Creation and the Courts

Crossway Books, 2007 - 400 páginas
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With the explosion of the Intelligent Design movement, many Americans are once again forced to take sides in the long-standing battle between creation and evolution. Yet many feel inadequately educated on the judicial process of this battle.

In Creation and the Courts, Norman Geisler offers a behind-the-scenes look at the testimonies and arguments of the prosecution and defense of the major creation versus evolution court battles. Geisler offers a compelling look at the erosion of Christian influence in AmericaŐs public schools. Creation and the Courts encourages readers to learn from the past judicial fights and to take their rightful places in the battle. These conflicts in todayŐs classrooms and courtrooms must continue to be fought, and anyone willing to be a soldier must be equipped with the knowledge found in this book.

ŇNorman Geisler has always been a Ôtrail-blazerŐ for people who want to speak out about their faith, and Creation and the Courts blazes a trail into the truth of creation vs. evolution. Through his firsthand personal experience in the ÔScopes IIŐ trial and his exhaustive research into other similar trials, Geisler will draw you into the world of our legal system, better preparing you to address issues of creation and evolution.Ó
Josh D. McDowell, author and speaker

ŇAs both an eyewitness in the courtroom and a highly respected scholar in the classroom, Norman Geisler provides a unique perspective to one of the most critical discussions of our time. From the Scopes trial to the recent Dover case, Geisler summarizes and counters the often unexamined assumptions left in their wake. This is an invaluable resource on the subject, and I enthusiastically recommend it.Ó
Ravi Zacharias, author and speaker

ŇThe concept of intelligent design is being debated by jurists and scientists as well as the media. Norman GeislerŐs Creation and the Courts adds to those discussions the important perspective of a philosopher, theologian, and biblical scholar. Of all the superb monographs written by Geisler, this one may be the most important. Every pastor and theologian should read this volume this year.Ó
Paige Patterson, President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

ŇNorman Geisler has provided a compilation and commentary on the issue of evolution, public education, and the courts that will serve as an important resource for decades to come. Dr. Geisler convincingly shows that much of the debate over this issue is a jurisprudential mess resulting from philosophically confused though well-meaning scientists and jurists. He offers just the sort of clarity this debate requires.Ó
Francis J. Beckwith, Associate Professor of Church-State Studies, Baylor University, and author of Law, Darwinism, and Public Education

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Las opiniones no están verificadas, pero Google revisa que no haya contenido falso y lo quita si lo identifica
Crítica de los usuarios  - mike -

as usual with dr. geisler you may not agree with him but he does make strong the subject and is hard to disagree with. he is an excellent scholar with the best heart i know. after reading most of his ... Leer comentario completo

Crítica de los usuarios  - Dr. John Painter -

Not a general treatment, but a review of several specific trials and Supreme Court rulings, selected from between 1925 and 2005. The book is OK, but just not matched to my interest in why and how ... Leer comentario completo

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Norman L. Geisler is author or coauthor of some sixty books, including The Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics and his four-volume Systematic Theology. He has taught at the university and graduate level for nearly forty years and has spoken or debated in all fifty states and in twenty-five countries. He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from Loyola University and now serves as president of Southern Evangelical Seminary.

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