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have done, and give us grace | pray for all mon; and hear to lead more holy lives. the prayers of all that pray

And now, LORD, we pray for us. Let their prayers and Thee, that, as Thou hast ours be acceptable in Thy dwelt with us this day, it may sight; for the merits of JESUS please Thee to watch over us CHRIST our Saviour. Amen. this night. Keep us there- Keep us under Thy defence fore, Gracious Father, under and care this night. Make Thy care; for unto Thy mer- our sleep safe and refreshing. cy and protection we commit Fit us for our great change ; ourselves; humbly beseeching that, having led holy lives, Thee that, after due rest and we may in our deaths have refreshment, we may rise comfort and well grounded with thankful hearts, and re- hope in Thee. turn cheerfully to the duties May the Sacred Trinity, + of our callings.

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, O LORD GOD, Who by the bless us and ours, this night power of Thy word didst bring and for ever.

Amen. a glorious light out of darkness: Let the Sun of Righteousness arise upon us, to take | 80.–TUESDAY MORNING. away the darkness of our In the Name. Our Father. hearts, and save us from the O LORD our Heavenly Fashadow of death; that we ther, Who hast brought us may walk in the light of Thy safely to the beginning of grace here, and rejoice in the another day: We thank Thee brightness of Thy glory here for this and for all Thy merafter.

cies. May we live in Thy O GOD, Whose mercies are fear, and in charity with our without end: We thank Thee neighbours. May Thy Holy for Thy great goodness to us. Spirit direct and rule our We pray Thee to continue Thy hearts, teaching us what to gifts; and to grant us so much do and what to avoid. May of the blessings of this life | Thy grace ever be with us in as Thou knowest to be good all dangers and temptations. for our souls.

Bless all our honest endeaMay the Spirit of CHRIST vours, and make us content ever live and rule in us; fill. with what Thy providence ing our souls with a sincere shall appoint for us; that we love of Thee, an earnest de- may be Thy faithful servants sire to please Thee, and a

for ever. holy dread of offending Thee. Almighty God, the fountain

Hear us, Father, when we of purity and joy, Who by Thy


Word and Holy Spirit dost | JESUS CHRIST our Saviour. lead all Thy servants in the Amen. ways of peace and holiness : The + God of mercy and Grant unto us so to repent of peace be with us and ours, our sins, to reform our errors, and with all that need His to watch over our actions, and blessing, this day and for ever. to do our duty; that we may Amen. never break Thy holy laws willingly. May it be the work of our lives to obey Thee, the 81.—TUESDAY EVENING. joy of our hearts to please In the Name. Our Father. Thee, the satisfaction of our Grant, LORD, by the help hopes to live with Thee of Thy grace, that we may in Thy kingdom for ever; perfectly know and truly conthrough JESUS CHRIST our fess all our sins; and have LORD. Amen.

assured pardon of them all ; May Thy blessing be upon for JESUS CHRIST's sake. us, upon all that we do, and Amen. upon all that belongs to us. O LORD and Heavenly FaLet us never begin any work, ther, by Thy favour we have or do any thing, on which we come to the evening of another dare not ask Thy blessing. day. We acknowledge Thy And let no worldly business great goodness in sparing us or pleasure turn us away from when we deserved punishthe things of the world to ment, in giving us what we

need in this life, and in setting Bless, we beseech Thee, O before us the happiness of a God, all whom Thy providence better life. Shadow us this has placed over us, whether night, we pray Thee, under in Church or State. Give us the blessed wings of Thy prograce to honour and obey tection, and cover us with them for conscience sake. Thy mercy. Let not the

O Everlasting God, grant prince of darkness have any that as Thy Holy Angels al- power over us, nor the works way do Thee service in Hea- of darkness prevail against ven, so by Thy appointment us. May we be armed with they may succour and defend | Thy defence, and preserved us on earth.

both in body and soul, through These things, and whatever JESUS CHRIST LORD. else our needs, our charity, or Amen. our duty obliges us to pray LORD, grant that we, who for, we most humbly beg in live together in love now, may the Name and for the sake of l live with Thee in joy for ever.




Let us go live in Thy service, ceeding great mercy, which that we may die with Thy no tongue can worthily exsalvation. What we want of press. May it please Thee to earthly good, give us. What save us from all our sins, and is wrong in us, forgive us. from all the evils that our What we need to make us sins deserve. Keep us from serve Thee, do Thou bestow. əvil ways, and lead us in the May we have grace to seek right way. May we follow and see Thy face in JESUS after that which is good, and CHRIST our LORD. Amen. flee from all danger of sin.

