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H. B. No. 34, by Mr. Prendergast, entitled "An Act to provide for the Great Seal of the Territory." On motion of Mr. Prendergast, the words "of Hawaii" were inserted in the title after the word "Territory". On motion of Mr. Beckley, the Bill was ordered typewritten and made a special order of the day for the afternoon.

On motion of Mr. Beckley, the House thereupon stood in recess until 1:30 o'clock p. m.


House of Representatives,

Honolulu, T. H., March 14th, 1901. The House reconvened at 1:40 o'clock p. m. Mr. Speaker in the Chair.

On motion of Mr. Paele, it was ordered that the Clerk of the House of Representatives be instructed to notify the Senate that the ('ommittee on Rules of the Senate is needed to join the Committee on Rules of this House to frame the Joint Rules as soon as possible, in order that a Joint Committee on Passed Bills might be appointed.


Under a suspension of the Rules, the following report of Standing Committee was presented:

On Petition No. 8, by Mr. Ewaliko, relating to the repeal of various laws, etc., from Mr. Mahoe, Chairman of the Committee on Miscellany, reporting that the matters covered in said petition were now or shortly would be under consideration by the House in the form of Bills. Report was adopted.


The following Bill was taken up for consideration upon its second reading :

H. B. No. 37, by Mr. Avlett, entitled "An Act to repeal Sections 317, 318, 319, 322 and 323 of the Penal Laws of 1897, relating to Sunday.” Mr. Mahoe moved that Bill be referred to the Committee on Judiciary. Lost. On motion of Mr. Makekan, the House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole for the consideration of this Bill.

Mr. Beckley in the Chair.

The Committee arose at 5 p. m. and reported to the House through Mr. Makekau, who had been called to the Chair by Mr. Beckley in the meantime, that the said Committee had had said Bill under consideration and recommended that the same be referred to a Special Committee of five members for the purpose of considering this Bill, which report, on motion of Mr. Robertson, was adopted.




Under a suspension of the Rules, the following communication was read:

From the Auditor, in response to certain questions embraced in H. R. No. 23, by Mr. Hoogs, relating to Government beneficiaries receiving their salaries during their absence from the Territory, and the authority therefor.

On motion of Mr. Robertson, the House thereupon adjourned.





House of Representatives, Honolulu, T. H., March 15th, 1901.

The House came to order at 9:15 o'clock a. m., pursuant to adjournment.

Hon. J. A. Akina, Speaker, presiding.
Prayer by Chaplain Kamoku.
Roll Call:

Present--- Messrs. Ahulii, Aylett, Beckley, Dickev. Ewaliko, Gilfillan, Haaheo, Hihio, Kaauwai, Kauimakaole, Keiki, Kekaula, Kumalae, Mahoe, Makainai, Makekau, Monsariat, Mossman, Nailima, Paele, Puuki, Robertson and Mr. Speaker---23.

Came in later--- Messrs. Emmeluth, Hoogs, Kaniho, Prendergast and Wilcox---5.

Excused--- Messrs. Kawaihoa and Kelikoa---2.

The Journal of Proceedings of the preceding day was read, corrected and approved.


The following Bill, notice of which had previously been given, was introduced, read by title, passed first reading, and was ordered printed:

H. B. No. 55, by Mr. Kaauwai, entitled, “An Act to amend Section 123 of the Civil Laws, as compiled in 1897, relating to the teaching of the English and Hawaiian languages in public and private schools.” Mr. Kaauwai moved that the Bill do pass. Carried.


The following Resolutions were introduced:

H. R. No. 30, by Mr. Puuki, relating to appropriation for bridges and roads for Kauai. Consideration postponed, to be taken up with the Appropriation Bill.

H. R. No. 33, by Mr. Kauimakaole, relating to appropriation for repairs and maintenance of roads and bridges in the Distriet of Hana, Maui. Consideration postponed, to be taken up with the Appropriation Bill.

H. R. No. 35, by Mr. Ewaliko, for widening Front street, Hilo. Consideration postponed, to be taken up with the Appropriation Bill.

The following Resolutions, requesting information from Heads of Departments, were passed, and the Clerk was instructed to forward a certified copy of the same to the Secretary of the Territory:

H. R. No. 31, by Mr. Ewaliko, Chairman of the Committee on Military, as follows:

Resolved, that the Secretary of the Territory be and he is hereby requested to furnish this IIouse a list of persons drawing moneys from the Treasury under appropriation “Support of the Military Pay Roll,” also present monthly expenditures, if any, under appropriation "Support of Military.”

