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CUMBERLAND GAP, vide UNITED STATES. DILLWYN, MR., motion on the Established
CUPPAGE, MAJOR-GEN. BURKE, ap Church in Ireland, [95].

pointed Lieut.-Governor of Jersey, DISCOUNT AT BANK OF ENGLAND, rate

raised, [160]; frequent variations,

DARELL, SIR W. L., vide EGMONT LAW DISRAELI, MR., speech at the opening of

Parliament, [20].
DAVIDSON, DR., Introduction to the DISSENTERS' BURIALS BILL, [73].

Old Testament,” Vol. III., [350]. DOCKYARDS AND ARSENALS. -Vote for,
Davis, PRESIDENT.-- Message to Con [170]; Sir Frederick Smith's motion

federate Congress, [305]; address to on, ib.; motion negatived, [171]; Sir
Confederate States, April 10, (315]; M. Peto's motion, ib. ; negatired, ib.

message to Confederate Congress, [340]. DOCUMENTS, PUBLIC, 329.
DEATH. Said Pacba, Viceroy of Egypt, DROU YN DE LHUYS, M., letter respecting

15; centenarians, 16; dressmaker, sup. proposed Congress, 353.
posed to have been caused by the hard DUBLIN.- Death of Archbishop Whately,
ships of her profession, 102; Sir C. 216 ; obituary notice, ib.; Very Rev.
Cresswell, particulars of accident, 111; R. C. Trench appointed Archbishop of,
miser, in Adam-street, Adelphi, 145; 360; University of, installation of the
from starvation, in West Hackney, Earl of Rosse as Chancellor, 28.
161. Vide ACCIDENT, EXECUTION, DUNDEE, park presented to people of, by

Sir David Baxter, 141 ; Earl Russell's

speech at, ib.
DECEMBER, Chronicle for, 179.

DINDONALD, EARL OF, great peerage
DE GREY AND Ripon, Earl, appointed case decided in House of Lords, 94.

Secretary of State for the War Depart. DUNNE, COLONEL, motion on depressed
ment, 359.

condition of Ireland, [172].
DENMARK. Description of, [247];

diplomatic arrangements of 1851-2,
[249]; disputes with Germany re-
specting Schleswig - Holstein, ib.; EARTHQUAKE IN ENGLAND, 150.
population of various divisions, [251]; EBURY, LORD.-Motion relating to Act
ordinance of 30th March, 1863, of Uniformity, [88] ; negatived, [92];
[253]; constitution of Rigsraad, [251]. motion relating to the Burial Service,

“Fundamental Law” of 1863, ib. ; withdrawn, [95].
260]; Germany takes umbrage at, ECCLESIASTICAL QUESTIONS, debates on,
[261]; death of Frederick VII., and [69].
accession of Christian IX., ib.; treaty ECLIPSE, TOTAL, of the moon, 90.
of London, 1852, [263]; King of, EDUCATION, NATIONAL.--Vote for, moved
genealogical table showing his descent, .by Mr. Lowe, and agreed to, [100] ;
ib.; close of Rigsraad, and King's statistics, ib. ; Mr. Walter's motion on,
message, [266]; proclamation of March ib.; partly withdrawn and partly nega-
30 withdrawn, [267]; Federal execu tived, [102].
tion, and entry of Prince of Augusten EGG, Augustus LEOPOLD, R.A., obituary
burg, ib.; change of Ministry, new notice, 199.
Ministry formed by Bishop Monrad, EGMONT, EARL OF, great law case as to
ib.; Princess Alexandra of, arrival in will of, 218.
London, 36 ; King of, treaty with, for EGYPT, death and memoir of Viceroy of,
marriage of Prince of Wales, 329. Vide 15.

obituary notice, 199.
DENMARK, KING OF, reply to French Eliot, GEORGE, new novel by, entitled

Emperor's proposal for a Congress, · Romola,” [355].

DENMARK,PRINCE WILLIAM (OR GEORGE) Poland, &c., [103]; question ou Schles.

of, chosen King of the Greeks, [183]. wig-Holstein, [122].

ELLICE, Right Hox. EDWARD, M.P.,
DERBY, EARL OP. -Speech at the opening obituary notice, 201.

of Parliament, [9]; Latin speech to the ELLIOT, Hon. H. G., appointed British
Prince of Wales in convocation at Ox Minister in Italy, 360.
ford, 98.

ELPHINSTONE, Sir John, motion for

Commission on iron-clad ships, &c.,

RATES OF, corre [66].
spondence with Home Office about the EMANCIPATION, of Negroes in United
convict G. V. Townley, 309.

