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the Resting-place prepared for His worship, then the sinner's heart rejoices and his cup is full.

PART IV. To dwell in the House of the LORD for ever is the aspiration of the soul that has truly seen God in His Sanctuary. We go on from strength to strength,—the Bread of Heaven our Food, the unwearying song of Heaven our Rest.

Part V. Morning and Evening, at the least, we must present ourselves before the LORD. However distracted by the cares of this life, we can begin and end our daily toil by a few heart-prayers of yearning and searching for the Restingplace above.

PART VI. The voice of joy and health is in the dwelling of the righteous. Each family will go apart, morning and evening, to rest awhile in the service of God.

PART VII. Every change and trial may be made a time of refreshing and a place for the weary to rest in. Hearts fixed upon true joys in the future, have quietness and confidence now.

PART VIII. We are resigned to the changing seasons of our mortal life, when we learn our share in the unvarying plan of eternity. The summer and winter of the Christian year help us to be sober on the bright days and calm on the dark days of our earthly pilgrimage. The life which we live in the flesh may have its joys and sorrows; but their sunshine and their shadows pass away. Our true life is hid with CHRIST in God. The Feasts and Fasts of His Church draw our hearts away from our own things, leading us to take up the Cross and follow Him. And those quiet Resting-places seem to mark the stages of the way by which we go to the many mansions of our Father's Home.


" Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you Rest."-S, Matthew xi. 28.


6. Heascended into Heaven, Faith is the first thing that and sitteth on the right hand a Christian needs. It is a gift of God the Father Almighty; of God, by which we are made

7. From thence He shall able to believe all that God has come to judge the quick and told us.

Your faith must be the dead. firm, because it rests on God,

8. I believe in the Holy who cannot lie. Your faith Ghost; must be entire, because it does 9. The Holy Catholic not rest on your own private Church, the Communion of opinion. Your faith must be Saints; active, for faith without works 10. The Forgiveness of Sins; is dead. Nothing must make

11. The Resurrection of you give up your faith. You the Body; must not choose your own

12. And the Life everlastreligion ; but believe all the ing.

Amen. truth that God teaches in His Church. The chief truths of

This is the Gospel that all the Christian faith are in

Christians must believe :

I. God the Father made all 2.—THE CREED.

things. In six days He made 1. I believe in God the this world; and put Adam Father Almighty, Maker of and Eve, the first man and heaven and earth :

woman, in the Garden of Eden. 2. And in JESUS CHRIST, There the devil tempted Eve His only Son, our LORD; to eat of the fruit of a treo

3. Who was conceived by that God had told them not the Holy Ghost, Born of the to touch. So God was angry Virgin Mary,

at this sin, and by sin came 4. Suffered under Pontius death-not the death of the Pilate; was crucified, dead, body only, but also the death and buried;

of the soul for ever in Hell. 5. He descended into Hell; But God so loved the world the third day He rose again that He sent His Son to save from the dead


II. God the Son came to, upon Him, and struck Him, save all men. To do this He and put a crown of thorns WAS MADE MAN. He had no upon His head. The next Father on earth, but was con- morning, on Good Friday, He ceived by the Holy Ghost. suffered under Pontius Pilate, The Blessed Virgin Mary was the Roman governor of the His Mother. He was born at country; being nailed to a Bethlehem on Christmas Day, cross on Mount Calvary, near was brought up at Nazareth, Jerusalem. Two thieves were and worked as a carpenter crucified with Him, one on with S. Joseph, who was His right hand and the other thought to be His father. on His left. There our BlesWhen He was twelve years sed Saviour died, giving up old, He stayed in the temple | His spirit into His Father's at Jerusalem, though S.Joseph hands, and going into the and His mother knew not of place of the dead. Joseph of it, and talked with the teach- Arimathea buried Him in his ers of the law. When JESUS own new tomb. The Sacred was about thirty years old, Body of Jesus did not decay ; He was baptized by S. John but He rose again on the third the Baptist in the river Jor- day, Easter Day, and showed dan; and was forty days in Himself to His disciples and the wilderness tempted by the other witnesses. He stayed devil, yet without sin. He on earth forty days, telling then went about doing good the Apostles what they were for three years and a half. He to do when He left them, protaught the people as God only mising that the Holy Ghost could teach them, cast out would come to them. He went devils, healed the sick, and up to heaven on Ascension raised the dead. All this time Day. He is in heaven now He was a poor man and a man with His Body and pleads for of sorrows, not having even a us; and loves us as much as place to live in. His twelve when He died to save us. He Apostles whom He had chosen, will come again some day to and some other faithful peo- earth, and will judge us all, ple, were with Him. At last, both the living and the dead. Judas, one of the twelve, To those who are not ready betrayed His Master. JESUS to receive Him, He will then gave Himself up to those that say, “Depart, ye Cursed,” and wished to kill Him. He suf- to those that are ready He fered many things from His will say, “Come, ye Blessed.” enemies on that sad night: III. God the Holy Ghost they scourged Him, and spat makes all Christians holy.



