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VIII. Stealing, cheating, good name of anyone whom receiving and keeping what you have slandered-flattery, was stolen-buying and sell- pretended friendship, and ing unfairly_taking part in backbiting. theft, fraud, and injustice; or

X. Discontent-complainwishing to do so—wasting or ing of your lot in life-peeinjuring what belongs to vishness-longing for riches, others-wasting your employ- rank, or honour that others er's time, and doing your work have— jealousy and envybadly-following an unlawful not trying to do your best trade, or trading unlawfully where God has placed you, because others do so—buying depending on others when you things without intending to ought to learn and labour to pay—carelessness in business get your own living-not giv

breaking promises and ing what you can to GOD, and agreements — helping others to His poor, for the benefit of to do anything dishonest - the souls and bodies of men, letting others take what is in for CHRIST's sake-stinginess your charge—not giving back -not denying your desires what you have got dishonest- and will: not keeping under ly to the person wronged. or your body: not trying to to his heirs, or to the poor- make God's will the rule of not making amends, as far as you can, for any wrong done to any other not paying ! 30.-SELF-EXAMINATION. taxes.

It is not enough to say that IX. Lies—the habit of add- you are a sinner like other ing to a story-making care-people. Everybody will conless statements-false witness fess this. GOD asks you, -speaking of the faults and “What is this that thou hast defects of others without done?” Gen. iii. 13. cause, and with pleasure You are to examine yourtalking too much-gossipping self and not others. • Every -telling tales and secrets- one of us shall give account being glad to think, hear, or of himself to God.Rom. xiv. speak evil of others - rash 12. Don't think of other men's judgments-false promises, sins. Seek cleansing for your speaking so as to lead people own soul. to think that you know evil You ought not to put off of anyone—helping others to this duty; for delay speak against their neigh- 1. Strengthens evil habits, bours by guessing and asking and weakens your power of questions—not restoring the resisting them.

your life.


my sin.”

2. Shuts by degrees the You may go on to think of dooi of God's mercy.

the places and company you You cannot examine your- have been in-your amuseself without God's help. “The ments and work-your waste way of the wicked is as dark- of money, time, and talentsness: they know not at what your temptations and sins in they stumble.” “ There is a hearing, seeing, knowing, way which seemeth right unto thinking, desiring, speaking, a man, but the end thereof enjoying, keeping in mind are the ways of death." Prov. anything against the law of iv. 19; xiv. 12.

GOD. Begin your self-examina- Some sins need to be caretion by saying this prayer: fully weighed

“How many are mine ini- 1. The person, that is, yourquities and sins ? Make me self who offended; also those to know my transgression and with whom, and against whom

Try me, O God, you offended. and seek the ground of my 2. The matter in or about heart: prove me and examine which you sinned. my thoughts. Look well if 3. The length of time the there be any way of wicked- sin was continued. ness in me, and lead me in the 4. The nature of the place. way everlasting. Job. xiii. 5. The end aimed at. 23; Ps. cxxxix. 23, 24.

6. The means used. Then think of yourself as

7. The number of your rea child of God, and of your lapses. wickedness in following the 8. The injury done by the temptations of the world—the sin, in the way of damage, or flesh—and the devil-sinning scandal, or bad example. against GOD—your neighbour Ask these questions: -and yourself—in thought, Who else? What? Where ? word—and deed - Think

How long ? not only of mortal sins—but Why? How? What times ? also of venial sins—. Try to

What wrong? find out your worst and most easily - besetting sins - also

Sorrow for Sin. whether you have helped any It is not enough to count other to sin — Notice in each up your sins. You will be case how far you sinned truly sorry for sin, if you through ignorance--weakness think seriously about it. For -or wilfulness— Chapters by your sins you have28 and 29 will help you so far

1. Offended against your in your work.

Father in Heaven.

2. Slighted the work and good works underthe guidance renewed the sufferings of of the Holy Spirit. RegeneraJESUS CHRIST your Saviour. tion comes once and in a mo

3. Grieved or quenched the ment: Conversion need not Holy Spirit.

have any definite beginning, 4. Made the devil and his may begin more than once, and angels glad.

is the work of a life-time. 5. Made the good angels We die unto sin once: we sorry.

kill sin every day, God calls 6. Lost the happiness of upon all of us to repent, that heaven.

is to forsake sin. “Godly 7. Deserved the misery of sorrow worketh repentance to hell.

salvation."-2 Cor. vii. 9-11. 8. Given scandal to the Church. 9. Helped and encouraged

31.-CONFESSION. the wicked.

