant, a child, a the form of bread. JESUS, youth, a man of sorrows. But Who changed water into wine we ask, Is JESUS present with -S. John ii.--can give His us now? He is gone into Blood under the form of wine. Heaven, and will come again. We must not wait for our eyes In the meantime is He present to tell us that Jesus is prezent; or absent ?

for “we walk by faith, not by The Lord Himself has told | sight." 2 Cor. v. 7. And if us the truth. You will find we ask how we are to walk what He says about it in S. | by faith in this case, we learn Matt. xxvi. 26-28; S. Mark from S. Paul that “faith comxiv. 22-24; S. Luke xxii. 19, eth by hearing, and hearing 20; and 1 Cor. xi. 23-25. by the word of God.” Rom. JESUS took bread and blessed x. 17. It is no matter what it, and brake it, and said of it, we see: we are to believe what THIS IS MY BODY. He took we hear; and Jesus, the Word wine and blessed it, and said of God, says of the Bread and of it. This is My BLOOD. We | Wine- This is My Bodymust take these precious This is My BLOOD.


There are two things about of Jesus, spoken by His Priests the Real Presence that we in the Consecration Prayer, must be sure to believe :- can“ bring CHRIST down from

1. It is the LORD JESUS above.” Rom. x. 6. It is not, CHRIST Himself that comes to then, a matter of feeling or of us in the Sacrament of the fancy. We do not feel God's Altar. He comes to us in influence in the Blessed SaHis two natures, both God crament. We do not make and Man. For you know that Him Present by our faith. our Blessed Saviour has not We believe that He is Present. cast off His Human Body, but is still and for ever both God and Man-GOD as He was

41.-SACRIFICE. from the beginning in His There is only one true and glory-Man with His glorified perfect Sacrifice—the offering Body. JESUS, the Son of God, of our LORD JESUS CHRIST on came once from heaven and the Cross to take away our was made man; JESUS, the sins. The sacrifices under Son of Man, went up to hea- the Law only showed forth ven; Jesus, God and Man, that one sacrifice, till JESUS comes down now to the altars

Now, in the Sacraof His Church.

ment of the Altar we “shew 2. The LORD JESUS is really the LORD's death till He come” present in the Sacrament of again. 1 Cor. xi. 26. the Altar. It is not that you Our Christian Sacrifice is think He is present with you, not like the Jewish sacrifices. or feel that Divine Presence. Under the Law " the blood of It is not fancy, but truth. As bulls and goats” was offered; JESUS once “came unto His but now we have the offering own, and His own received of “the Precious Blood of Him not,”—S. John i. 11, - 80 CHRIST, as of a Lamb, withHe comes now to the worthy out blemish and without spot.” and the unworthy. JESUS | 1 S. Peter i. 19. For JESUS was Present to “the disciple said, “The bread that I will whom JESUS loved and to give is My Flesh;” and gives " the traitor.” Our faith does us, at the Altar, His Body, not make Jesus Present : our “ broken ” and His Blood unbelief does not make JESUS “ shed.” Absent. Man is nothing and When you think of the can do nothing. God is the Christian Sacrifice, keep these only worker. God only can two things in mind :make God Present anywhere. 1. There is only one High Nothing but the mighty words Priest. The Jewish Priesthood is gone.

The LORD ed continually in Heaven and JESUS CHRIST is our great earth to save our souls. High Priest, after the order “ We have an altarfor of Melchisedeck. He brings sacrifice, and are “partakers forth Bread and Wine for us. of the LORD's table.Heb. Heb. iv. 14, v. 10; Gen. xiv. xiii. 10; 1 Cor. x. 21. Either 18. The Priests, that He has word will do. All Christians sent out, do nothing of them- are sacrificing priests; for selves. They only do what they join in the sacrifice which the High Priest told them. the appointed priests offer in S. Luke xxii. 19.

the Name of the High Priest. 2. There is only one Sacri- | 1 S. Peter ii. 5; 1 Cor. x. 16. fice. All the Jewish sacrifices are gone. The LORD 42.-COMPANION TO THE JESUS CHRIST offered one

ALTAR. Sacrifice on the Cross, and Communion in the Prayers. there can be no other. Be- The last three Chapters set sides, that one sacrifice can before


you must do never be repeated. It can to get the benefits of the Saonly be pleaded and applied crament of the Altar. in the way God appoints. 1. It is, you see. the Divine

In one way the LORD JESUS Service; that is, it is appointed offered Himself to GOD all by God. So you must attend His life on earth; in another ! this service. way, when He

brought 2. The LORD JESUS CHRIST forth Bread and Wine;" in is present in It; so you must another way, when He was "come before His Presence" crucified. This one offering as often as you can. Ps. xcv. 2. is now applied in two ways- 3. It is the Christian SacriJesus pleads His sacrifice for fice--the Service by which us in Heaven, by “ appearing we join on earth in the work in the presence of God for us,' of CHRIST in Heaven, and Heb. ix. 24; Jesus pleads plead for all the benefits of His sacrifice for us on earth, our Saviour's death. So yon when He “appears” on the must with all your heart join in altars of His Church.

the service when you come to it. You see, then, what the For all these reasons ChrisChristian Sacrifice means. tians take delight in decoraJESUS is our one High Priest: ting the Altar with its ornatherefore He has Priests to ments, and doing all they can serve under Him on earth. to show their faith and love. The one Sacrifice of the Cross JESUS lay in a manger once : is perfect: therefore it is plead- let Him have a throne now.


Even if you have not yet | truth from one of God's mireceived the Holy Communion, nisters. Before the Sermon you may attend the service notices are given out, and the and have Communion in the people are told of the Feasts Prayers. Don't give up the and Fasts. smaller blessing because you

After the Sermon the peocannot yet claim the greater. ple make offerings to God of You cannot learn to come to money—“They shall not apJESUS by staying away from pear before the LORD empty.” Him. As a baptized Christian Deut. xvi. 16. All Christians you have a right to attend should offer what they can to this service. Use what you God. But, if you have no have well, and God will give money, you can join equally you more: “He that hath, to with other people in the him shall be given.” S. Dlark greater offering. The money iv, 25.

is given to God on the Altar;

but the offering that God reThe Communion Service.

quires is the Bread and Wine, The LORD's Service begins which are, at this part of the with the LORD's Prayer and Service, presented on the a short Collect. Then the Altar by the Priest, as the Priest reads the Ten Com- Church orders. The Prayer mandments; the people nine for the Church is then read. times pray for mercy and In it we ask God to accept grace, and after the Tenth our alms and offerings, that Commandment, beseech God is, the money and the Bread to write all His laws in their and Wine. Then, in the same hearts. The Collect for the prayer, we ask blessings for Church and Queen comes all set over God's people in next. Then you turn to the the Church and State, and Collect for the Day. After it for all the people of GOD. the Epistle is read. The You will find that three Holy Gospel, which comes long exhortations follow here. next, has in it some of our The first of them will help Saviour's words or tells us of you to prepare for receiving Him, so all stand up when it the Communion; the second is read. In the Creed we have shows you the great need of the faith of the Gospel in the receiving It; and the third words of the Church; and in the great danger of coming the Sermon, when there is unprepared. These exhortaone, we have some teaching tions are sometimes used on the Gospel, or the Creed, during the Service. Then folor some other part of the lows a short exhortation be

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