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An act for the relief of Jonas Harrison.

An act to continue in force an act, entitled an act relating to settlers on lands of the United States.

An act for the relief of the widow and children of Jacob Graeff, deceased.

An act supplementary to the several acts relative to direct taxes and internal duties.

An act making the port of Bath, in Massachusetts, a port of entry for ships or vessels arriving from the Cape of Good Hope, and from places beyond the same, and for establishing a new collection district, whereof Belfast shall be the port of entry.

An act for the relief of John B. Dabney.
An act for the relief of John Work.

An act respecting the organization of the army, and for other purposes.

An act to incorporate the Columbian Institute.

An act to increase the duties on iron in bars and bolts, iron in pigs, castings, nails, and alum.

An act for the relief of Peggy Baily.

An act for the relief of captain Benjamin Johnson and captain Ilcnry Gist.

An act to increase the duties on certain manufactured articles imported into the United.

An act to continue in force, from and after the 30th June, 1819, until the 30th June, 1826, the fourth paragraph of the first section of the act, entitled “ An act to regulate the duties on imports and tomage."

An act providing for the deposite of wines and distilled spirits in public ware houses.

An act for the relief of Cornelia Mason.

An act supplementary to the act, entitled “ An act to regulate the collection of duties on imports and tonnage," passed the 2d day of March, 1799.

An act for the relief of John Seybold.

An act for the relief of James Mackey, of the territory of Missouri.

An act transferring the claims in the office of the commissioner to the Third Auditor of the Treasury.

An act for the relief of Madame Poidevin.

An act act for the relief of Benjamin Birdsall and Wm. S. Foster.

An act supplementary to the several acts making appropriations for the year 1818.

An act for changing the compensations of the registers and receivers of the land offices.

An act to regulate and fix the compensation of clerks; and,
An act to alter and establish post roads.
Ordered, That the Clerk acquaint the Senate therewith.

Mr. Harrison, from the joint committee, appointed to wait on the President of the United States, reported, that the committee had performed that service, and that the President informed them tliat he had no further communication to make to Congress at the present session.

A message from the Senate, by Mr. Cutts, their Secretary:

Mr. Speaker: The Senate have received official information that the President of the United States did, this day, approve and sign,

An act fixing the compensation of Indian agents and factors; An act for the relief of Richard M. Johnson; An act authorizing a subscription for the Statistical Annals, by Adam Seybert, and the purchase of Pitkin's Commercial Statistics of the United States; An act for the relief of John Hall, lato major of marines; An act for the relief of Samuel F. Hooker; An act to divide the state of Pennsylvania into two judicial districts; An act to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to repay or remit certain alien duties therein described; An act to authorize the disposal of certain lots of public ground in the city of New Orleans and town of Mobile; An act to alter and amend an act, approved the 3d day of March, 1817, entitled . An act to establish a separate territorial government for the eastern part of the Mississippi territory;" An act to increase the salaries of the judges of th: circuit court of the District of Columbia; An act respecting the surveying and sale of the public lands in the territory of Alabama; An act to defray the expenses of the militia when marching to places of rendezvous; An act in addition (o “ An act to prohibit the importation of slaves into any port or place within the jurisdiction of the United States, from and after the 1st of January, in the year of our Lord 1808," and to repeal certain parts of the same; An act to adjust the claims to lots in the town of Vincennes, and for the sale of the land appropriated as a common for the use of the inhabitants of said town; and, An act concerning tonnage and discriminating duties in certain cases.

Mr. Cutts also notified the Ilouse, that the Senate having completed the legislative business before them, are ready to adjourn.

Ordered, That a message be sent to the Senate to inform them that this House having completed their business, are now ready to adjourn; and that the Clerk go with the said message.

The Clerk having delivered the said message, and being returned

The Speaker adjourned the Ilouse until the third Monday in November next, the day fixed by law for the next meeting of the Congress of the United States.



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Absence granted to-
Mr. Ingham

Mr. Fuller

Mr. Bryan

Mr. Bellinger

Mr. Barbour, of Va.

Mr. Shaw

Mr. Storrs

Mr. Orr

Mr. Mills

Mr. Ball

Mr. Holmes

Mr. Edwards

Mr. Allen, of Mass.

Academies, motion to establish three additional military 33, 221,

231, 241
motion to provide for the education of the sons of

deceased officers and soldiers, at the military 241, 245
Accounts, committee of, appointed (see committee)

of col. Thomas, referred to the attorney general 351, 447
Adhere, votes to

African slave trade, proposition more effectually to prevent
our citizens from engaging in the

Adjournment, daily hour of, fixed

8, 270, 319, 323, 325
for the christmas holydays

of Congress, resolution to fix a day for the 284

(see resolutions, joint)
Alabama territory, motion to repeal certain parts of the act

respecting the holding of courts in 54, 99
inquiry into the expediency of establish-
ing an additional land office in the

John Crowell, the delegate from, appears 312
qualification to office in the

(sce bills, No. 156)
judicial regulations within the

(see bills from the Senate, No. 15)
Algiers, vessels captured from the Dey of (see prize money)
Alexandria, court-house, jail, and public offices to be erected
in the county of

(see bills, No. 23)

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Alier duties, remission of certain

(see bills from the Senate, No. 44)
Amelia Island and Galveston, the establishment of certain per-

song at, suppressed; and the
island taken possession of, by

the forces of the United States 11,157
information required as to the

proceedings of the persons who

formed the establishment at 29, 51
memorials of Vicente Pazos,

against the taking of 320, 411
further information respecting
the occupation of, called for 362


Anderson, col. John, his letter to Mr. Williams, and proceed-

igns thereon

117, 124, 129, 131, 134,

139, 142, 145, 155
Allen, Williani, presents a copy of Mr. Monroc's message on
silvered leather

Alum, the duties on, increased


(sce bills, No. 73)
Appropriations, estimates of

biils, making (see the various bills)
Arinory, motion to establish an additional national

Army, motion to reduce the

motion to grant an additional ration to the officers
of the

return of the strength of tlic
tite Secretary of War to report whether any reduction

can be made in the expenses of the
the Secretary of War to report the names and grades

of, &c.
-- new organization of, by adding sundry oslicers to the

(sce bills, No. 55)
-- better regulations of the staff of the

(see bills from the Senate, No. 29)
Armstrong," prize money granted to the crew of the priva-
teer, “ General

(not acted on)
Arrearages in the Military Department, provision for

(sec bills, No. 39)
Arms, report of the Secretary of War upon the expenses of
the different methods of supplying

furnished the different states, return of

Assays of foreign coins, report of
Assessors, motion to make an additional allowance to
Attorney General, col. Thomas, accounts referred to him

41, 73




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219, 426
351, 447

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