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tize, being careful to pour heart. Pray to God to forclean water on the infant, and give your past neglect, and to to say, while pouring it, the guide you now. Christian name, with these Your parish clergyman will words—"I baptize thee in the help you in your preparation. name of the Father, and of the Don't wait for him to find out Son, and of the Holy Ghost. that you are unbaptized; but Amen."

Infants baptized go to him as soon as you can, privately are truly and per- and don't be afraid to tell fectly baptized, if water and him yourself. the right words are used; and Before Baptism you must they must not be baptized read, if you can, the Service again. But, if a child so for the “ Public Baptism of baptized gets well, it must such as are of riper years, be taken to Church to be pub- and able to answer for themlicly received into the Con- selves.” You will find it in gregation of Christ's flock," the Prayer Book, just before and signed with the sign of the Catechism. The title of the cross.

the Service tells you what it Common sense as well as

You are now

“ of religion tells us that only riper years;' and, as you children that have had Chris- | have lived some years in the tian Baptism can have Chris- world, you have many stains tian Burial. Those only who of sin on your soul. You were given to God in His were born in sin; and you appointed way when they have, more or less, lived in were alive can be committed sin. You are now coming to to His care when they are dead. Holy Baptism to have all

those sins washed away in

your Saviour's Precious Blood, 15.-ADULT BAPTISM.

and to be received into His If you were not bap- Church as a child of God. tized when a child, you must | You have to answer for not put off that necessary yourself;" so you must know Sacrament. Do not say that all you can about the religion. you won't be baptized, because of CHRIST. The Church you are not good enough. The Catechism will help you in question is, do you wish to be this. The Creed will tell you better than you are? Whether what you must believe; the you are what is called bad or Ten Commandments will show good, the blessings of Holy you what you must do; the Baptism may be yours, if you LORD's Prayer will teach you only seek them with all your how God lets His children

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pray to Him; and everything now a right to say the LORD S in the Catechism will help you prayer, and to call GoD your to know the great gift that Father. God would grant you, and the need of seeking it well. Read the four questions in the Bap- 16.—RENEWAL OF BAPtismal Service that you will

TISMAL VOWS. have to answer when you The grace of Holy Baptism come to be baptized; and be comes only once. Nobody ready to profess your faith as who has been baptized as an one that truly desires to live infant can be baptized again. a godly life.

It is a great sin to repeat the At the time of your bap- Sacrament in any case.

Yet tism, come with prayer and it is well to keep in mind the fasting, and think of nothing blessings of Holy Baptism. but of the blessing you seek. You may from time to time For it is God that grants it renew your vows, and ask to you, and the priest only God to stir up His gift in you. acts for God. Think of the When you do this, go to Baptism of your Saviour- your Father in secret, and Liow the heavens were opened, think of the time when he and the Spirit descended like first made you His child at a dove, and the voice of the the Holy Font.

You were Father said, “ This is my be- born in sin, but then you loved Son, in whom I am well were new-born of water and pleased.” S. Matt. iii. 16, 17. of the Spirit How pure you This tells you what to hope were when GOD thus cleansed for. The gates of heaven are you! Think of this, and shut against sinners; but the think also of your sins. Think Son of God has opened them how often yon have broken to all believers who confess your vows, and stained your Him as you are doing. Pray soul. Then, meekly kneeling for the baptism of the Spirit. on your knees. tell God of Pray that God may own you your longing to have revived as His child, and be well in your soul the grace of pleased with you always. Holy Baptism, and to make a

After baptism, do not for- solemn resolve to live up to get that you“ have been your Christian profession. purged from your old sins.” Then say solemnly and Guard well the gift of GOD, thoughtfullyand try to live the life of a In the name of the t Christian. Read Eph. ii. 1-5, Father, and of the Son, and and Col. i. 10-13. You have l of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Our Father. [Say the Lord's | use it on the Feast of the Prayer.]

Epiphany, Jan. 6, when the I renounce the devil and Church tells you of CHRIST'S all his works, the vain pomp Baptism; on Easter-Eve and and glory of the world, with Whitsun-Eve, the days that all covetous desires of the used to be set apart in the same, and the carnal desires Church for the baptizing of of the flesh, so that I will not converts; on the anniversary follow nor be led by them. of your own Birth or Baptism;

I believe all the Articles of on the Feast-day of the Saint the Christian Faith.

whose name you may bear ; I will try to keep God's when you are present at a Holy Will and Command-baptism of infants or adults; ments.

after any fall into sin, or I heartily thank my hea- after receiving any great venly Father, that he hath mercy from God. called me to this state of salvation, through JESUS CHRIST 17.-CONFIRMATION. my SAVIOUR. And I pray

When you were fed as an unto God to give me His infant, you did not know anygrace, that I may continue in thing about the way food the same unto my life's end. kept you alive. When you

