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Jan. 9. To be Baronets of the United Kingdom :—Thomas Davies Lloyd, Esq., of Bronwydd, in the county of Cardigan, and of Kilrhue, in the county of Pembroke; Henry Rich, Esq., of Sonning, in the county of Berks; Francis Crossley, Esq., of Belle Vue, in the county of York, and of Somerleyton, in the county of Suffolk; William Brown, Esq., of Rich. mond-hill, in the county palatine of Lan. caster; Sir Daniel Cooper, Knight, of Woollahra, in New South Wales, late Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of that colony; and David Baxter, Esq., of Kilmaron, in the county of Fife.

Edward Parkyns Levinge, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, to be a Judge of the High Court at Fort William, Bengal.

Jan. 23. The Rev. Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, D.D., to be one of the Deputy Clerks of the Closet to Her Majesty, in the room of the Rev. John Vane, resigned.

Appointments by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales :

To be Keeper of the Privy Seal of His Royal Highness:--Sir Win. Dunbar, Bart., M.P.

To be Attorney-Gen. of His Royal Highness :—Sir Wm. John Alexander, Bart., Q.C.

To be the Council of His Royal Highness :- The Duke of Newcastle, K.G., Lord Warden of the Stannaries ; Sir Wm. Dunbar, Bart., M.P., Keeper of the Privy Seal; Sir Wm. John Alexander, Bart., Q.C., Attorney-Gen. ; Col. the Hon. Sir Chas. Beaumont Phipps, K.C.B., Receiver-Gen. of the Duchy of Cornwall ; Lieut.-Gen. Wm. Thos. Knollys, Comptroller and Treasurer of the Household of His Royal Highness; the Lord Portman.

Jan. 30. Congé d'élire to the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Bristol, empowering them to elect a Bishop of the See of Gloucester and Bristol, the

same being void by the translation of the Most Rev. Father in God Dr. William Thomson, late Bishop thereof, to the Cathedral and Metropolitical See of York. The Rev. Charles John Ellicott, D.D., now Dean of the Cathedral Church of Exeter, recommended to be by them elected Bishop of the said See of Gloucester and Bristol.

Jan. 30. The Right Hon. Philip Henry, Earl Stanhope; the Right Hon. Chas. Stewart, Viscount Hardinge; Francis Charteris, Esq. (commonly called Lord Elcho); the Right Hon. Sir Edmund Walker Head, Bart., K.C.B.; Wm. Stirling, Esq.; Henry Danby Seymour, Esq.; and Henry Reeve, Esq., to be H.M.'s Commis. sioners to inquire into the present position of the Royal Academy in relation to the Fine Arts, and into the circumstances and conditions under which it occupies a portion of the National Gallery, and to suggest such measures as may be required to render it more useful in promoting art and in improving and developing public taste.

Feb. 4. The Rev. Charles Merivale, Rector of Lawford, Essex, to be Chaplain of the House of Commons, in the room of the Ven. Archdeacon Drury, deceased.

Feb. 16. Appointments in the Household of the Prince of Wales :

To be Hon. Chaplains :- The Rev. Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, D.D., Canon of Christ Church, Oxford; the Rev. Charles Kingsley, M.A.; the Rev. Henry Mildred Birch, M.A.; and the Rev. Charles Feral Tarver, M.A.

To be Physicians in Ordinary :—Wm. Jenner, Esq., M.D., and Edward Sieveking, Esq., M.D.

To be Surgeons in Ordinary :- James Paget, Esq., and George Pollock, Esq.

To be Surgeon Extraordinary :- John Minter, Esq., R.N., M.D., F.R.C.S.

To be Surgeon-Dentist :-E. Saunders, Esq.

To be Hon. Physicians :- T. King dominions, islands, and territories thereChambers, Esq., M.D.; Henry Wentworth unto belonging. Acland, Esq., M.D.; and Alex. Armstrong,

The Right Hon. Robert Montgomery, Esq., M.D., R.N.

Lord Belhaven, K.T., to be H.M.'s High To be Surgeon-Apothecary :-Claudius Commissioner to the General Assembly of F. Du Pasquier, Esq., F.R.C.S., M.S.A. the Church of Scotland.