H. R. No. 32, by Mr. Beckley, as follows:

That Whereas, in the Governor's recommendation to the House of Representatives of the Appropriation Bill, the Governor has recommended to the Legislature to appropriate for the various Departments and Bureaus in the Territory of Hawaii of lump sums of money to be apportioned and paid at the discretion of heads of said Bureaus and Departments;

Therefore, Be It Resolved, the Secretary of the Territory of Hawaii be requested to furnish this House the names of all per

by each

sons employed by the Territory in the City of Honolulu, their nationality, whether citizens or not; their length of residence in the Territory of Hawaii; how long the said positions have been held by present incumbents; the character of said positions held

person; the amount of salaries per month attached to all and each of the positions of the following Departments and Bureaus: Clerical aid to the Secretary of the Territory; Superintendent of Public Works; Attorney General's Office; Agriculture and Forestry; Water Works; Treasury; Tax Office; Auditors; Military; Registrar of Conveyances; Judiciary; Board of Health; Road Department; High Sheriff's and Police, and Superintendent of Public Instruction.

And Be It Further Resolved, that a certified copy of this Resolution be furnished Henry E. Cooper, Secretary of the Territory.

H. R. No. 34, by Mr. Mossman, as follows:

Be It Resolved, that the Secretary of the Territory forthwith submit to this House all matters pertaining to the political prisoners of 1895; and further

Be It Resolved, that the said Secretary be requested to forthwith answer the following questions:

First---The names of all those who were arrested during that time.

Second---The date of arrest and also the date of acquittal.

Third---The duration of time that each prisoner was deprived of his liberty.

Fourth---All correspondence exchanged between the late Republic and the Foreign Powers in reference to the said political prisoners.

Fifth--If any claims made by any Foreign Powers in regard to their subjects, to state how much and by what Power said claim was made.

Sixth---All correspondence exchanged in regard to said claim.

Seventh---To separately state the different nationalities, their names, and whether they were tried by a Court Martial or not, both foreigners and Hawaiians.

And Be It Further Resolved, that the Clerk of this House be instructed to transmit a copy of this Resolution to the said Secretary of the Territory of Hawaii.

NOTICES OF BILLS. Notice was given of intention to introduce the following Bills:

By Mr. Robertson, entitled "An Act to amend Section 45 of Chapter 57 of the Session Laws of 1892, relating to cases of absence, disqualification and vacancy in the offices of Circuit Judges.”

By Mr. Robertson, entitled "An Act to prevent the wanton destruction of the food fishes living in the waters of the Territory of Hawaii."

Mr. Makekau rose to a privileged question, and called the attention of the Speaker to the fact that the Territorial Band was playing “My Country, 'Tis of Thee.” Whereupon, out of respect to the national anthem, the members of the House arose and remained standing until the selection was finished.

Under a suspension of the Rules, Mr. Hoogs moved that the communication received yesterday from the Auditor, relating to the

pay of Territorial employes during their absence from the Territory, be returned to the Auditor, with the request that he furnish this House with the amount of moneys so drawn. Carried.

The Sergeant-at-Arms announced a communication from the Honorable Senate.


The following report of Standing Committe was presented, under a suspension of the Rules:

On H. B. No. 36, by Mr. Makainai, entitled “An Act providing for the control and management of the Government sewerage system,” from Mr. Makainai, Chairman of the Committee on Public Lands and Internal Improvements, recommending that the Bill do pass with certain amendments. On motion, the consideration of the report was postponed, to be taken up with the Bill.


The following Bills were taken up for consideration upon their third reading:

H. B. No. 34, by Mr. Prendergast, entitled "An Act to provide for the Great Seal of the Territory of Hawaii.”

Hawaii." Mr. Mahoe moved that the Bill do pass; upon which motion the ayes and noes were called, with the following result:

Ayes---Messrs. Ahulii, Beckley, Dickey, Emmeluth, Ewaliko, Gilfillan, Haaheo, Hihio, Hoogs, Kaauwai, Kauimakaole, Kaniho, Keiki, Kekaula, Kumalae, Mahoe, Makainai, Monsarrat, Mossman, Nailima, Paele, Prendergast, Puuki, Robertson and Wilcox---25.

Noes---Mr. Makekau---1.
Present and not voting---Mr. Speaker---1.
Excused---Messrs. Kawaihoa and Keliikoa---2.

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