Sin is the soul's disease. If 10. Forsaken the way of you examine yourself, you will peace.

see how great your sin has Do not trust in your own been, and how sick your soul feelings, or expect to be saved is. by them. Do not vex your- When people feel a little self about the degree of your sick, they try to cure them

But pray to God to selves. To do this they take help you to be sorry for sin some medicine that has done as committed against Him, them good before, and so may Who has been a kind, mer- get relief. But when they find ciful Father to you. For this themselves very sick, and are is contrition or “godly sor- afraid that they may die in row.” It ought to

their sickness, then they send 1. Come from God as its at once for the doctor. When Author.

he comes, they tell him just 2. Take in all your sins.

how they feel. He looks at 3. Make you hate sin above them, and tries to find out all all things.

that is wrong. He asks ques

tions abont what they have Turning from Sin.

been doing, and how they are. Do not confound Regener- And then he does his best to ation and Conversion. Re- find out the right medicine generation is God's gift of the to give them, tells them how new birth in Holy Baptism, they are to take it, and what without works; Conversion is they are to do in order that your turning away from sin to 'they may get well again.


How quickly people send | and helps us. We read in the for the doctor when they feel Bible that He has left His really ill! How eagerly they ministers in the world to heal take his medicines, and follow His people with the medicine his advice! How frightened which He has given to them., people would be, if they knew He “ hath given to us the that there was a dreadful di- ministry of reconciliation.” sease attacking themselves, | 2 Cor. v. 18. So, if you feel and every body round them, yourself to be a great sinner; and that there were no doc- if you want help to examine tors to visit the sick!

yourself ; if you want to know If you really feel your sin what your sickness is, and to be a dangerous disease, you how you may be healed-in will be anxious to see doc- this case don't let these good tor. I am glad to tell you that thoughts leave you, but go to there is one very near you. some clergyman, and ask his Our Saviour JESUS CHRist is j advice. When you go, take the Physician of the Soul. care that you do not deceive He is your only hope. His him, but tell him all that is Blood alone cleanseth from all on your mind. Go to the sin. In it you may wash, and clergyman just as you would be clean. He said "Him that go to the doctor-I mean, try cometh unto Me, I will in no to let him know what is wrong wise cast out.” You must with you, being sure that you keep this truth in your heart tell the worst part of your

that you are not saved by disease. He will teach you any feelings of your own, but how to make a good Confesby the medicine that is sion. given to heal you. If, then, you penitently confess your sin to God, humbly asking to

32.--ABSOLUTION. be forgiven for Christ's sake; Good advice is all very well and if you pray to be guided in its place, but it is not mediby God's Holy Spirit in lead- cine. When people only fancy ing a new life, your prayer themselves ill, it may be will be heard. No priest on enough for the doctor to go earth can do you any good, and cheer them up, speaking and no prayers of your own comfortable words; and telling can be of any use, except all them that they are not so bad be done in the Name of the as they thought, but that, by LORD JESUS.

taking care of themselves, Our Saviour is gone into they will soon be quite well Heaven, but He still hears again. Or, when people are


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only delicate and weak, it | 33.-GOING TO CONFESmay be enough even in this

SION. case for a doctor to give them Many people in these days good advice as to food, exer- wish very much to go to Concise, and such things, telling fession, and to receive Absothem how to guard against lution; but they cannot quite diseases that threaten. But make up their minds to do so. when people are really ill and Two things, for the most part, in danger, the doctor perhaps keep them back. They don't does not talk so much, but he like Confession, and they don't does far more. He knows know the value of Absolution. that good advice won't cure A few words on each of these his patient, so he applies the points may be of use to you. proper remedies.

I. You don't like ConfesJust so is it with your soul sion. But, before you make and its disease. If you only up your mind against it, think fancied yourself a sinner, or of these thingswere only in danger of falling 1. GOD told the Jews to into sin for the first time, it confess to their Priests. Lev. might do for the clergyman v. 5. Numb. v. 6, 7. to give you good advice, shew- 2. When our LORD sent ing you how to take comfort His ministers to remit and and rejoice in God's love to retain sins, He did not mean you. But sin, you know, is that they should do this unnot a mere fancy: it is a very justly or carelessly, without dreadful and a very real thing. knowing the sins of the people, So the physician of the soul S. John xx. 23. does more than comfort you. 3. The Prayer Book, in the He points you to the fountain first Exhortation to Holy Comopen for sin, and tells you of munion tells the people to the Precious Blood of JESUS. “open their grief” to their He urges you to come to JESUS own Priest, or to some other, and wash away all your stains. as often as they “cannot quiet He tells you also of a way by their own conscience.” Have which you may have that you up to this time, perhaps Blood applied to your soul. | for many years after your As you were washed from Confirmation, not gone to your sins in Holy Baptism, Holy Communion ? Then you may be washed again by your conscience cannot safely the Absolution spoken to you be quiet; and when by God's in God's Name by His Priest. grace you are “grieved and But I shall say more to you wearied with the burden of about this in the next Chapter. ' your sins,” you should "open

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