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“ Three more volumes of this excellent “Mr Gilfillan's handsome Library Ediseries. ... Welcome indeed is their tion of the British Poets continues its genial light to us, and to thousands of course with admirable regularity and unthe reading world besides. We can add flagging energy.”—Atlas. nothing to what we have already stated “The volume itself is all that could be as to the merits of this Edition. There wished by the subscribers to Mr Nichol's can be but one opinion.”—Illustrated Library Edition of the Poets."-NonconLondon Magazine.

formist. “We have before expressed our ap- "So unexceptionable, both as regards proval of this cheap and handsome pub- quality and price, that Mr Nichol deserves lication.”Journal of Sacred Literature. the gratitude of the reading public."

“The recent additions to this singularly The Rock. cheap and excellent series only confirms “The purchaser of Nichol's Library our impressions of their value as a per- Edition will thank the Publisher, and the manent contribution to our literature, Editor too, for these two beautiful and The introductory dissertations form alto- rich volumes of the great work.”Chrisgether the best resumé of the stores of tian News. English poetry.”—Educational Record. “He continues conscientiously to keep

"A real library book, not printed for faith with his subscribers,"_Caledonian the purpose of compressing as much as Mercury. possible into a page, but so large that “ The remarkably cheap and handsome even the aged could read it with ease. large-print Edition of the English Poets It should be a part of every library." continues to make satisfactory progress." -Critic.

-Edinburgh News. “We do trust that the Publisher of “The present volumes are in all rethis magnificent and amazingly cheap spects counterparts of the previous ones, edition of the British Poets meets with of which we have had occasion to express that liberal measure of public patronage our high admiration."-North British to which his generous and noble enter- Daily Mail. prise justly entitles him.”Homilist. “Will do lasting credit to both Pub

“ Both print and paper are equal in lisher and Editor.” -Scottish Guardian. quality to those which won our favour “Whether it be the ability with which for the previous volumes.”— Clerical it is edited, its moderate price, or the Journal.

luxury of its bold type and beautiful “ Mr Nichol, whose beautiful Edition printing, the series forms a kind of era in of the Poets has laid all men of taste this age of rough and cheap reproducunder obligation to him, has just added tion." - Liverpool Mercury. two volumes to that incomparable series." “ This valuable Edition of the British -Hogg's Instructor.

Poets continues to maintain the charac“The astonishing cheapness of these ter with which it started.” — Suffolk volumes, added to their other excellen- Chronicle. ces, cannot fail to make them generally “ These beautiful volumes well sustain acceptable, and we wish them every the high character which this Edition of success.”Charles Knight's Weekly Spec- the British Poets has deservedly .actator.

quired.”—Monitor. “ Executed in a style that reflects the “So far, in what relates to the fulfilhighest credit on the enterprise, skill, ment of the Publisher's promises toward and conscientiousness of Mr Nichol.”— the public, the undertaking has proceeded Economist.

in a most satisfactory manner; nor is less “We have more than once acknow- credit due to Mr Gilfillan for the spirit in ledged our obligation to Mr Nichol for which his editorial duties have been disthe excellent service he is rendering by charged.”—Midland Counties Herald. his uniform Edition of the English Poets.” “No such Library Edition of the Poets - Wesleyan Times.

has yet appeared. The present volume “Amongst Mr Gilfillan's criticisms, we fully sustains the reputation of its predeconsider those of Cowper and Dryden the cessors.”-Freeman. best-the latter, indeed, one of the best “Such an Edition of the British Poets that has been written on that poet.” was never before presented to the British -Globe.

people so worthy of both."— Watchman.



"The handsomest and cheapest Edition of the British Poets ever published. Mr Gilfillan has prefaced the poems with a memoir and critical review of each poet, written in his own brilliant style. As every household might easily place this collection of British Minstrelsy on its book-shelf, none should be without it.”The Critic.

“Although Mr Nichol and his talented Editor announced a high standard by which the public were to judge their Edition, the expectations induced have been more than realised." —British Controversialist.

"Characterised by the same neatness of typography and accuracy of text, that have already given this Edition of the Poets so high a rank, while the biographical notices are the best of their kind since Johnson.”—Educational Record.

"Every admirer of Burns must rejoice in seeing this very handsome Edition, and doubtless it will find its way into the libraries and book-shelves of thousands of his countrymen. This will be henceforward the standard Edition."-Hogg's Instructor.

“The volume, like all the others of this Edition of the Poets, is a very handsome one."- Atlas.

“Another volume of this admirable Edition of the British Poets,'—a handsome octavo, and large type_literally, a good sight for sair e'en.""

-The Economist. * Mr Gilfillan's memoirs, though brief, are always to the point; and his criticisms are, on the whole, very just and accurate."- Wesleyan Times.

“ An Edition as creditable to the enterprise of the Publisher, as the literary adornment is to the competent Editor." - Weekly Messenger.

" It is impossible to lay down one of these volumes composing the Library Edition of the British Poets, without recording the deep sense which every reader entertains of the eminent Publisher's strict fidelity to his engagements in the splendid volumes which he brings out every second month.”—Christian News. “The present volume fully deserves the

we Poets. Gilfillan has supplied much curious information respecting his author.” -North Briton.

"The public owes a debt of gratitude to Mr Nichol for the Library Edition of the British Poets." - Liverpool Mail.

" In the lives and criticisms Mr Gilfillan has performed his task in a gentle, loving spirit.”—Derby Mercury.

“Superior to the specimen volume which commenced the series." The Liverpool Albion.

“The text of the works is carefully edited, and there is no attempt, as there was no need, to introduce much in the way of explanatory notes. The getting up, the typography, and the appearance of the volume are all worthy of the enterprising Publisher, and of his beautiful Library Edition of the British Poets.” -Leeds Intelligencer:

“Careful and judicious editing, elegant binding and typography, and excellent paper distinguish this issue above all others." - Durham Chronicle.

