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“My people hath been lost sheep-they have forgotten their Resting-place."-Jeremiah 1, 6.



as they are born.”Ps. lviii. SIN is the worst thing in 3. There is none that doeth the world. There are two good, no not one."--Ps. xiv. 2. kinds of sin-the sin of our No man is free from sin. “In birth and the sin of our life. many things we offend all.”_

1. The sin of our birth S. James iii. 2. comes to us from our first Three great enemies lead father Adam. God made man us into sin--the devil, the pure and good like Himself. world, and the flesh. But Adam fell into sin, and all 1. The devil led our first his children are sinners too. parents astray; and he now Every child is born in sin, and goes about to devour us. We must be born again of water have to fight against the devil and of the Spirit. The sin and his angels. of our birth is taken away by 2. The world is against us our new birth in Holy Bap- too. It leads us wrong by its tism. When we are baptized, follies and vanities. Bad peowe are made members of the ple in the world want to make Church, which is the Body of God's people as bad as they CHRIST, the Second Adam. are. Everyone has trials of This makes us children of this kind. GOD, and heirs of heaven. 3. Worst of all, the flesh is

2.--The second kind of sin against us. The devil and is the sin of our life. The his angels go about to kill us, sin of our birth is taken away and come to us with their by our second birth, but its temptations. Bad people seem mark is on us still. Though nearer to us than the devil: we are made Christians, our the world is around us always, bodies are weak, and we must and it is not easy to escape it. die like other men. Our souls But the greatest danger is are weak too; and they will within us. We all have evil die. again, if God's grace does hearts. So, when God's Holy not keep them in life. Sin is Spirit would make us pure, the sickness that kills the the flesh, our evil nature, soul. Men go astray“as soon works against Him. Our sin



ful desires are very strong,

There is another way of and it is hard to keep them marking our sins. Some peodown.

ple think that they will be We sin in three waysin saved, because they do nobody thought, word, and deed. any harm. But this is not

1. A bad thought is one enough. You must let GOD that brings to our mind a thing guide your thoughts, words, which it would be wrong to and actions. You must "cease say or do. If you drive away to do evil,” but you must also the thought as soon as you learn to do well." You sinknow it to be sinful, you do 1. When you think, say, or not stain your soul, but gain do anything wrong. a victory. When a bad thought 2. When you are slow in comes back again and again, I thinking, saying, or doing anybut you fight against it each thing right. time till you beat it back and You see now that it is a sin get rid of it, then you gain not to do your duty. a far greater victory. It is You ought to try to do all wrong to dwell on a bad parts of your duty tothought as if listening to it, 1. GOD. 2. Your neighbour. to take any kind of pleasure 3. Yourself. in it, or to be slow in driving There is one thing that it away, even though you do ought to be kept in mind alnot let it stay long. And, ways—the great evil of sin. when you give consent to the 1. Every little venial sin, thought of sin, or carry it out no matter how small you may in word or deed, your sin is think it, does you great harm, then greater than before. You It spoils the good work of GOD must guard your heart. Wrong in you. It stains and weakens thoughts lead to wrong words your soul. and deeds.

2. If you do not take care, 2. It is very hard to keep venial sins will lead to mortal from saying what is wrong. sins -I mean, you will be Most people talk a great deal tempted to sin wilfully against too much. And when the God in greater things; and heart is full of sin, the lips will be led to wicked deeds will shew it.

that will take away the life of 3. Wrong acts come from your soul. If you grieve the wrong thoughts and words. Holy Spirit, He may leave When we have sinned with you. If God's grace and help our hearts or our tongue, we are lost on account of your make our guilt far worse by sins, then your soul must die. going on to do what is wicked. The sins called mortal or

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deadly, with the virtues most 9. Saying or doing anything unlike them, are these :- to excite others to sin. Deadly Sins. Opposite Virtues. Above all things take care 1. Pride. 1. Humility.

to avoid, as far as you can, all 2. Covetousness. 2. Liberality. persons, places, and occasions 3. Lust. 3. Chastity. that are likely to lead you 4. Anger. 4. Meekness. into sin. Many people, who 5. Gluttony. 5. Temperance are afraid to sin, take pleasure 6. Envy. 6. Charity.

in going near sin. Then they 7, Sloth. 7. Diligence.

excuse themselves by saying The chief thing you have that the temptation was too to do is to try to find out the strong. Beware of this. “GOD sins that most beset you. Most is not mocked." Read Psalm I. likely your worst sin is one of the seven deadly sins. You

29.-LIST OF SINS. will find all the chief forms of those sins in the list of [The List of_Sins follows sins against the Ten Com- the order of the Ten Commandmandments, which is given in ments of God, which are given the next Chapter.

in Chapter 9.] You have another danger I. Loving any person or to flee. Even when you think thing more than God-pleasthat you are not doing any- | ing yourself instead of doing thing wrong, you may sin by the will of God-trusting in having share in the sin of your own strength instead of others. This you may do in in the help of the Holy Ghost

— setting up your private 1. Telling any person, whom judgment above the truth you may have in your power, which God teaches in His to do anything wrong.