States, by President Lincoln, [5].


"* proposal for a Congress,

EMIGRATION, from Manchester to New unfavourable to the Government, [206];
Zealand, 76.

various changes in the Ministry, [207];
ENGLAND.— History of the year, [1]; M. Billault appointed Minister of State,

legislation, [8]; financial affairs, [30]; ib.; death of M. Billault (Oct. 1863),
foreign policy, [102] ; May's Constitu [208]; Emperor's letters to European
tional History of, [319]; Massey's His Governments, proposing a Congress,
tory of, ib.

ib.; Emperor's speech at opening of
EPSOM, Derby and Oaks, 83.

Chambers after the elections, [214];
ETON, cricket match with Harrow, 110. official statement of situation of the
EXCHEQUER, COURT OF, Serjeant Pigott empire, [218]; M. Fould's official state-
appointed a Baron of, 360.

ment of financial position, [227]; coin-
EXECUTION, of four men together at cides with England on the Polish ques-
Liverpool, 143.

tion, [290]; intentions of the Emperor
EXETER, Hon. and Rev. W. J. Brodrick as to Mexico, [298]; endeavours to
appointed Dean of, 359.

mediate in the United States, [307].
Exhibition, of 1851, inauguration of FRANKFORT, Congress of German Sove-
Memorial, 93.

reigns at, [269].

FEBRUARY, Chronicle for, 17.
Fight, between Heenan and King, 182. GASKELL, MRS., “Sylvia's Lovers,”

FINANCIAL STATEMENT, Mr. Gladstone's, GERMANY.—Disputes with Denmark as

to the Schleswig-Holstein question,
FIRE. At the Sunnyside Bleaching [249], vide DENMARK, SCHLESWIG-

Works, Salford, 1; Hotel and Theatre HOLSTEIN, HOLSTEIN; decision of Diet
Royal, Plymouth, seriously damaged, 3 ; for Federal execution in Holstein and
death of a servant by crinoline, 5; death Lauenburg, [265] ; Congress of Sove-
of a young lady by crinoline, 11; fatal reigns to discuss reform of Bund, [268];
injury to a ballet-girl at the Princess's population of the several States com-
Theatre, 13; Bishop of Lincoln's Palace posing the Bund, [272], note; Reform
at Riseholme burnt down, 24 ; very ex. Act settled by Congress of Sovereigns,
tensive, in the City of London, 73; [276]; list of Sovereigns present, ib.;
destruction of Rockingham House, Lord Confederation, [268] ; reply to French
Lorton's seat, county Roscommon, 74;
very extensive, at the village of Damer [214].
ham, on the borders of Hants and Dor GETTYSBURG, BATTLE OF, vide UNITED
set, 81; in the City of London, between STATES.
Wood-street and Milk-street, 192; at GIBRALTAR, Rev. J. W. Trower appointed

Campden House, law case as to, 225. Bishop of, 360.
FITZGERALD, MR. S., motion on Brazil, GILCHRIST, “Life of William Blake,"

FOREIGN POLICY, debates on, [20]. [102]. GLADSTONE, MR.-Financial statement,
FOREY, GENERAL.—Takes Puebla, [299]; [32]; motion for purchase, &c., of
enters city of Mexico, ib.; proclamation International Exhibition

to Mexicans, ib.

FORGERIES.-By Wm. Roupell, action GLAISHER, MR., the aeronaut, vide

arising out of, 264 ; on the Bank of BALLOON.
England, trial Geo. Buncher and Glasgow, installation of Lord Palmerston
others for, 277.

as Rector of University, 53.

Ellicott appointed Bishop of, 358.
FRANCE.- History of the year, [188]; GOLD, discovery of bars and pieces at

Emperor's speech at opening of the Mantfield, Sussex, 52.
Chambers, ib.; address of the Senate, GOODWIN, Miss, murder of, vide Town.
[191]; debates, &c., in the Chambers, LEY.
ib.; address of the Corps Législatif, GORDON, DR., his work on China, [358].
[193]; debates on the Polish question, GORTCHAKOFF, PRINCE, correspondence
[195]; foreign policy of, book dis with England, &c., [330], and vide
tributed to the members of the French POLAND.
Chambers, [197]; “ Opposition” can GOUNOD, production of his Faust,”
didates, and action of the Government, [367].
[200]; circular sent to bishops as to GRANT, Gen., vide UNITED STATES.
elections, [204]; decree of the Em GREECE, [293]; proposed cession of
peror as to pastorals, [205]; elections Ionian Islands to, ib.; Protocol of

A a

way, 88.

