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92,-FOR EVERY NEED. At Thy feet our thoughts we We believe, O LORD, in Thee ;


Make Thine own the words Help our unbelief, that we More of what Thou art may

we say,

Make our lives more pure each LORD, in mercy hear us.

day. [Repeat “LORD, in mercy hear When oppressed with trouble at the end of each verse.]


Teach our hearts to feel the We would hope in Thee alone; Make our hopes be all Thine For the pangs our Saviour own,

bore. And in fuller peace be shewn.

What Thou willest may we LORD, we love Thee, we de- will, plore

Nor our own desires fulfil, That we do not love Thee | For we know not good from more;

ill. Warm our coldness, we im- On our darkness shed Thy plore.

light Grieving Thee is grief and Lead our wills to what is right, shame,

Wash our evil nature white. Help us more to fear Thy Keep us lowly that we may, Name,

Ever watchful, turn away And our thanklessness to

From the snares our tempters blame.

lay. LORD, to Thee our life we owe,

Fix our hearts on things on From Thy love our blessings

high, flow,

Let no evil thoughts come To Thyself at last we go.

nigh, We adore Thee as our all, Purge from sin our memory. Our support when ills befall, Refuge when our foes appal.

Turn our eyes from what is

vain, Foolish, weak, and sad we lie; Guide our tongues with careGuard us with Thy loving eye, ful rein, Be our helper, always nigh. That we speak no word pro

fane. May Thy Wisdom be our guide ;

Help us to bewail our sin, Comfort, rest, and peace pro- | And, in heavenly strength, bevide

gin Near to Thy protecting side. Daily victories to win.



Máy we evil lusts subdue, May our words from guile be Long for what is good and free, true,

And our lives the token And our duty always do. Of our inward purity.

May Thy grace within the soul May we true devotion feel Nature's waywardness control, To our God, and loving zeal Guiding towards the heavenly For our fellow-creatures' weal.

goal. Help us, LORD, in our own May we mourn for evil done, eyes

And the ways of evil shun To be lowly, and despise Until heaven at last is won. All the vain world's flatteries. May we prize the Manna sent May we honour great and For our wondrous nourishment small,

In the Blessed Sacrament. Helpthe needy when they call, Strengthened by that heavenAnd be always kind to all.

ly meat, May our hearts with love Cheered by Jesu’s presence o'erflow

sweet, For the wrong, and pain, and Make our love and joy com

plete. JESUS willed to undergo. Let the world seem only dross CHRIST-like may we insults | May we welcome shame and bear,

loss, And the robe of sorrow wear, Willingly endure the cross. Meeting bitterness with | May we feel that here we stay prayer.

But for one short fleeting day, May our lips our faith confess, That hereafter is for aye. Teach us, when reviled, to May we live, that free from fear bless,

We the angel's call may hear, Conquering by gentleness.

And before Thy Throne apMay we selfishness deny,

pear. And the body mortify, May we then, from sin set free, Doing deeds of charity. Rise to heaven to dwell with Make us wise to do the right

Thee, Calm in trouble, brave in fight, Safe for all eternity. Humble when onr path is | All we ask is in His Name, bright.

Who to die for sinners came, Make us earnest when we pray, JESUS, evermore the same. Diligent from day to day,

Amen, Meaning, doing what we say.

T. BP,

The Prayers in this “Part” have been arranged for the use of those who prefer a very simple form of Family Devotion. Others may use, both morning and evening, an order of this kind :

1. In the Name. *2. Hymn from this book or the Hymn Book used at Church, or some verses of the Litany in Chapter 92. *3. Psalm, or portion of Psalm 119.

4. Short Bible Lesson, or Text. See Chapter 91. *5. Apostles' Creed. *6. LORD have mercy upon us.

CHRIST have mercy upon LORD have mercy upon us. *7. Our Father. 8. Collect for the Week.

