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But test my spirit at the blazing stake,

For advocacy of the RIGHTS OF MAN,
And TRUTH-or on the wheel my body break;
Let Persecution place me 'neath its ban;
Insult, defame, proscribe my humble name:
Yea, put the dagger to my naked breast;
If I recoil in terror from the flame,

Or recreant prove when Peril rears its crest,
To save a limb, or shun the public scorn-
Then write me down for aye, Weakest of woman


PRISONER! within these gloomy walls close pentGuiltless of horrid crime, or venial wrong—

Bear nobly up against thy punishment,

And in thy innocence be tall and strong! Perchance thy fault was love to all mankind;

Thou didst oppose some vile, oppressive law;
Or strive all human fetters to unbind;

Or wouldst not bear the implements of war:-
What then? Dost thou so soon repent the deed?
A martyr's crown is richer than a king's!
Think it an honor with thy Lord to bleed,
And glory midst intensest sufferings!

Though beat-imprisoned-put to open shame-
Time shall embalm and magnify thy name!


After a night's incarceration in prison.

THOU art no fawning sycophant, sweet Sleep!
That turn'st away if Fortune rudely frown,
Leaving the stricken one alone to weep,

And mourn his former opulent renown:

O, no! but here even to this desolate place-
Thon com'st as 't were a palace trimm'd with


Its gorgeous pageants dazzling to behold: No prison walls nor bolts can thee affright—

Where dwelleth Innocence, there thou art found! How pleasant, how sincere wast thou last night! What blissful dreams my morning slumber crowned!

Health-giving Sleep! than mine a nobler verse
Must to the world thy matchless worth rehearse.



A LITTLE bird I am,

Shut from the fields of air; And in my cage I sit and sing

To Him, who placed me there;

Well pleas'd a prisoner to be,
Because, my God, it pleases Thee,

Nought have I else to do;

I sing the whole day long;
And He, whom most I love to please,

Doth listen to my song;

He caught and bound my wandering wing, But still he bends to hear me sing.

Thou hast an ear to hear;

A heart to love and bless;

And, though my notes were e'er so rude,
Thou wouldst not hear the less.

Because Thou knowest, as they fall,

That love, sweet love, inspires them all.

My cage confines me round;
Abroad I cannot fly;

But, though my wing is closely bound,

My heart's at liberty.

My prison walls cannot control

The flight, the freedom of the soul.

Oh, it is good to soar,

These bolts and bars above,
To Him, whose purpose I adore;
Whose providence I love;

And in Thy mighty will to find
The joy, the freedom of the mind.


STRONG are the walls around me,

That hold me all the day;
But they who thus have bound me,
Cannot keep God away:

My very dungeon walls are dear,
Because the God I love is here.

They know, who thus oppress me,

"T is hard to be alone;

But know not, one can bless me,

Who comes through bars and stone: He makes my dungeon's darkness bright, And fills my bosom with delight.

Thy love, O God! restores me:

From sighs and tears to praise;

And deep my soul adores Thee,

Nor thinks of time or place:

I ask no more, in good or ill,
But union with thy holy will.

"T is that which makes my treasure,
"T is that which brings my gain;

Converting woe to pleasure,

And reaping joy from pain. Oh, 't is enough, whate'er befall, To know, that God is All in All.


"T is not the skill of human art,

Which gives me power my God to know;

The sacred lessons of the heart

Come not from instruments below,

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