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fiaff of an ell long, made taper-wise, tipt wiih horn,) with his shield of hard leather, was borne afier him," &c. See also Mintheu's Di&. 1617. in v. Combat ; from which it appears that Nailor on this occafiou was introduced to the Judges, with “ three folemn congees,” by a very reverend person, " Sir Jerome Bowes, ambaslador fom Queen Elizabeth into Russia, who carried a red bajton of an ell long, tipped with horne." In a very ancient law-book entitled Britton, the manner in which the combatanis are 10 be armed is particularly mentioned. The quotation from the Sloanian MS. is a tranflation from thience. By a ridiculous mistake the words, “ fauns loge arme," are rendered in the modern translation of that book, printed a few years ago, is without linnen armour;" and " a mains nues and pies" (bare-handed and bare-footed) is translated, " and their hands naked, and on foot. VIALON.

This play may be jufily faid to contain two of the most sprightly characters that Shakspeare ever drew. The wit, the humourist, the gentleman, and the soldier, are combined in Benedick. is to be lamented, indeed, that the first and most splendid of these distinations, is disgraced by unneceflary profaneness'; for the goodness of his heart is hardly suificient to atone for the licence of his tongue. The too farcastic levity, which flashes out in the

conversation of Beatrice, may bé excused on account of the steadi· ness and friendship so apparent in her behaviour, when the urges

her lover to risque his life by a challenge to Claudio. In the
conduct of the fable, however, there is an imperfection similar to
that which Dr. Johnson has pointed out in the Merry Wives of
Windfor: – the second contrivance is less ingenious than the first:
or, to speak more plainly, the same incident is become sale by
repetition. I with some other method had been found to entrap
Beatrice, than that very one which before had been successfully
pradised on Benedick.

Much ado about Nothing, (as I undersland from one of Mr. Vertue's MSS. ) formerly passed under the title of Benedick and Beatrix. Heming the piayer received, on the 20th of May, 1613, ihe sum of forty pounds, and twenty pounds more as his Majesty's gratuity, for exhibiting fix plays at Hampton-Court, among which was this comedy. STEEVENS.

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