He first came to the disciples | heaven to all believers." on Whitsunday, ten days after Therefore we say at the end Jesus had ascended. Then of our Creed " Amen;" meanthe Church of CHRIST was ing that we believe all that is formed. That Church is one, in it, and that we hope through for CHRIST is one. It is holy, the Gospel to be saved. for the Holy Ghost is in it. These are the chief things It is apostolic, for it is built that the Creed teaches us. on the twelve Apostles. It is We learn by it that there are Catholic or universal, for it Three Persons in One God, holds all the faith, and has in and that all Three are equal it all God's people. There is in all things-also that They a Communion of Saints; for all equally love us, and desire all the holy ones, both the to do us good. living and the dead, are one : they love and pray for one

3.-DEVOTIONS ON THE another. There is one Bap

CREED. tism for the Remission of

In God the Father I believe, Sins. It is by Holy Baptism whose word created all that is

First of the Trinity, that we are made members

In heaven, and earth, and seaof CHRIST, and have all our

In JESUS CHRIST, His Son, our sins washed away. And there

LORD, is Pardon of Sins for those

By Holy Ghost conceived, who fall after Baptism; if

Of Mary born, by Pilate slain, we confess our sins, we may

Derided, disbelieved ; have the gift of Absolution. Who on the third day rose from We shall all rise again with death, our bodies. And that we

Ascended into heaven; may rise to glory, we must And sits at God's right hand of live in CHRIST and on CHRIST, power while live upon the

Till judgment shall be given. earth. JESUS said, “I am I in the Holy Ghost believe, the Bread of Life;" and just

One Holy Catholic Church, before He suffered on the

The blest Communion of the

Saints, cross He gave us the Blessed

Free grace for all who search, Sacrament of His Body and

And I believe in sins forgiven, Blood, that we might eat and

In rising from the dead, live for ever. We must all

In life for ever, joy in heaven, live for ever, either in Heaven

Or woe in hell instead. or Hell. But JESUS said,

A. J. B. “ Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out." He I believe; LORD, increase has opened the kingdom of my faith ; and give me grace



that, with a holy life, I may on His right hand; for His adorn the religion I profess. Second Advent, in awe of His Keep me stedfast in this faith return; for His Judgment, in into which I have been bap- judging myself before I am tized, that no errors may sepa- judged. rate me from Thee. May Thy Grant me from the Holy love, O merciful Father; Thy Spirit to receive the breath grace, O blessed JESUS; Thy of saving grace; that in the fellowship, O Holy Spirit, de- Holy Catholic Church I may fend and comfort me, till I have my calling, holiness, and attain the end of my faith, portion ; with a Fellowship of even the salvation of my soul. her sacred rites and prayers, Amen.

fastings and mournings,watch

ings, tears, and sufferings; for LORD, I believe; help Thou assurance of Forgiveness of mine unbelief, and supply the sins; for hope of Rising and defects of my weak faith. passing to eternal Life. Amen.

Grant me to love the Father for His tender love, to adore the Almighty for His power, [The 31 Prayers in Chapters to commit the keeping of my 3, 7, and 10 are arranged for soul to my faithful Creator. use in a month.)

Grant me to partake from 1. Glory be to Thee, O FaJESUS of salvation, from CHRIST ther, Who didst make all of Anointing, from the only things, and Who didst so love begotten Son of Adoption; the world, as to give Thine only that I may serve the LORD for Son to save us. His Conception, in faith; for 2. Thou, O Blessed JESUS, His Birth, in humility; for art the only Son of God, full His Sufferings, in patience of grace and truth: in Thee and hatred of sin; for His sinners have hope : all love, Cross, in crucifying all begin- all glory be to Thee. nings of sin; for His Death, 3. LORD JESUS, Thou didst in killing the desires of the stoop so low as to take our flesh; for His Burial, in bury- nature, having God only for ing evil thoughts by good | Thy Father, and Mary, a pure works; for His Descent, in virgin, for Thy Mother; and meditation upon hell; for His didst dwell among us to save Resurrection, in newness of us: all love, all glory be to life ; for His Ascension, in Thee. setting my heart on things 4. O Blessed JESUS, my above; for His Sitting on High, LORD and my God, may I in minding the good things grieve for my sins, which

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