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I had none to save me,

Come, with Thine own meekNothing of my own,

ness, Till Thy promise gave me Quieting my life. Hope in Thee alone.

When I faint in sorrow, I am lost without Thee; Bring Thy comfort near; Sin's unhappy slave;

When I dread the morrow, May I never doubt Thee, Come with hope to cheer, JESU, strong to save.

Faithful Shepherd feed me May I see Thee bleeding

In the pastures green, On the shameful tree, Faithful Shepherd, lead me And in heaven pleading Where Thy steps are seen. What Thou didst for me.

Hold me fast, and guide me All my past misdoing

In the narrow way, Teach me to confess So, with Thee beside me, When for mercy suing,

I shall never stray. Give me lowliness.

Daily bring me nearer See me humbly kneeling; To the Heavenly shore ;

Thou canst make me whole, May Thy love grow dearer, Bring Thy strength and healing May I love Thee more. To my weary soul.

Hallow every pleasure, Cleanse the evil, staining Sanctify my pain,

Life,and thought, and heart; | Be Thyself my Treasure, Leave no spot remaining Though none else I gain. In my inmost part.

Give me joy or sadness; May I see Thee bending

This be all my care, O'er me from above, That eternal gladness And the Spirit sending

I with Thee may share. With Thy gifts of love.

Day by day prepare me, May I bow before Thee

As Thou seest best, With a holy fear,

Then let angels bear me
And in love adore Thee

To Thy promised rest.
As my Saviour dear.

When the world is failing In each sore temptation

From my mortal sight, Turn my heart to Thee; Lift the shadows veiling Be my strong salvation, Worlds more pure and Be my purity.

bright. Be my strength in weakness, When the world for ever Be my peace in strife

Is no more to me,

Bring me where I never My Father, I have learned

Shall depart from Thee. that only Thou Oh! the joy of winning

Canst help me from Thy

store of love divine. This reward at last; All my dread of sinning, Thou art my only hope : I All my mourning past !

have no claim By Thy Cross and dying,

Upon Thy mercy; I am so

defiled : Jesu, hear my prayer ; But I will dare to call Theo Daily grace supplying,

by Thy Name; Bring me safely there.

T. B. P.

I am a prodigal, but still

Thy child. How can I seek Thy Presence, My Father, I have sinned, and O my God?

now I lie How can I hope that Thou In bitter shame, and all my wilt pardon me?

sin deplore; Thou knowest all the paths of I only long to serve Thee till sin I trod,

I die, In my long wandering away

And never leave Thee, from Thee.

never pain Thee more. How can I meet Thine eye, I know Thy love will follow how can I dare

to the last With my unworthy lips to Thy children who have wan. speak Thy Name ?

dered far away. How can I hope Thy love | Thy love has taught me now again to share.

to hate the past, All covered as I am with And in my shame it teaches guilt and shame?

me to pray. I was Thy child, Thou madest My Father, for the sake of me Thine own,

Him Who diedThe holy sign was marked Pardon me-wash me clean upon my brow;

from guilty stain, By daily gifts Thy love to me And let me never wander was shewn;

from Thy side, Is there a hope that Thou Or fail in faithfulness and dost love me now?

love again.

T.B. P. I am in want, I have spent

all, and now, Those wasted years can Before the door of every heart

never more be mine : Oppressed with sin and care,


A loving Saviour stands and | Holy JESU! I have crowned knocks,

Thee Entreating entrance there. With a crown of piercing So many days and nights have And have stood with those

thorn, passed,

around Thee, So many years have gone,

Who have loaded Thee with And yet He patient lingers

there, And gently knocketh on. Oh! how oft with sin I've

scourged Thee. The frost has chilled those

Buffeted Thy sacred face ! bleeding wounds,

Up dark Calvary's hill I've That tell us of His Love,

urged Thee All borne that we might dwell

To Thy death of deep diswith Him

grace. In happy homes above.

I have nailed Thee, faint and How weary are those tender

bleeding, feet,

To the tree, the shameful How sad that loving face, How numbed those hands that All Thy pangs and woes un

tree, long to clasp Us in a fond embrace !


