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1. [Poole, Aleris ? or Baker ?] Statistical View

the Gucutive and segislative Derastmes

Government of Noass. Boston. 2. [vole, Aleris). The same. 1848.

With a scription of the State House , Gift and of the Land, etc. [ld Series.]

Boston ] The same.


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the darly History of the Nass. Con Legislature, tre [3d Series.] Boston

] The same, 1850. port of the Hecting of the Boston u Party' also with Letters of Gen. Was

ington. [4th Series.) Bouton 5. [

I The same

same. 1852. With Farewell Address of Gen. Washington 17th, 1796. [5 th Series.]

Bouton. -) The same. 1852. pact made on Board the Mayflower 'nth, 1620, charter of the colony of A

Plymouth and Presentation ou Feat

Stoff to Myron Lawrence [6 th Series.] 7. [

1 The same. 1853 . With logy delivered by Mon. George S. Will

on Daniel Webites. [7th Series.) 8.[

I Statistical View of the 6 tion of Delegates for reirsing the bons tiori ai Abass. the Houth of May, 1853 Opening Proceedings and List of tembe

With a

Tor. 1852?

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Con, Sept 1st, 1799. And the Members of the Convention of 1820.

Boston. 1833. tool, tezis

Annual Register of the fucu tive and Legislative "Jepartment of the Government' of Moass. 1854. With the Frist Inaug'iral Ilissage of, çev. yohn bancock


Kostom. 1854. The same,

1855. 9th Series. Boston. 1855.

The same. 1856. 10th Series.
7ooton, 1856.
The same. 1857.

11th Series
Bouton. 1857
he same. 1858.

12 th Series. Boston. 1858. Annual Register of the Executive and Legisla

tive. Departments of the Government of Massachusetts, 1859

. 73ostoni 1860.



The same.
The same.
The same .
The same.
The same.


73 oston: 7861. Boston1862 Boston. 1863.



Boston, 1864.

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