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This Report is about the problems women in American cities face when they try to acquire and maintain a decent place to live.

It is also a Report about what we as a Nation can do about these problems.

It is, candidly then, a call for action action on behalf of 53 percent of the Nation's population, the American woman, who at one time or another during her lifetime stands an unconscionably high risk of being the victim of sex discrimination at the hands of the housing market.

We have reached our conclusions after a year of investigations under a contract with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

During the course of our investigations we have listened to hundreds of women, in public hearings and less public workshops in Atlanta, St. Louis, San Antonio, San Francisco and New York. We heard them relate their experiences and those of others in scores of transactions involving attempts to buy a house or rent an apartment or secure a mortgage or purchase casualty insurance or get the plumbing fixed only to encounter sex bias in one shape or another. We learned that while racial minorities are sensitive to duplicity on the part of the "housing gatekeeper", the white woman finds discrimination a hard thing to comprehend. And others described the additional constraints faced by women who are poor, or Latin, or lesbians, or single parents, or old.

We have also heard from men. Some, husbands of working wives, spoke as victims of lender discrimination. But most were spokesmen from the shelter delivery system planners, developers, brokers, lenders, trade association officials -- who generally denied any knowledge

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