London as to cession of Ionian Islands, HOOKER, GENERAL, vide UNITED STATES.
[296]; treaty concluded for cession of HUXLEY, PROFESSOR, Evidence as to
Ionian Islands, [297].

Man's Place in Nature,” [354].
GREEKS, KING OF THE.- Arrival in Eng.

land, 150; reply to French Emperor's IMPOSTURE, curious case of, by feigned
proposal for a Congress, [213].

illness, 33.
GREEKS, Prince George of Denmark

INCOME, NATIONAL, tabular statement,
chosen King of, [295].

showing excess of over expenditure in
GRENADIER GUARDS, several killed and

the year ended Dec. 31, 1863, 361
injured by accident on Brighton Rail.

(back of).

INCOME TAX.- Proposed reduction of,
GREY, EARL, motion on Poland, [110].

[32]; Mr. Hubbard's resolution, [52];
GKEY, SIR GEORGE.-Prison Ministers'

negatived, [54]; Mr. Roebuck's motion,
Bill, [69]; Bill for Amalgamating City [55]; withdrawn, [56].
with Metropolitan police, [163]; cor INDIA.—Sir C. Wood's statement of reve.
respondence about the convict G. V.

nue, [176]; Mr. H. Seymour's motion
Townley, 309.

as to, [178]; withdrawn, [181]; Sir
GUARDS, THE, ball given to the Prince John Lawrence sails for, to commence

and Princess of Wales in the Exhibition his duties as Governor-General, 181.
Building, 106.

GWILT, JOSEPH, obituary notice, 202. Mr. Smiles, [352].

INSURANCE, FIRE, great case as to burn-
Halifax, visit of the Prince of Wales

ing of Campden House, 225.
to, on opening of the new Town Hall,


-Lord Palmerston's motion for pur-
HANOVER, KING OF, reply to French chase of land, [166]; carried, [168];

Emperor's proposal for a Congress, Mr. Gladstone's motion for purchase of,

&c., ib.; negatived, [170].
HARDING, JAMES DUFFIELD, obituary IONIAN ISLANDS.-Debate on the cession
notice, 203.

of, [16]; proposed cession of to Greece,
HARBOW, crirket match with Eton, 110.

[183]. [293]; Protocol of London as
HASTINGS, MARQUIS OF, fined for cock.

to cession, [296]; treaty concluded
fighting, 102.

for the cession, [297]; Parliament
HAWTHORNE, “Our Old Home,” (359). of, unanimous approval of cession,
Hay, Sir John, motion as to position of ib.
naval officers, &c., [65]. [67].

IRELAND.-State of, as described by Lord
HEENAN, fight with King, 182.

Palmerston in the House of Commons,
HENNESSEY, MR., motion on Poland, [27); Established Church in, Mr. Dill.
[104]; second motion on Poland,

wyn's motion, [95]; speech of Mr.

Whiteside, [96] ; speech of Mr. B.
HERBERT OF LEA, THE LATE LORD, Osborne, [97]; motion dropped, [99];

statue in his honour, erected at Salis Colonel Dunne's motion on depressed
bury, 107.

condition of, [172]; negatived, [173];
HEREFORD, CATHEDRAL OF, reopening Mr. Maguire's motion on state of agri-
after restoration, particulars, 107.

cultural classes, &c., ib.; negatived,
HESSE, PRINCESS LOUIS OF (Princess [175]; Mr. Bagwell's motion as to
Alice), accouchement of, 55.

extension of Volunteer system to,
HISTORY OF THE YEAR 1863, English, ib.; negatived, ib.; salmon fisheries,

[1]; Foreign, [188]; and vide FRANCE, Mr. McMahon's Bill, ib.; carried,

[176]; curious religious fracas in,
HOLSTEIN, hostile occupation of, [247]. 75; singular action of libel brought

[249], and vide SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN; against a Romish priest, 112; attempt
constitution of (and also of Lauenburg) to shoot Mr. Gore Jones, a magistrate,
abrogated, [252]; (and Lauenburg), 113; quarrel between the Lord-Lieu-
Federal execution, [265].

tenant and Lord Leitrim, 152.
HOME OFFICE, correspondence about the ITALY, question of, as officially stated in
convict G. V. Townley, 309.

France, [224].

Captain Speke, 104.
HORSMAN, MR., motion on Poland, [112].
Hotel, St. James's, curious action as to JACKSON, LIEUT.-Gen. (STONEWALL),

liability of inn-keepers, 179; verdict, death of, [320].

JANUARY, Chronicle for, 1.
HUBBARD, MR., resolution as to income JAPAN.-Earl of Carnarvon's motion on,
tax, [52].