Pitying not Thy misery. O heart of mine, and can't I have made the blood flow thou bid

streaming Thy loving Saviour wait

From Thy sacred hands Mid winter's cold and frost

and feet; and snow,

Not one act of love redeeming Still knocking at thy gate?

All my cruelty complete. O open wide the door to Him, JEsu! grant me true contriA lodging sweet prepare ;

tion When others drive Him from

For these bitter sins of their hearts,

mine; Let Him find refuge there.

Tears that know no intermisO joy of joys, 0 Heaven on sion, earth

Penitence, and grace divine. When Jesus fills the heart, Give me, LORD, Thine absoO happiness that knows no

lution bounds, O bliss that knows no smart! And the stedfast resolution

From the sins I now abhor, A.J.B. Never to offend Thee more, of the weary,

By Thy Cross, Thy bitter Pas- | Light where the path is shasion,

dowed and dreary, By Thy suff'rings all for me, Friend of the hearts that By Thy great, Thy sweet com

in loneliness pine; passion,

Help of the poor, and strength Hear, O LORD, my Litany.

A. J. B. Where is the love that is

like to Thine !

LORD, Thou dost love us, for Saviour most loving, bending before Thee,

Thy love sought us Sinful and mourning, Thy

When we were wandering

in deserts alone; mercy we crave; Leave us not hopeless, LORD LORD, Thou dost love us, for

Thy blood bought us, we implore Thee, Thou hast redeemed us, O

And Thou wilt never forget

Thine own. hear and save. Fountain, where sinners find LORD, we would trust Theo, ever flowing

doubting Thee never ;

Help us in faith on Thy Streams that wash all their defilement away;

Word to recline: To those pure waters thank- LORD, we would love Thee ;

keep us for ever fully going,

Near to that tenderest heart We would for mercy and

of Thine. cleansing pray. Gentle physician, mortal ills LORD, we would follow where

Thou dost call us, healing,

Patient in sorrow and vaBending in love o’er each

liant in fight; sin-stricken soul; Come, all Thy care and good- May we be true whatever

ness revealing, Strengthen our weakness

Journeying on to the land

of light. and make us whole.

There, LORD, with gladness Shepherd most careful, warn us when straying,

laying before Thee

Each heavy cross we have Guide us in paths where

carried so long; Thine own feet have trod; Led by Thy call, Thy dear Crowned with Thy blessing

we shall adore Thee, voice obeying,

Singing for ever the triBring us in peace to the

umph song. fold of GOD.

T. B. P.

befall us,


“Arise, O LORD God, into Thy Resting-place.”—2 Chronicles vi. 41.

39.—GOING TO CHURCH., GOD--“Not forsaking the

Many people think that assembling of ourselves tothey need not go to Church. gether, as the manner of some They sit at home, and per- is.Heb. x. 25. Is that your haps read a little in their

manner? Bibles. This, they tell us, is Church Services. all that God asks from them.

You will find the Services This is a great sin. For, of the Church in your Prayer you know, we are not saved Book. Morning Prayer or by going straight to God the Mattins, Litany, and Evening Father. JESUS CHRIST says, Prayer or Evensong, are the “No man cometh unto the chief services that are in conFather, but by Me." We

stant use. Most of the Prayers must come to JESUS, or we

and portions of Holy Scripneed not try to come at all.

ture in them have been in the And JESUS has told us how Church Services for many to come to Him. We “must hundred years. It is a very be born again ” of water and good thing for you to go to of the Spirit. It is only as Church and join in the prayers, members of His Church that

as often as you can—and that the LORD JESUS CHRIST re

not on Sundays only, but on ceives us. When we are bap- week-days too. Take care to tized into the Church of join in the service with your CHRIST, then CHRIST owns us

heart and your lips. [Prayers as His people. It is very plain before and after Service, p. 80.] that we must act like members of CHRIST's Church, or

Divine Service. we lose the blessings we have Only one of the Services got by being born into it. used at Church has God as Even though there were no its author, and is in this sense special blessings to be got at Divine. The Sacrament of Church, we would lose our the Altar was ordained by the place in the Church of CHRIST, LORD JESUS CHRIST Himself. if we never came to claim it. He did not appoint any other Keep in mind those words of Service.

He gave us

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