I thank Thee, O Lord, for were baptized as an infant, my birth, but chiefly for my you did not know anything new birth in Holy Baptism. about the way Baptism gave Let me not forget the object you new life. It was the of my birth, nor depart from duty of those that loved you the blessing of my baptism. to see that you were fed and Let me ever keep the state of baptized, simply because both grace and salvation that Thou were for your good. Because hast given me; and if by sin you were fed as an infant, I ever fall from it, let me by and so kept alive, you have repentance rise again to it. to take your place in the Lord, who gavest me this life world, and work for yourself. on earth: grant me a better Just in the same way, because life with Thee in heaven; for you were baptized as an inHis sake, whose Birth, Life, fant, and made a Christian, and Death make all ours you must take your place in blessed, JESUS CHRIST our God's Church, and live a LORD. Amen.

Christian life. In your Cate

chism you have often been This devotion may be used asked the question, “Dost at any time. It is good to l thou not think that thou art


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bound to believe and to do think too much of what you as they (your God-parents] do yourself, but rather of the have promised for you ?” and good work of God upon your you have said, “Yes, verily; soul. and by God's help so I will.” From all this you will see

From this you learn three the strange mistake that some things :

people make, when they put 1. Confirmation is not a off Confirmation till they grow taking upon yourself of vows up. They think that they by which your God-parents have to learn a great deal, were bound, for they were and be very good before they never bound by your vows. are confirmed. All the while You were bound by the vows they forget that Confirmation made at your baptism: they means strengthening; and only promised to have you that it is the young, and the taught the promise you had weak, and the tempted that made by them.

most need that grace. No2. Confirmation is not a body, who is in earnest, is mere renewal of your bap- either too young or too old to tismal vows, for as we saw in be confirmed. In the early Chapter 16, you may do that Church, Confirmation used to as often as God's grace leads come close after Baptism in you to it, without the help of the case both of infants and Bishop or Priest.

grown-up people. It is a very 3. The only new thing that good thing for children to Confirmation binds you to is give themselves early to God. to confess CHRIST “openly How many might be saved before the Church,” as the from sin and woe, if they had preface to the Confirmation God's strengthening grace Service says.

before they went out into the Now that you see what you world and were tempted to are to do, let me show you sin! But if you have not what you are to get from GOD been confirmed in your early in Confirmation. Holy Bap- days, there is all the more tism gave you life; Confir- reason why you should not mation gives you strength. put it off any longer. No In Holy Baptism you wero matter how old you are: GOD born of water and of the will receive you. Young peoSpirit: in Confirmation you ple have the promise, “ Those seek more grace to bring that seek Me early shall find forth the fruits of the Spirit. Me.” You must hear God's This is the real meaning of voice saying to you, “It is Confirmation. You must not time to seek the LORD.”


Of course it is a very | [or, My daughter) be strong solemn thing to come to Con- in the grace that is in CHRIST firmation, but it is a very sad JEsus.”—“Be thou faithful thing not to come when God unto death, and I will give calls; for JESUS said—“Who-thee a crown of life.” 2 Tim. soever therefore shall confess ii. 1; Rev. x. 2. Read also Me before men, him will I Gal. v. 16-25, and Eph. vi. confess also before My Father 10-18. Which is in Heaven. But If you cannot be confirmed whosoever shall deny Me be- soon, you may come to the fore men, him will I also deny Holy Communion if you are before My Father Which is in ready and desirous to be Heaven." S. Matt. x. 32, 33. confirmed.” [See Rubric at

You will be taught by the the end of the Confirmation Priest what to do before you Service.] If you have been come to be confirmed. You confirmed, and have not rewill read in the Bible how ceived the Holy Communion people, who had been baptized afterwards, you have commitby a Minister, afterwards ted a great sin. Read Part were confirmed by Apostles ; III. and speak to your Clergyand will see why the Bishop man. comes to lay his hands on you. Acts viii. 5, 12, 14, 15. The chief thing is to examine Before Confirmation. yourself. The Clergyman My Father in Heaven : will help you in this part of Thou hast been pleased to your preparation.

make me Thy child in Holy On the day of Confirmation Baptism, and to give me Thy don't think too much of your grace.

I bless and glorify dress: let it be neat and plain. Thee for all that Thou hast Be silent and thoughtful when done for me from the day of you go to Church. Be care- my Baptism until now. I deful to join in the service. Say sire to come to Confirmation, "I do” clearly, and as if you because it is Thy will and my meant it. Receive the lay-duty; but I mourn over my ing-on of hands with meek- sins, which have made me so ness and faith, bowing down unworthy of Thy favour. your head in adoration. Re- Grant, I pray Thee, most mermember that it is God that ciful Father, that, when I acts by the Bishop.

come to Confirmation, Thy After Confirmation hear Holy Spirit may give me God's voice saying to you-strength to conquer my evil “Thou, therefore, My son, 'habits, to resist temptation,

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