Hawaii and a Revolution: The Personal Experiences of a Correspondent in the Sandwich Islands During the Crisis of 1893 and Subsequently

Dodd, Mead, 1898 - 330 páginas

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Página 175 - I come unattended, except by loving hearts that came with me over the wintry seas. I hear that Commissioners from my own land have been for many days asking this great nation to take away my little vineyard. They speak no word to me, and leave me to find out as I can from rumours in the air, and they would leave me without a home or a name or a nation.
Página 4 - ... and demanding of the King the dismissal of his Cabinet, the restitution of the $71,000 received as a bribe from Aki...
Página 147 - I therefore request your excellency to receive him favorably and to give full credence to what he shall say on the part of the United States, and to the assurances which I have charged him to convey to you of the best wishes of this Government for the prosperity of the Hawaiian Islands. May God have your excellency in His wise keeping. Written at Washington, this 27th day of September, in the year 1893. Your good friend, GROVER CLEVELAND.
Página 134 - ... beautiful in her old age, disdaining that servile conformity to prevailing fashion which makes many old people at once ugly and contemptible: speaking English with a slight, oldfashioned, refined Scotch accent, which gives naivete to everything she says, up to the latest novelty in theology and politics: devoted to her children and grandchildren, the life of the family, and though upwards of seventy, the first to rise, and the last to retire in the house. She was away when I came, but some days...
Página 278 - Englishman instead, who enjoyed nothing, saw nothing, and found fault with everything. He growled at the heat, which was intense; he grumbled at the flies, which were certainly numerous and vicious; the natives worried him; and there were certainly some bad smells, which neither he nor any one else could have enjoyed. But all these were the sort of ills that the experienced traveller learns to accept as a matter of course, a part of the price one must pay for seeing the kingdoms of this world and...
Página 295 - Once only hath that appeared which is glorious, It is wonderful, it is altogether holy} It is a blooming glory; its nature is unwithering, Rare is its stock, most singular, unrivaled, One only true vine. It is the Lord, &c.
Página 146 - GREAT AND GOOD FRIEND: I have made choice of James H. Blount, one of our distinguished citizens, as my special commissioner to visit the Hawaiian Islands and make report to me concerning the present status of affairs in that country. He is well informed of our sincere desire to cultivate and maintain to the fullest extent the friendship which has so long subsisted between the two countries, and in all matters affecting relations with the Government of the Hawaiian Islands his authority is paramount.
Página 287 - The President has the power of veto, which may be overridden by a two-thirds vote of each house. CHARACTER OF LAWS. — The foundation of the legal system of the country is the common law of England. The penal law and practice is codified, and there are no penal offenses except those enumerated in the code.
Página 283 - ... served to give it a chance to gather its strength for swifter advance The Land Commission and the great Mahele, by which the lands of the kingdom were divided between the people, the chiefs, the Government, and the King; the Constitutions of 1853, 1864, 1887; and the proclamation of January I4th, 1893, are the milestones along the way. To-day, as we pass through the gate Beautiful...
Página 175 - Today, three of the sons of those missionaries are at your capital asking you to undo their fathers' work. Who sent them? Who gave them the authority to break the Constitution which they swore they would uphold? "Today, I, a poor, weak girl with not one of my people near me and all these Hawaiian statesmen against me, have strength to stand up for the rights of my people.

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