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ceed him. Vashti must be deposed, that Esther, a better than she, may be exalted. Haman must be gibbeted at his own expense, that Mordecai might go from the gate to the treasury, and from his sackcloth to royal apparel. Mr. Loud must get into Satan's strong hold, while Fixsen, who sat in the prison-house, must go forth and shew himself. Thus it must be done to those 6 whom the King delighteth to honour.” And I bless God for every discovery he makes of an hypocrite, and I bless him for every soul in whose conscience he makes me manifest. A preacher is sent to root up as well as to plant; to throw down as well as to build. And, while God uses me to separate the vile from the precious, and the chaff from the wheat, I shall be as God's mouth. “And who is sufficient for these things?” “Our sufficiency is of God.” And where shall we solve these things? Not in free-will. Mr. Loud wills to be great, and you to be little; he to be wise, and you to be foolish, that you may be wise; he seeks honour from men, you the honour from God; he wishes to divide and scatter, and you to unite and gather; he hates the light, and shuns it, and you come to it; he reviles me for telling the truth, while the truth makes you free; he is, and will be, disappointed; and you do, and will, find what you never expected. And sọ it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God, who will have mercy on whom he will have mercy, and whom he will he hardeneth. And here we are obliged to trace these things up to their proper basis; resolve them, settle them, and leave them, on the absolute, sovereign, and uncontrollable will of God, who will do as he pleases with his own. To believe in, humbly to acquiesce with, and to submit to, the sovereign and good will of God in Christ Jesus, is the highest act of a saint's obedience. But he that kicks, rebels, and resists his revealed will, and impiously disputes against it, does the work of a devil and a rebel. But God has made us willing in the day of his power, and Christ has received gifts for the rebellious, that the Lord God might dwell

among them.

The Lord Jesus Christ be thy prophet, thy priest, thy king, and thy sole director; and blessed shalt thou then be, and it shall be well with thee. Grace and peace be with thee.

Ever thine,

W. H






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