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to obey Thy laws, and to be- | you have been a good soldier come a good soldier of JESUS or a coward under the standCHRIST.

ard of the Cross. Then conLORD JESUS, cleanse me in fess the wrong that you have Thy Precious Blood, and take done, and renew your purpose away all my stains.

of fighting against the enemies O Divine Spirit, prepare of your soul; praying for the me for Thyself. I come to strength and help of the Holy give myself to Thee, that Ghost, without Whom you can Thou mayest live and reign do no good thing. Lastly, in me for ever.

say, on your knees, the fol[See Chapters 20, 21, 133.] lowing devotion

In the name of the + FaAfter Confirmation. ther, and of the Son, and of O my God, I desire to praise the Holy Ghost. Amen. and adore Thee for all that Our Father, [Say the Lord's Thou hast done for me, and Prayer ] chiefly for the blessing of Strengthen me, I pray Thee, Confirmation. May Thy Holy O LORD, with the Holy Ghost Spirit guide and rule my heart the Comforter, and daily inin all things, driving away all crease in me Thy gifts of that may profane Thy temple. grace; the spirit of wisdom Arm me for the war, stand and understanding; the spirit by me in my conflicts, and of counsel and strength; the

me with victory at spirit of knowledge and true last; for JESUS CHRIST's sake. godliness; and fill me, O LORD, Amen.

with the spirit of Thy holy [See Chapters 20, 21, 134.] fear, now and for ever. Amen.

Let Thy fatherly hand, I 18.-RENEWAL OF CON- beseech Thee, O LORD, ever

FIRMATION VOWS. be over me; let Thy holy The grace of Confirmation Spirit ever be with me; and is only given once.

so lead me in the knowledge have been confirmed, you can- and obedience of Thy Word, not be confirmed a second that in the end I may obtain time. But you may have the everlasting life, through our grace of Confirmation revived LORD JESUS CHRIST. Amen. in your soul, and may renew [See Chapters 20, 21, 134.] your vows.

This devotion may be used To do this you must see at any time. It is good to use how far you have used the it on Whitsunday, when the grace given to you at your Holy Ghost came down upon Confirmation, and how far | the Apostles; on the Anniver


If you


sary of your own Confirmation; , culty. But it is very wrong as often as you are present at to use the sign in a formal a Confirmation, or when there way, or to wear a cross or is one in your neighbourhood; crucifix as a mere ornament. when you are greatly tempted A crucifix is a cross with a to sin, or tried in any other figure of our Saviour upon way; when you have fallen it. S. John iii. 14, 15. into any sin or danger.

Ashamed of JESUS! Yes, I

may 19.-SIGN OF THE

When I've no guilt to wash CROSS.


No tear to wipe, no good to Every infant that is baptized is signed with the sign No fears to quell, no soul to

crave, of the cross, in token that he * shall not be ashamed to confess the Faith of CHRIST crucified.”

For this reason, 20.-SEVEN GIFTS OF among others, we use the sa

THE SPIRIT. cred sign. When we use it

Isaiah xi., 2. with the Invocation—" In the Name of the + Father, and Thou my Wisdom, to teach

O Holy Spirit of Grace, be of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen”-it forms a

me my faith ;-my Under

standing, to teach me my short Creed, meaning that we believe in Three Persons in i duty ;-my Counsel, in ail

my doubts; -my Strength, One God, and that all our

against all temptations ;—my hope is in JESUS, Who died on the Cross. We ought not to

Knowledge, in what belongs

to the state of life to which I be ashamed of our faith, or of

am called ;—my Godliness, in this way of declaring it. You

all can sign yourself by making the day long.

my actions ;—my Fear, all a line with your right hand from your forehead to your We pray for Wisdom, more breast, and another line from

and more your left shoulder to your To know the God our hearts right. The sacred sign is a defence against temptation, espe- For grace to Understand and cially against evil thoughts. feel It may be used at the begin- The truths Thou dost to faith ning and end of your prayers,

reveal ; and before you commence any For Counsel to be wise and true work of importance or diffi- | In judging what is right to do;


or care.


and pure.

