Code of Federal Regulations: Containing a Codification of Documents of General Applicability and Future Effect as of December 31, 1948, with Ancillaries and Index

Division of the Federal Register, the National Archives, 1988

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Página 314 - States the sum of $100 for each and every day of the continuance of such failure which forfeiture shall be payable into the Treasury of the United States, and shall be recoverable in a civil suit in the name of the United States brought in the district where the corporation has its principal office or in any district in which it shall do business.
Página 336 - The results submitted by each of two laboratories should not be considered suspect unless the two results differ by more than the following amounts: Tests have also been described,48 including a method of oxidizing thin films by heating to 140° F.
Página 7 - new source" means any stationary source, the construction or modification of which is commenced after the publication of regulations (or, if earlier, proposed regulations) prescribing a standard of performance under this section which will be applicable to such source. (3) The term "stationary source" means any building, structure, facility, or installation which emits or may emit any air pollutant.
Página 24 - Incinerator" means any furnace used in the process of burning waste for the primary purpose of reducing the volume of the waste by removing combustible matter. (i) "Propellant" means a fuel and oxidizer physically or chemically combined which undergoes combustion to provide rocket propulsion.
Página 55 - Asbestos-containing waste materials means any waste that contains commercial asbestos and is generated by a source subject to the provisions of this subpart. This term includes asbestos mill tailings, asbestos waste from control devices, friable asbestos waste material, and bags or containers that previously contained commercial asbestos. However, as applied to demolition and renovation operations, this term includes only friable asbestos waste...
Página 7 - Construction" means fabrication, erection, or installation of an affected facility. "Effective date" is the date of promulgation in the FEDERAL REGISTER of an applicable standard or other regulation under this part. "Existing source" means any stationary source which is not a new source. "Monitoring system" means any system, required under the monitoring sections in applicable subparts, used to sample and condition (if applicable), to analyze, and to provide a record of emissions or process parameters....
Página 100 - ... (ii) the Administrator may grant a waiver permitting such source a period of up to two years after the effective date of a standard to comply with the standard, if he finds that such period is necessary for the installation of controls and that steps will be taken during the period of the waiver to assure that the health of persons will be protected from imminent endangerment.
Página 333 - In order to obtain satisfactory accuracy with the small amounts of phosphorus involved, it is necessary to take extensive precautions in handling. The usual precautions of cleanliness, careful manipulation, and avoidance of contamination should be scrupulously observed; also, all glassware should be cleaned before use, with cleaning acid or by some procedure that does not involve use of commercial detergents. These compounds often contain alkali phosphates which are strongly absorbed by glass surfaces...
Página 7 - ... annual asset guideline repair allowance percentage" specified in the latest edition of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Publication 534 and the stationary source's basis, as defined by section 1012 of the Internal Revenue Code.
Página 195 - ... major stationary source" and "major emitting facility" mean any stationary facility or source of air pollutants which directly emits, or has the potential to emit, one hundred tons per year or more of any air pollutant (including any major emitting facility or source of fugitive emissions of any such pollutant, as determined by rule by the Administrator) . (k) The terms "emission limitation...

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