[119]; outrages upon British subjects,



[183]; reparation demanded for murder LEE, GENERAL, invasion of northern
of a British subject, Mr. Richardson, territory, vide UNITED STATES.
[301]; Government apologizes for mur LEITRIM, EARL OF, quarrel with the
der of Richardson, and pays 10,0001., Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, 152.

Prince of Satsuma refuses to LEVÉE, held by the Prince of Wales on
pay 25,0001., ib.; bombardment of behalf of Her Majesty, 32.
Kagosima and submission of Prince of LEWIS, SIR G. C.- Moves the army
Satsuina, ib.; Sir R. Alcock's “Capi estimates, [56]; obituary notice of,
tal of the Tycoon," [357]; new plant, 207.
male Aucuba Japonica, introduced LIBEL, singular action in Ireland, brought
from, [378).

by Mr. Spring Rice against a Romish
JERSEY, Major-Gen. Cuppage appointed

priest, 112.
Lieut.-Governor of, 360.

Jésus, Renan's “Vie de,” [351].

Jewish Church, Stanley's “ Lectures'

LINCOLN, BISHOP OF, his palace burnt
on, [349].

down, 24.
JEWs, Milman’s “History,” [351]. LINCOLN, PRESIDENT. Emancipation
Jowett, PROFESSOR, case of Pusey v. proclamation, [5]. [303]; letter to Gen.
Jowett, 34.

McClellan, urging decisive operations,
JUAREZ, retires to San Luis Potosi, [309]; proclamation of May 8, [316];

letter of August 26, in defence of his
JULY, Chronicle for, 107.

policy, [328]; Annual Message to Con-
JUNE, Chronicle for, 89.

gress, December 9, [335]; proclama-

tion of pardon on certain conditions,
KAGOSIMA, bombardment of, vide JAPAN. [339].
King, fight with Heenan, 182.

LINDSAY, MR., motion against building
KINGLAKE, “Invasion of the Crimea,”

wooden ships, [65].

KNIGHT, CHARLES (publisher), “Pas-

attend Congress of German Sovereigns,
sages of a Working Life through Half (272).
a Century,” [352].

LITERATURE, [346] ; periodical, [359];

“Fine Arts' Quarterly Review," [367].

LIVERPOOL, simultaneous execution of
LANCASHIRE DISTRESS. Caused by four men for murder, 143.

American war, [2]; immense sums LONDON.- Bill of Sir George Grey as to
raised by voluntary contributions, ib.; City police, [163]; laid aside, (166);
debate on, [19]; statistics, ib. ; general protocol of, relating to the cession of
history of, [139]; riots, [142], [143]; the Ionian Islands to Greece, [291];
absence of epidemics, general mortality Musical Society of, [368]; Corporation
not increased, [145], [146]; details of of, wedding gift to Princess Alexandra,
measures for relief of, [147]; “Union 42; Bishop of, convenes a meeting for
Rate in Aid Act,” Mr. Villiers's motion relief of spiritual destitution in the
for extension of, [151]; Bill for pub metropolis, 77; City of, Lord Mayor's
lic works in manufacturing districts, Day, 175; treaty of, 1852, for main-
[154]; resolution for issue of money, taining the integrity of Denmark, vide
(156]; cargoes for relief of sent from DENMARK, SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN.
the United States, 25. 31.

LORDS, HOUSE OF, Prince of Wales takes
LANGIEWICZ.-Principal leader of the his seat, 17; Dundonald Peerage case

Polish insurgents, [283]; nominated decided, 95; debates, vide PARLIAMENT,
Dictator, ib.; engagement with the DEBATES.
Russian forces in March, ib.; dis LOWE, MR., moves the vote for National
appears mysteriously, ib.; gives him Education, [100].
self up to the Austrian authorities, and LYELL, SIR CHARLES, “Geological Evi-
is conveyed to Cracow, [281].

dences of the Antiquity of Man,"
LANSDOWNE, MARQUIS OF, obituary [353).
notice, 204.

LYNDHURST, LORD, obituary notice,

LYTHAM, lighthouse washed away, 10.
LAUNCH, of H.M. iron-clad screw

« Mino.
taur," 183.

LAUREATE, THE POET, verses of welcome MACFARREN, production of his Opera di
to the Princess Alexandra, 50.

