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FOR THE YEARS 1832-33.




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In Senate, Shepley 14,
House, do.
Scattering, 7.

Feb. 17. The snow at Hallowel, was stated to be seven feet deep.

COMMON SCHOOLS.-The num. ber of scholars attending these schools in Maine, is estimated at 140,000. The schools kept by the male teachers are open about eight weeks in the year, those kept by the female teachers about ten weeks.

TAXATION.-By a return made to the secretary of state, the follow. ing results, were exhibited for 1833. Salaries paid to clergy, Town charge for paupers, Taxes paid for education,




Town taxes,


3,732,583 68

County taxes,


Total amount of resources of the banks,

State tax, including militia,


4,328,120 68

Roads and bridges,


Amounts of last dividends of

the several banks,

77,025 00

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25,651 37

16 Debts considered doubt


19,975 93

ELECTIONS.-For Governor.

Smith (administration)

Goodenow (opposition)

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Jan. 1833. Ether Shepley was elected Senator.

1833. The legislature of this state assembled at Augusta, January 2. The message of the gover. nor was communicated to the legis. lature on the 4th. Governor Smith speaks with much severity of the doctrine of nullification, and with high approbation of the proclamation of the president.

The amount received for the sale of the public lands during 1832, was

$99,199 for 124,154 acres, being an average of about eighty cents per acre. The amount paid for the state prison, was $18,700, and the receipts arising from the labour of the convicts, $18,000; but owing to the superior value of the stock on hand over that of the preceding year, the balance in favour of the institution is $1800. The number of convicts is smaller by five, than at the beginning of last year. During the past year, the receipts into the treasury of the state were $146,033 26, exclusive of the securities taken for the public lands sold; and the expenditures, including $25,000 paid on account of the state debt, $140,402 54. The present amount of the debt is $43,000.

The number of militia is stated to be 40,006.

The joint committee to whom was referred the message of the governor, upon the South Carolina address and resolutions, reported that although a majority of the people of Maine have always condemned the policy of high duties, they do not. justify the course menaced by South Carolina. The report was accompanied with four resolutions.

The first resolution declares, that the legislature is not insensible to the wrongs of that state, and is ready to unite with her in any peaceable and lawful measure to redress them; but that it regards nullification nei. ther as a safe, peaceable, nor constitutional remedy, and therefore entreats the people of South-Carolina to pause in their precipitate career. By the second it is declared, that the tariff laws; so far as they were passed palpably and solely for the protection of particular branches of industry, are unequal in operation, and contrary to the true spirit and intent of the federal com

pact. The third declares it to be due to a spirit of justice, to the demands of conciliation, to a decent respect for the opinions and inter. ests of large portions of the community, that these laws should be "gradually but speedily abated," to the imposition of such duties only, as may be required for the purpose of a revenue sufficient to defray the ordinary expenses of the govern ment, confined to its appropriate objects, and economically adminis tered. The fourth resolution ap. plauds the policy of general Jackson, and looks with confidence to him for the preservation of the Union. A counter report was presented by the minority of that committee, which enters at some length into a vindication of the constitutionality and expediency of the protecting system, and denies the reasons given in favour of its modification or abandonment at the present time.

The resolutions were afterwards taken up, and passed by both branches of the legislature.

NORTH-EAST BOUNDARY.-On the 1st of March, the governor commu. nicated a message to the senate in reply to a request of the legislature, that he would transmit to that body the report of the commissioners in relation to the north-east boundary. He declined acceding to this request, on the ground, that the publication might prejudice the negotiation which has been instituted by the president with Great Britain, upon that subject; but assures the legis lature that no final action upon it is contemplated until it shall have been submitted to their consideration.

Just before the adjournment of the legislature, the following resolutions were passed:

Resolved, That so much of the

resolve passed the third day of March, 1832, respecting the northeastern boundary, as provides for the submission to the legislature, "for approval or rejection," of the agreement or treaty therein contemplated to be made by the commissioners therein mentioned, be, and the same is hereby repealed.

Resolved, That no arrangement, provisional agreement or treaty, already made, or that may hereafter be made, under, or in pursuance of, the resolve to which this is additional, shall have any binding force, effect, or operation, until the same shall have been submitted to the people of this state, in their primary assemblies, and approved by a majority of their votes.

LEGISLATION.-At the session of the legislature forty-three public acts were passed.

BANKS. The cashier of each bank is required to make returns on the first Mondays in Janu. ary and June in each year, and to transmit the same to the secretary of state.

It shall be the duty of the secretary of state, after receiving the returns of the several banks, to cause a true abstract of the returns to be printed, and transmit a copy to the cashier of each bank in the state.

From and after October 1, 1833, no bills of the denomination of five dollars, or over, impressed from Perkins' stereotype plate, shall be issued by any bank, unless they also bear upon the back of them the impress of the Perkins' stereotype check plate.

Besides the Perkins' stereotype bills, now allowed by law to be used, it shall be lawful for any bank to issue bills of such other plates of finer engravings, superior workmanship, and greater security against

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counterfeits, as may from time to time be allowed and approved by the bank commissioners of the state.

BRIDGES.-The proprietors of bridges are authorized to prohibit any person from riding or driving any horse at a pace faster than a walk, over such bridges.

The selectmen of towns are also vested with authority to prohibit any person from riding or driving as aforesaid, over any bridge covered with plank for the length of fifty feet, such bridge being part of highway or townway.

Persons violating the provisions of this act to be liable to a penalty not exceeding five dollars.

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS.-An act giving remedies on judgments rendered by the courts of county com. missioners, and prescribing the mode of levying executions against towns and plantations.

Whenever any highway shall be established by the commissioners, leading through any unincorporated tract of land, they are to decide whether such land will be enhanced in value by the road, and, after having divided the land into divisions, to assess upon each division which they shall deem to be enhanced in value, toward the expense of making and opening such road, such sum as, in their judgment, shall be proportionate to the value thereof, and to the benefits to be derived thereto, by the establishment of such road.

DEPOSITIONS.-This act contains further provisions in regard to the mode of taking depositions, empowering the justice to issue a capias, directing any proper officer to apprehend any deponent neglecting to appear in pursuance of a citation, and to bring him before the justice

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