For Ghostly Strength to meet | In Meekness may our hearts the foe,

be still, And bear with courage toil | And yield to all our Father's and woe;

will. For Knowledge to direct our And may we, strong in Pawill

tience, bear To choose the good and shun What God may send of grief

the ill; For Godliness, like God to be, May Modesty of thought enIn truth, and love, and purity; For Holy Fear, to watch and That all our lives be Chaste

pray, And keep within the narrow May Temperance, with careful way.

rein, T. B. P. And Continence our flesh re

strain. 21.–TWELVE FRUITS OF

T. B. P.
Gal. v., 22. 23.

22.-FOUR CARDINAL Spirit of Love, be in our heart,

VIRTUES. And make us loving as Thou Taught by Temperance we ab

stain And grant us holy Joy to find

From all less for greater In loving God and all man

goods : kind; So in our hearts Thy Peace Slighting little drops we gain

Full, and sweet, and lasting be known,

floods. And in our lives its power be shewn;

Armed with Fortitude we bear In days of trial make us strong Lesser evils, worse to fly: To bear our cross and Suffer Mortal death we do not fear, long;

Lest we should for ever die. Give Gentleness in heart and Justice we observe by giving

mind, A voice and manner always

Every one his utmost due ;

That, in peace and orderliving, kind;

All may freely heaven purAnd may our inward feeling

lead To Goodness shewn in word Prudence governs all the rest; and deed;

Prudence makes us still May we in Faith on GoD rely, apply And judge our neighbour What is fittest, what is best, hopefully.

To advance great charity.



23.-FEASTS AND FASTS. Spiritual Works.

1. To warn sinners. Every Sunday is a Feast of the Resurrection: every Fri

2. To teach the ignorant.

3. To counsel the doubtful. day is a Fast of the Passion. Our LORD JESUS CHRIST is the

4. To comfort the afflicted. Sun that rules our seasons:

5. To bear with the weak. the Christian year follows the

6. To forgive injuries. events of His life on earth.

7. To pray for the living On Fast Days, when

and the dead.

you deny yourself in food, you ought

Gal. vi. 1; Dan. xii. 3; S. not to go to any place of James v. 20; Rom. xii. '15; amusement. You will find a

Rom. xv. 1; S. Luke vi. 37; list of the Feasts and Fasts S. James v. 16. in the Church Kalendar. [De-Counsel, rebuke, instruct in votions for the Seasons of the

wisdom's way: Church, Part VIII.]

Console, forgive, endure un

moved, and pray. 24.-THREE GOOD WORKS. S. Matt. vi. 3. 5. 17.

26.- COUNSELS. Fasting He doth and Giving

1. Poverty. S. Matt.xix. 21. bless,

2. Chastity. 1 Cor.vii.37,38. And Prayer can much avail; 3. Obedience. S. Mark i. Good vessels all to draw the 16-20. grace

Christian Duties are bindOut of salvation's well.

ing on all who have been bap

tized. Counsels of Perfection 25.-WORKS OF MERCY. are for those who are called

to them. Great care should Corporal Works. 1. To feed the hungry.

be taken lest anyone refuse a

call from GOD, or attempt 2. To give drink to the what God has not appointed thirsty.

for him. All religious vows 3. To clothe the naked. 4. To shelter the stranger. long trial are they made per

are voluntary; and only after 5. To visit the sick. 6. To minister to prisoners.

petual. 7. To bury the dead.

S. Matt. xxv. 34-40. 27.—GROWTH IN GRACE. Visit, give drink, give meat, “ Thou art not able to do redeem the slave:

these things of thyself, nor to Clothe, tend the sick, and lay walk in the Commandments, the dead in grave.

of God, and to serve Him without His special grace," 7. Prosperity and the praise (Catechism).

of man. Signs of Grace and of its

Helps. growth.

1. Meditation and self-exa1. Love to God, His people, mination. His ordinances.

2. Habitual watchfulness, 2. Christian humility and self-denial, and prayer. self-denial.

3. Frequent Communion, 3. Tenderness of conscience, and a constant sense of the watchfully resisting sin. Presence of GOD.

4. Meekness underinjuries, 4. The Bible, with other and resignation to the will of books of instruction and devoGOD.

tion. 5. Concern for the welfare 5. Christian Work, espeof the Church, and for the cially among the sick and the salvation of all.

poor. Hindrances.

6. Church Services, and

Christian fellowship. 1. Sinful companions and 7. Seasons of sorrow and amusements.

retirement. 2. Pressure of worldly business carried on according to

Perseverance. the customs of the world. It is not enough to begin

3. Any person or pursuit what is right: we must go on loved more than GOD.

and persevere to the end. To 4. Religious controversy, do this we must be humble, and lack of Christian converse. not trusting in ourselves,

5. Giving up a duty, or go-trusting in GOD only, trying ing back to a sin.

to do God's will, asking and 6. Formal worship, and neg- seeking God's help. 1 S. Peter lect of private prayer. v. 10, 11.

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