Camera, “ Jessy Lea,” [368].
LAWRENCE, SIR John, departure for MCMAHON, Bill on Salmon Fisheries in

India, to enter upon his duties as Gover Ireland, [175].
nor-General, 181.


ence with Home Office about the con MURDER.-Of James Paterson, at Edin-
vict G. V. Townley, 309.

burgh, 23; the trial, ib.; of William
MAGUIRE, MR., motion on state of agri Davey, at Acton, the trial, 61; verdict

cultural classes, &c., in Ireland, [173]. and sentence, 70; of Mr. Gustave Thie-
MALET, SIR A., note to German Diet on bault, in Tipperary, 78; verdict, 79;

Schleswig-Holstein question, [266]. four men executed at Liverpool for
MANCHESTER, departure of 1000 emi separate offences, 143; at Castle Heding.

grants for Canterbury, New Zealand, ham, of an old Frenchman suspected of

witchcraft, 149; of a child by its

mother, in Marylebone-road, 157; by
MARCH, Chronicle for, 36.

poison, in a cab, 164; suicide of the
Mason, MR. (Confederate Commissioner), murderer, 165; of a woman by her

paramour, in the Waterloo-road, 186;
MASSEY, “ History of England during the by a soldier, at Guildford, and attempted

Reign of George III.," Vol. IV., [349). suicide of the murderer, 189; trial of
MAURITIUS, Sir H. Barkly appointed G. V. Townley for, 296.
Governor of, 360.

MAXIMILIAN, ARCHDUKE. Proclaimed Music, [367]; new pieces produced, ib.;

Emperor of Mexico, [300]; receives performances very numerous, and stand-
deputation of Notables, ib.; does not ard much improved, [368]; Musical

definitively accept offer of Crown, ib. Society of London, ib.
May, Chronicle for, 77.

MUTINY, on board the “Arica," Peruvian
MAY, T. E., “Constitutional History of ship of war, at Blackwall, 51.

England,” (349).
MAYNOOTH, motion of Mr. Whalley re-

specting grant to, [95]; negatived, ib. NAAS, LORD, motion on China, [120].
MEADE, GEN., vide UNITED STATES. NAPIER, LORD, correspondence with Earl
MENDELSSOHN, “Correspondence," Lady Russell, &c., on Polish question, 330.
Wallace's translation, [352].

NAPOLEON III.-Speech at opening of
METALS, several discovered by spectral Chambers, [188]; speech at opening
analysis, (378).

of Chambers after the elections, [214];
MEXICO.-Question of, as officially stated correspondence with Prince of Augus-

in France, [225]; history of the year, tenburg on Schleswig-Holstein ques-
[298]; siege and fall of Puebla, ib.[299]; tion, [265]; intentions as to Mexico,
Forey enters city of, [299]; his procla expressed in letter to General Forey,
mation to Mexicans, ib.; Juarez retires [298] ; proposal for a General Congress
to San Luis Potosi, ib.; Assembly of to “ regulate the present and secure
Notables determines on offering Crown the future," 351. Vide FRANCE.
to Archduke Maximilian of Austria, NATIONAL GALLERY, new pictures pur.

chased for, (365).
MIDDLE LEVEL, law proceedings as to NAVAL COAST VOLUNTEERS, unsatis-
the inundation, the verdict, 59.

factory state of, [63].

English compared, by Lord R. Cecil, amendment to Sir John Hay's motion

on, [68]; agreed to, [69].
MILLBANK, PRISON AT, wonderful escape NavAL RESERVE, Statistics, [63].
from, 156.

NAVAL SERVICE.- Motion of Sir John
MILLS, MR. A., motion for reduction of Hay as to position of officers, &c., [67];
ariny estimates, [58].

negatived, [69].
Mills, H., Esq., appointed a Judge of the Navy ESTIMATES.—Moved by Lord C.

High Court of Judicature, Bengal, 360. Paget, [62]; reduction, ib.; debates
MILMAN, DEAN, new edition of his
“ History of the Jews,” [351].

NETLEY, Her Majesty's visit to the
“MINOTAUR,” Her Majesty's ship, launch hospital at, 79.
of, 183.

NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, meeting of British
MISSIONARY RIDGE, BATTLE AT, vide Association at, 131-139.

NEWDEGATE, MR., introduces Church-
MONRAD, Bishop, placed at head of new rate Commutation Bill, [79].
Ministry in Denmark, [267].

New York, riots in, (324].
MORISON, J, C., “Life and Times of St. NEW ZEALAND.--War with the Maoris,
Bernard, of Clairvaux,” [318].

[302]; departure of 1000 emigrants
MOUAT, DR., “Adventures, &c., among for, from Manchester, 76; collision of
the Andaman Islanders,” [358].

ships, with serious loss of life, 107.
MULREADY, WILLIAM, R.A., obituary NORMANBY, MARQUIS OF, obituary notice,
notice, 209.


on, ib.

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