9. Prayers from Chapters 52, 53, or 54 in the morning, and from Chapter 55 or 57 in the evening, or Chapter 90.

10. Some of the Prayers as arranged in this “ Part.”

Nos. 1 to 5 are said standing: Nos. 6 to 10 are said kneeling. All present join in saying or singing aloud the Nos. marked thus *: the reader says the rest; but, in No. 9, all say the words printed like Amen, and the short Hymns.



" This is the Rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest."-Isaiah xxviii, 12,

93.-PROSPERITY. trial or sinful under it; lest LORD, all that I have is my woe continue in two worlds. Thy gift. Save me from LORD, I know that thou dost being proud to others, and

cross me to crown me. May from neglecting Thee. Let what I now endure be a badge Thy gifts be a sign of Thy of favour, a means of grace, present favour, and of my and a sign of glory; for my future joy. If they encourage

Saviour's sake. Amen. me to serve Thee, LORD continue them: if they hinder 95.-VARIOUS TRIALS. my salvation, LORD remove them. Let me not prosper

Daily Life. for a time, and perish for

Grant, O GOD, that I may eternity. Give me what may life with a meek and patient

bear all the troubles of this help my well-doing here, and my well - being hereafter. spirit;

without complaining of

what Thou shalt appoint for Amen.

the punishment of sin and for

the salvation of the sinner. 94.-ADVERSITY. I will look to Thee, LORD LORD, what I suffer is my JESUS; and to Thy patience, lot and Thy will. Let me so

when Thou wast in the place regard it and improve it; that

of sinners; and this by Thy it may save me from evil, and grace shall be my pattern.

Amen. preserve me for good. May that which seems grievous

Anxiety. be Thy rod to reclaim me, O my Saviour, Who didst Thy staff to hold me up and calm the winds and the sea : lead me on, Thy fan to purge speak peace to my troubled me, Thy furnace to prove me. spirit, which can nowhere find Come and welcome, all adver- | true quiet and repose but in sity in this life, that leads to Thee. Grant that, resignprosperity in the next! Only ing myself in all things to let me not be impatient in Thy holy will, I may find



peace and happiness in being, Any Special Sorrow. leaving, quitting, and suffering

LORD, may the trouble I whatever Thou shalt appoint. suffer be for the benefit of my Amen.

soul; that I may for ever rePoverty.

joice with Thee in that day LORD, make me by Thy of bliss that knows no cloud grace to be poor in spirit, that of ill and no end of good for I may be an heir of heaven.

Amen. Help me to be contented with my lot in this world, and fill

96.-RIGHT USE OF me with good things in the

TRIAL. world to come ; for His sake

Who became poor for our sakes.


Saviour, Who in great heaviEvil Thoughts. ness of soul before Thy PasO Almighty God, have re- sion, didst fall down upon Thy spect, I beseech Thee, unto face in prayer unto Thy heamy prayers, and deliver my venly Father: Grant me, by heart from the temptation of Thy grace and by the aid of evil thoughts; that by Thy the Holy Spirit, that, in all mercy I may become a fit | heaviness of mind and troubles habitation for Thy Holy Spirit, of this world, I may run althrough JESUS CHRIST our ways by most humble and LORD. Amen.

fervent prayer unto the aid

and comfort of my Father in Suffering for your Religion.

heaven. Hear me, my SaO LORD, the Judge of all viour, for Thy Name's sake. the earth, let me suffer as a Amen. Christian, though I be treated as a Heathen. Give prayers

Submission. to my mouth, courage to my O LORD, I give and offer up spirit, hope to my heart, and unto Thee myself and all that peace to my conscience. For- is mine, my actions and my give the ignorant; give re- words, my repose and my pentance to the malicious. silence; only do Thou preTo the judgment of the Great serve and guide me; direct Day I refer my cause. To my hand and tongue and Thy mercy I commit myself. mind to things that are good Help me to endure patiently and acceptable unto Thee; the wrongful dealings of men; and withdraw me from all and prepare me for Thy just things contrary to Thy will, judgment at last. Amen. for JESUS CHRIST's sake. Amen.

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