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to what a height the giant has attained. We come to you in this present shape to show you who are Spiritualiststhe madmen in this world, who believe themselves to be the really clear-minded and sane men of this world. In this movement, which we have commenced, we believe we are the humble instruments in the hands of higher powers, for the production of great results. We are proud of the posts we occupy. We are not ashamed to present our names for your consideration. We are not ashamed to meet you on an equal platform, as men, and talk with you cerning this subject."

In a work published in this city, entitled “The Rappers," it is said : “ In the city of New York, to which circle our personal investigation has been confined, there are, at the least calculation, forty thousand sincere believers in spiritual rappings. We cannot pretend to give the num*ber of the disciples in the United States. The rush to consult the spirits, in both what are called private and public circles in New York, if known, would astound the public. From morning until noon, from noon until night, and from night until morning again, in parlors where flashing mirrors reflect rosewood, and velvet, and silver, and gold; in humble rooms where the floors and walls are bare, the tables are placed, and around them, men and women, with their hands spread out, and eyes fixed, as if on vacancy, are seated waiting for communications from the spirit-world."

The world should not be surprised by these “manifestations. They are nothing new. The history of Spirit

ualism is the history of sorcery in all ages.' Egyptian sore : cery furnishes the most remarkable antecedent to the present movement. The Spiritualism of the present was neither beyond the reach of the prophetic telescope nor theken of Jehovah's prophets. The world has been premonished of its approach by the Seer of Patmos, the Apostle to the Gentiles, and the Saviour of the world. This fact is another evidence of the Divine origin of the book against which Spiritualism is arrayed, and which is the most formidable obstacle to its progress. Spiritualism proves itself to be the anti-christian movement of the present age, and one of the worst delusions which has ever afflicted the world. But it is not all to be met by sneers and cries of "humbug," "ventriloquism," "collusion," and “cheat." Intelligent men, learned men, and strong men, are conscientiously wedded to the system. Some of them have challenged the world to meet them in the fight and expose their errors.” It is no more than just that they should be met with candor and fairness. Every work which has been published, denying the alleged spiritual agency, has failed to meet the case, both in fact and in the estimation of the public. No work in which the agency of spirits has been admitted, has been sufficiently extensive to expose the evils of the system-evils which are much to be deplored. Being in possession of important facts, some of which had never been published, and others never in a connected form, we concluded to ac

cept the "challenge.Hence this effort to expose

the system and its evils, so antagonistic to Christianity.

There can be but two questions on this subject, in the mind of any person who is thoroughly acquainted with the phenomena.–First, the character of the spirits, and Second, the justice and propriety of holding intercourse

with them.

These questions we have endeavored to meet. The whole subject has been thoroughly examined in the light of the Scriptures, profane history, and the developments of these times. Waving all cases of mere pretence-of which, doubtless, there have been many--we grapple with the real merits of the subject; and while we freely admit the reality of many of the manifestations, and that the phenomena are utterly inexplicable on any other hypothesis than that of spiritual agency, we prove that, to whatever other source this movement may be imputed, it is not the work of God, of holy angels, nor departed saints. We deem the intercourse sinful, fascinating, deceptive and very dangerous. We

e prayerfully submit the result of our investigations to an indulgent and candid public. Should this work be the means of guarding some persons against “ seducing spirits and doctrines of demons," and turning others from broken cisterns to the fountain of living waters, the hopes of the author will have been realized.


NEW-YORK, January, 1856.



Society for the Diffusion of Spiritual Knowledge. Not a Carpenter nor a

Fisherman among its Officers. Address of the Society. It Challenges
exposition. The Challenge accepted. The Author's position and



First Rappings. Intelligence discovered by the raps. Different modes

of communication. Variety of Mediums. Various Wonderful Manifesta-
tions. Spiritualism in China. An old custom revived.

Evil conse-



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A Fortified Point. A Theory must be consistent with Scripture. Proof

of Spiritual intercourse anciently. Sorcerers assisted by Evil Spirits.

Virgil's description of a Demon-Inspired Prophetess. The Pythoness of

Philippi. Sundry Arguments. History of ancient Demoniacs. 31



Necromancy Forbidden. Arguments from the Law. Mr. Campbell's Argu-

ment. Testimony of Ancient Writers. A Conclusive Argument. 47

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