Church-unbelief and doubt 2. Advising any person, -talking idly to scoffers, and whom you may be able to profane persons - denying guide, to do anything wrong. your religion through fear of

3. Setting a bad example, man-reading profane books which others may follow. and lending them to others

4. Giving your consent to doing what conscience tells anything sinful.

you is wrong—not thanking 5. Permitting sin that you GOD when things go well with might have stopped.

you—not trusting in GOD 6. Taking part of what is complaining against God in got by sin.

trial, sorrow, and loss-for7. Hiding sin or sinners. getting God's presence--think8. Defending sin or sinners. I ing lightly of sin-giving up

nine ways

hope of God's mercy-not a light way-quoting the Bible making haste to repent, when without reverence-speaking you have fallen into sin. evil of God, and despising

II. Not going regularly to holy things-speaking idly or Church-going to places of carelessly of Holy Baptism, worship other than the Church Confirmation, Confession, and of England-looking about Holy Communion; or talking you, whispering, talking, and lightly of God's Saints, and laughing in Church, either in of the Ceremonies of the time of service, or before and Church — talking too much after it-leading others to do about religious questions, or wrong things in Church-not about your own religious feelattending to the service, but ings-acting the hypocritem letting your thoughts and eyes going through religious serwander to other things—not vices in a formal way-taking bowing, kneeling, and stand-God's Name in vain by not ing at the proper times—doing acting according to the Christhese and other such things tian Name and profession of for people to see you-being your Baptism-breaking your afraid of getting laughed at Baptismal and Confirmation for shewing reverence at | Vows, or any promises made Church, or to holy things—to God in sickness and at any laughing at others for what other time—making a careless you think their reverence or or imperfect Confession. want of reverence—not asking IV. Doing work on Sundays the advice of God's Priest, or that might be done at other not going to Confession when times—buying and selling on you need it—not being present Sundays; or spending the day at Holy Communion on Sun- in sleeping, walking with caredays and other Holy-days, less people, idleness, worldly when you can e-going pleasure, and sin - staying out of Church before the Com- away from Church for slight munion Service is over-not reasons--not keeping Feasts receiving Holy Communion at and Fasts, such as Ascension stated times -- receiving It Day and Good Friday--wastwithout due preparation - ing your time—not trying to leaving out your private pray- serve God truly all the days ers, morning or evening of your life. saying your prayers without V. Children. Not showing praying not kneeling at love and respect to your paprayer-fortune-telling. rents--doing forbidden things

III. Saying God's Holy not doing what you are told Name in common talk, and in to do-doing things without

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leave or taking things without not following the advice of leave-not helping your pa- your pastor-selfishness-un. rents in trouble, sickness, and kindness-rudeness. old age-speaking rudely to VI. Angerin thought, word, them, and speaking unduti- or deed-hastiness of temper fully of them to others-not -abuse-threats — revenge, praying for your father and or desire of it-sullennessmother, and all set over you- fretfulness—wishing harm to playing truant—idleness at anyone—making others anschool — want of respect to gry by harsh and rude words your pastors and masters- or actions— insult-tyranny giving needless trouble. -cruelty to animals—quar

Parents. Unjust partiality, relling or leading others to not having your children bap- quarrel--doing harm to the tized soon after their birth-souls of others by bad examnot teaching them to say their ple, bad books, or bad company prayers, and to do their duty —not trying to do good to to God and man—not sending others. them to a Church School on VII. Thoughts, desires, Sundays and Week-days, if looks, words, and actions athey need it-letting them go gainst modesty and purity, into bad company, and wander either with others or when about in the evenings—not GOD only sees you—leading warning them against sin, set- others into impurity, and goting them a bad example, or ing yourself in the way and in any

other way letting them in the sight of it, even when go into the way of temptation you do not intend to sin-ill-using them or spoiling speaking lightly of what is them — spending on yourself impure-using or lending bad the money needed for your fa- books and pictures—boldness mily—not praying for your of manner, words, dress, and children.

looks—vanity-being fond of All. Not giving due honour dress and admiration-eating to all men—not keeping in and drinking more than is mind your duty to those set good for you—talking and over you, the Church and the thinking too much about food Clergy, the Queen and other —not saying Grace at mealsrulers, your employers and sleeping too much-giving helpers — choosing a place way to idleness and sloth, of work where your faith or neglecting your work, not good character may be lost, denying yourself, and not and obeying man rather than keeping the Fasts appointed God through false shame, 'by the Church.

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