Bless the Queen and go- If we forget Thee, LORD, revernors of this land. Let member us. If we fall by brotherly love increase our weakness, raise us up mongst us, and root out all again by. Thy grace. Rule growing vices. Supply the our hearts, keep our tongues, wants of the poor and needy ; guide our actions, this day help the afflicted, the father- and always; for JESUS CHRISTS less, and the widow ; save all sake. Amen. that suffer under any great LORD, graciously hear the sorrow, loss, or sickness; espe- prayers offered for us by Thy

ally all that suffer in a Saints in heaven and by Thy righteous cause.

faithful upon earth. Save us The + God of mercy and from all the snares of our peace be with us and ours, enemies, from wicked men and with all that need His and wicked angels. Help us blessing, this night and for to be contented with our lot, ever. Amen.

and to take our trials patiently. In all our passage through

this world, and our work in 82.-WEDNESDAY MORN-it, suffer not our hearts to be ING.

set too much on it and the In the Name. Our Father. things that belong to it. Fix

Grant, O Heavenly Father, our eyes on the hope that that as by Thy great mercy Thou hast set before us, that we have quietly passed this we may make all things tend night, so we may give this to it. day to Thy service. Let all Comfort all who want the our thoughts, words, and deeds blessings we enjoy. Give due tend to Thy glory and our supplies of mercy to the souls salvation; for JESUS CHRIST'S and bodies of all the afflicted. bake. Amen.

The blessing of GOD AlWe beseech Thee, O LORD mighty, the + Father, the to show upon us Thine ex- Son, and the Holy Ghost, be with us this day, the rest of Thou bestowest upon ourour lives, and evermore. Amen. selves.

Preserve all that travel by

land or sea ; bless the labours 83.—WEDNESDAY EVEN

of all honest men; and hear ING.

our prayers for all that desire In the Name. Our Father. or stand in need of them,

Pardon, good LORD, all the especially those that cannot sins that we have this day pray for themselves. committed, in thought, or Give Thy grace to all men word, or deed, against Thee, in all places—to all, high and or against our neighbour, low, rich and poor, that need or against ourselves, for the it; for JESUS CHRIST's sake. merits of JESUS CHRIST. Amen. | Amen.

LORD, we bless Thee for the The blessing of God Almercies of the past day, and mighty, the + Father, the pray Thee to defend us through | Son, and the Holy Ghost, be the coming night; that our with us this night, the rest souls and bodies may be kept of our lives, and evermore. in holiness and safety. Let Amen. the changes of day and night keep us in mind of the short- 84.—THURSDAY MORNness of our lives. Give us

ING. grace to seek and find salva- In the Name. Our Father. tion in this our day of grace ; We give Thee hearty thanks that, when the night of death for all the blessings which, in comes, we may enter into the the riches of Thy mercy, Thou joy of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. hast poured down upon us; Amen.

and chiefly for the means of Save us, good LORD, from grace and the hope of glory. our sinful selves, from the Thanks and adoration be unto love of this present evil Thee for preserving us from world, and from everything the time of our birth unto that opposes Thy grace or this day: Keep us, we pray hurts our souls. Stablish us | Thee, on this day and on all in Thy love; strengthen us the days of our lives from sin to perform Thy will; and set- and danger. So rule and tle our faith on CHRIST, the guide us, that all our thoughts, Rock of Ages.

words, and works may tend Teach us to rejoice in the to the honour of Thy Name, good that Thou bestowest the good of Thy Church, the upon others; and to receive discharge of our duties, and with bumble thanks what the salvation of our souls.

Make Thyself present to 85.-THURSDAY EVENour minds, and let Thy love

ING. rule our hearts in every place

In the Name. Our Father. and company to which we O GOD, we adore Thee, we may be led this day. Keep praise Thee, we love Thee. us pure in our thoughts, tem- Thou hast made us, and reperate in our pleasures, hum-deemed us, and sanctified us. ble in our opinion of ourselves, Thou hast given us the blesscharitable in our words about ings of this life, the means of others, faithful in our pro- grace, and the hope of glory. mises, and just in our dealings. O merciful God, pardon our

Supply our wants, and pro- offences, correct and amend tect us against danger. Make what is wrong in us. As we us diligent in business, and grow in years, may we grow give us such success as Thou | in grace. As we draw nearer seest to be good for us. to our end, may we be more

LORD, leave us not to our prepared for it. selves; for without Thee we To Thy mercy in our LORD can do nothing that is good. JESUS CHRIST we humbly To Thee we look up for grace commit ourselves this night. to know our duty, for willing Be our Sun to lighten us, our minds to desire to do it, for shield to defend us. Grant strength to perform what Thou us, if it please Thee, rest of commandest, for pardon of body and peace of mind. Let our sins, and acceptance of the voice of joy and health be our unworthy service. in our dwelling.

May we be careful, above Give, O LORD, Thine angels all things, to fit our souls for charge over us, that neither the pure and perfect bliss, the devil nor his angels; neithat Thou hast prepared for ther the world nor its vaniall that love and fear Thee in ties; neither evil customs the glories of Thy kingdom. nor the evil that is in our own

Give all men grace to repent hearts, may bring evil upon of their sir and become Thy us. faithful servants. Teach us Hear us, O merciful Father all to love as brethren, and be of all. Hear our prayers for kind to one another, for JESUS ourselves and others. Hear CHRIST's sake. Amen. the prayers of others for them

God the Father + bless us; selves and us. Convert those GOD the Son defend us; GOD who pray neither for themthe Holy Ghost preserve us selves nor others. Above all, and ours, this day and for look upon the Son of Thy ever. Amen.

love, the lover of our souls,

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