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(B) THE LESSONS PROPER FOR HOLY DAYS. The principle of selection is or in which he speaks to us, and clearly SPECIALITY, the endea- in others to fall back on those of vour being to select lessons ap- more general reference to the propriate for each Holy day in call and character of the Saints. particular, without reference to But for the First Lessons there those which precede and follow it. is often great difficulty in finding

(a) of the Holy days those, chapters which are in any way which we may call “Dominical,” appropriate. This difficulty,howas associated with the various ever, is not felt on such days as acts of the manifestation of Our St. Michael and All Angels, all Lord Jesus Christ, form a series, Saints' Day, St. John Baptist's in which, for the sake of com- Day, or the Conversion of St. pleteness, Easter - Day, Palm- Paul. Sunday, and Whitsunday have In the Prayer Books of 1549 to be included. For these and 1552, the number of Proper (Christmas-DayCircumcision, Lessons was comparatively small. Epiphany, Purification, Annun- From 1561 the selection reciation, Ash-Wednesday, Holy. mained unchanged till 1871, Week, Good-Friday, Easter-Eve, when the New Lectionary introthe Monday and Tuesday in duced changes amounting alEaster - Week and Whitsun- most to a reconstruction of the Week, and Ascension - Day) it whole. In the “ Dominical is easy to find Second Lessons Festivals, indeed, most of the appropriate to the occasion, and old Lessons remain ; but in not difficult to select First the other class of Festivals the Lessons, especially from the change is almost complete, the Prophetic books, bearing more new Lessons from the Old Tesor less clearly upon it.

tament being more carefully se(6) For the other class of Holy lected, taken exclusively from days, the Saints' Days properly the Canonical books, and several so called, selection is more diffi. Lessons from the New Testacnlt and less successful. When ment being added. Proper LesSecond Lessons are appointed sons were, for the first time, it is, indeed, comparatively easy appointed for Ash - Wednesday in some cases to select chapters and Monday and Tuesday before in which the Saint is mentioned, Easter.

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Sundays after Trinity
First ....
Josh. 3 v. 7 to 4 v. 15 Josh. 5 v. 13 to 6 v. 21 or Joshus

..... Judges
-4 Judges

5, Judges -6 v. 11 Third 1 Samuel -2 to v. 27 1 Samuel

31 Sam. -4 to v. 19 Fourth..............


13, Ruth
15 to v. 24

-16., 1 Sam.

-17 Sixth. 2 Samuel 1 2 Samuel--12 to v. 24 .. 2 Samuel

18 Seventh. 1 Chron. -21 1 Chron.

22 1 Chron. --28 to v. 21 Eighth - 29 v. 9 to v. 29 2 Chron.

1 Kings 1 Kings - 10 to v. 25 1 Kings -11 to v. 15

11 u. 26 Tenth.


17 Eleventh

19 »

21 Twelfth

22 to v. 41 2 Kings- -2 to v. 16 2 Kings 4 v. 8 to v.33 Thirteenth ........ 2 Kings

6 to v. 24

7 Fourteenth ......

10 to v. 32

13 Fifteenth....



23 to v. 31 Sixteenth ......... 2 Chron. 36 Nchem.--1 & 2 to v. 9 Nehem.

8 Seventeenth..... Jerem.

5 Jerem.
22 , Jerem.

-35 Eighteenth

36 Ezekiel

2, Ezekiel --13 to v. 17 Nineteenth.......Ezekiel



24 v. 15 3+ 37 - Daniel

1 Twenty-first...... Daniel

3 Daniel

5 Twenty-second..

7 u. 9,

12 Twenty-third.... Hosea

-14 Joel
-2 v. 21, Joel

3 u. 9 Twenty-fourth.. Amos

3 Amos

9 Twenty-fifth ... Micah -4 & 5 to v. 8 Micah

6, Micah

7 Twenty-sixth.... Habakkuk 2 Habakkuk 3., Zephaniah

3 Twenty-seventh Eccles. -11 & 12 Haggai --2 to v. 10,, Malachi 3 & 4


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NOTE.-That the Lessons appointed in the above Table for the Twenty-seventh Sunday after Trinity shall always be read on the Sunday next before Advent.

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1 Lesson.
2 Lesson.


60 Isaiah
3 v. 15 to r. 23 John

49 v. 13 to v. 24

-2 to v. 12

(C) THE COMMON LESSONS. The Series of Daily Lessons reading was almost continuous, from the Old Testament is now and the lessons generally coinso arranged that, in the course cided with the chapters. of the year, the main substance To these are now added a few of the whole is read through, chapters from the "Apocryphal" with the omission of the Psalter or Ecclesiastical books of Wis. and the Song of Solomon, and dom, Ecclesiasticus, and Baruch. (except as regards one chapter) The books of Tobit, Judith, the 1st Chronicles, which runs Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, and nearly parallel with 2 Samuel. Baruch, with the Story of Su. The principle of selection is, how- sanna, and Bel and the Draever, freely applied, and portions gon, were read under the Old omitted, which for any reason Lectionary. are thought not likely to tend to The New Testament is read edification. This is done spar- through twice in the year, ex. ingly in the purely historical cept the book of Revelation, books, more frequently in the which (with a few omissions) is books of Leviticus and Num. read once, at the close of the bers, and in some of the Pro- year, falling in with the Advent phetic books; and the books of and Christmas seasons. It is Chronicles are only read so far arranged that in the former half as seems needful to supplement of the year, the Gospels are read the narrative of the books of in the morning and the Acts Kings. Under the Old Lection. and Epistles in the evening, and ary the principle of selection in the latter half this order is was admitted, but far less freely reversed. Under the old system used. The books of Chronicles the New Testament was read and the Song of Solomon were thrice- the Gospels and Acts omitted altogether, the books always in the morning, the of Leviticus and Ezekiel almost Epistles in the evening ; but the entirely, and much of the book Book of Revelation was altoof Numbers. Otherwise the gether omitted.

(D) For the EPISTLES and GOSPELS, see p. 58.

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St. Barnabas,

1 Lesson. 2 Lesson.


Deuteronomy -33 to v. 12 Nahum Acts

14. v.

St. John Baptist.

-4 v. 31 Acts

1 Lesson.
2 Lesson.


3 to v. 7 Malachi

8 Matthew

-14 to v. 13


These mark the four great Festivals, and the two chief Fasts of the year. Those for Ash-Wednesday and Good Friday were inserted only at the last Revision in 1662.

It is provided (see above, The Order how the Psalter is appointed to be read) that on occasions appointed by the Ordinary, and with his consent, selections of Proper Psalms may be used.


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