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November 25, 1940, to December 2, 1940

Report of
Delegates of the United States



Inter-American Maritime Conference
Washington, November 25–December 2, 1940

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Report of Delegates on Behalf of the Government of the United States

of America to the Honorable Cordell Hull, Secretary of State



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WAShington, D. C., December 31, 1940. The Honorable CORDELL Hull,

Secretary of State. SIR: The undersigned, designated by your letter of September 16, 1940, to be the delegates of the Government of the United States to the Inter-American Maritime Conference, have the honor to submit the following report concerning the proceedings of that Conference and our participation therein.

The Conference convened on November 25 last and concluded its labors on December 2, after 10 general sessions which were held in the Pan American Union in this city, and which were characterized by a spirit of cooperative endeavor and of mutual consideration. In our opinion, the Conference was eminently successful in its essential purpose, that of bringing about a better understanding on the part of all of the delegates concerning the nature and scope of the maritime and related problems of the Western Hemisphere and the factual considerations underlying such problems. It also succeeded in formulating practical proposals unanimously agreed upon, for continued cooperative study of existing and future problems and for such action as the circumstances thus determined may indicate. We are glad to be able to express to you our belief that the successful outcome of this Conference constitutes one further material step in the development of a healthy Pan American solidarity based upon common understandings and cooperative effort.

ORIGIN OF THE CONFERENCE This Conference constituted a further step in that process of informal cooperation between the American Republics in the search for practical solutions of the economic and financial problems of the Western Hemisphere, which was initiated by the establishment of the Inter-American Financial and Economic Advisory Committee. The Conference developed further, in the shipping field, this method of mutual assistance by the Governments through the clarification of facts and the promotion of mutual understandings concerning the nature of such eonomic and financial problems (especially those which have developed as a result of the present war in Europe) and by formulating, for the consideration of the respective governments, suggested plans and proposals designed to serve better their common interests.

As you of course know, the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of

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