“ Nichol's Edition of the Poets remains unrivalled for the beauty, we may call it the comfort, of its fine bold type, which is impressed on as fine a paper, while its size, the full octavo, complete its claims as the Library Edition of the Poets." -Woroester Herald.

“The volumes will be ornaments to any library in the kingdom."-Brighton Gazette.

“No Publisher ever kept better faith with his subscribers than Mr Nichol has done, in the issue of this splendid and wonderfully cheap series.' Dundee Saturday Post.

“Handsomer books, or books more carefully edited, we have no desire to see." - Cambridge Chronicle.

“The lovers of library editions of the poets, owe a great debt to Mr Gilfillan and his Publisher for the series.”—Leeds Mercury.

“ This Edition of the Poets is decidedly the cheapest and best.”—E.ceter Weekly Times.

“Such an Edition-whether we con sider the value of the reprints, the soundness of the criticism from the Editor, or the beautiful clearness of the typography and cheapness of the volumes-has certainly never been attempted before." - Border Advertiser.

“ We wish we could use terms strong enough to induce every public library, and all tasteful book buyers, to possess themselves of the admirable Edition of the Poets."-Greenock Advertiser.

in the Library Edition of the British - This splendid Edition of the Poets

continues to reflect infinite credit on the Publisher. The labours of Mr Gilfillan as commentator and critic, are marked by much discernment and philosophic acumen.”Kelso Chronicle.

“This Edition of the Poets is decidedly the best, as well as the cheapest, that has ever been given to the public." —Dundee Courier,



“This is not merely the cheapest, it is the handsomest Edition of the British Poets ever published.”—The Critic.

“ Bids fair for the honours of a standard Edition."Nlustrated Monthly Magazine.

“Of this Edition of the Poets we cannot speak too highly, both for elegance and cheapness; and we hope Mr Nichol, the Publisher, will be well sustained in his enterprise.”Clerical Journal.

“ One of the best issues of Mr Nichol's collection of the British Poets, .... a favourable testimony to the Publisher's liberality." - Atlas.

“This volume of Mr Nichol's excellent Edition of the Poems of the Northern Bard contains Marmion and the Vision of Don Roderick. The type, as usual, is large and clear, and the getting up unexceptionable." - Economist.

* Mr Gilfillan and the Publisher have done their work we believe every way to the satisfaction of their numerous subscribers.”—Christian News.

“ How such clear type, elegant binding, and diligent editing can be given for the annual subscription of £1, 1s., which insures the delivery of six volumes, is indeed one of the marvels of the age.”Bell's Weekly Messenger.

“Mr Giltillan has collected and condensed the facts of Scott's busy life with care and general correctness, and has commented sparingly, and for the most part judiciously, on his career and works.” -Scotsman.

“Mr Gilfillan has done ample justice to himself and his Publisher in the admirable sketch of the works and life of Sir Walter with which he introduces the compositions of the present volume. As to the style in which the work is produced, we cannot add anything to the cordial admiration we have more than once expressed.”—Caledonian Mercury.

“ The series fulfils all the conditions which the most exacting could demand or the least reasonable imagine.”—Edinburgh Weekly Herald. A

very model of taste, elegance, and respectability. The Editor's Biographical Sketches are written with a free and easy pen, con amore, and are always interesting."-North British Daily Mail.

« The Edition has won a standard reputation for its careful editing, the beauty of its typography, and the lowness of its price.”-Scottish Guardian.

“This Edition far outstrips any. similar attempt that has yet been made.”Plymouth Journal.

Finely printed and handsomely got up."— Dundee Courier.

“We are enabled by this time to form a tolerably correct opinion of the manner in which its conductors have kept faith with the public. Their avowed object was to produce a work, which, for excellence of typography, quality of paper, neatness of appearance, and judicious editing, should, combined with cheapness, entitle it to the patronage of all classes ; this object has been hitherto effected in a way that cannot fail to satisfy even the most fastidious. The Prefaces are written by Mr Gilfillan with taste, judgment, and impartiality."-Art Journal.

“We like the generous spirit which marks the labours of the Editor. The volumes are at once so cheap and desirable, that we fear the Publisher has consulted the advantage of his readers at the cost of his own.”Irish Eccles. Gazette.

“Merits the warmest praise.”Durham Chronicle.

“ At this stage of the Library' series, it is only an act of common justice to the Publisher to say, that he has rigidly adhered to the pledges given in his prospectus."-Norfolk News.

“Worthy of being added to every library in the kingdom.”-Doncaster Gazette.

“The fidelity with which the promise of the preceding four years has been kept in respect to regularity of issue, uniform beauty of type and paper, together with purity of text, is the best guarantee that Mr Nichol is a man in all respects to be believed in his promises.”—Liverpool Mail.

“ Its beautiful paper, and clear, large type, render it a treasure for strong young eyes, and a great source of happiness and comfort for weak sight or aged optics."— Worcester Herald.

Unique in the style of its typography.”Cheltenham Examiner.

“An Edition which, in point of beauty, style, and care in the editorial department, is unrivalled.”—Brighton Gazette.

“This magnificent Edition of the British Poets, embellished with all the appliances which good paper and typography can render it, progresses with a regularity which must satisfy its subscribers and all others concerned."--Nottingham Journal.

"The memoir of Sir Walter Scott, which Mr Gilfillan has added to this issue, greatly enhances the value of the volume. It is brief, tasteful, and truthful.”—Greenock Advertiser.

“No library, either public or private, ought to be without a copy of this valuable Edition of the British Poets." --Stir. ling Observer,








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