March 10. Appointinents in the House June 19. The dignity of an Earl of the hold of Her Royal Higliness the Princess United Kingdom of Great Britain and of Wales :

Ireland granted to Edward Adolphus, The Lord Harris to be Chamberlain to Duke of Somerset, K.G., and the heirs Her Royal Highness.

male of his body lawfully begotten, by The Marchioness of Carmarthen, the the name, style, and title of Earl St. Countess of Morton, the Countess of Mac. Maur, of Berry Pomeroy, in the county clesfield, and the Countess de Grey, to be of Devon. Ladies of the Bedchamber to Her Royal July 7. The Hon. Adelaide Cavendish Highness.

to be one of H.Mi's Maids of Honour in The Hon. Mrs. Robert Bruce, the Hon. Ordinary, in the room of the Hon. Mrs. Willinin George Grey, the Hon. Mrs. Victoria Alexandrina Stuart-Wortley, reEdward Coke, and the Hon. Mrs. Francis signed. Stonor, to be Bedchamber Women to Her H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, K.G., Royal Highness.

to be Capt.-Gen. and Col. of the Hon. March 24. Letters patent directed to Artillery Company of London. be passed under the Great Seal of the Mr. Henry Pendock St. George Tucker, United Kingdom of Great Britain and of the Bombay Civil Service, to be a Ireland, constituting and appointing the Judge of the High Court at Bombay. Most Noble Edward Adolphus, Duke of Aug. 11. Capt. H.S.H. the Prince of Somerset, K.G.; Vice-Adin. the Hon. Sir Leiningen, R.N., to be an ordinary memFrederick William Grey, K.C.B.; Rear. ber of the Civil Division of the Second Adm. Sir Charles Eden, C.B. ; Rear-Adm. Class, or Knights Commanders, of the Charles Frederick ; Capt. the Hon. James Most Hon. Order of the Bath. Robert Drummond, C.B.; and Spencer Robert Montgomery, Lord Belhaven, Compton Cavendish, Esq. (commonly K.T., to be Lieut, and Sheriff-Principal called Marquis of Hartington), to be of the shire of Lanark, in the room of H.M.'s Commissioners for executing the William Alexander Anthony Archibald, office of Lord High Admiral of the said Duke of Hamilton, deceased. United Kingdom of Great Britain and The dignity of Knighthood of the Ireland, and the dominions, islands, and United Kingdom of Great Britain and territories thereunto belonging.

Ireland granted unto James Coxe, of April 3. The Hon. and Rev. William Kinellan, co. Edinburgh, Doctor of MediJohn Brodrick, M.A., presented to the cine, one of the Commissioners of the Deanery of the Cathedral Church of General Board of Lunacy for Scotland. Exeter, void by the promotion of Dr. The like dignity granted to Goldsworthy Charles John Ellicott, late Dean thereof, Gurney, Esq., of Bude, co. Cornwall. to the See of Gloucester and Bristol.

Aug. 14. Sir James Hudson, K.C.B., April 28. 10th Hussars. — Gen. His H.M.'s Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Plenipotentiary to the King of Italy, to K.G., K.S.I., to be Colonel, vice Gen. the be an Ordinary Member of the Civil Divi. Earl Beauchamp, transferred to the 2nd sion of the First Class, or Knights Grand Life Guards.

Cross, of the Most Hon. Order of the May 1.

The Right Hon. George Bath. Frederick Samuel, Earl de Grey and James Douglas, Esq., C.B., Governor Ripon, to be one of H.M.'s Principal and Commander-in-Chief in and over Secretaries of State for the War Depart Vancouver's Island and the Colony of ment.

British Columbia, to be an Ordinary May 5. The Most Noble Edward Member of the Civil Division of the Adolphus, Duke of Somerset, K.G.; Vice Second Class, or Knights Commanders, of Admiral the Hon. Sir Frederick William the said Most Hon. Order. Grey, K.C.B.; Rear-Admiral Charles Miss Emma Lascelles to be one of Eden, C.B.; Rear-Admiral Charles Fre. H.M.'s Maids of Honour in Ordinary, in derick ; Captain the Hon. James Robert the room of the Hon. Adelaide Cavendish, Drummond, C.B.; and James Stansfeld, resigned. the younger, Esq., to be H.M.'s Com

Aug. 18. The Hon. Lucy Caroline missioners for executing the office of Lord Lyttelton to be one of H.M.'s Maids of High Admiral of the said United Kingdom Honour in Ordinary, in the room of the of Great Britain and Ireland, and the Hon. Beatrice Byng, resigned.

Aug. 28. Sir James Plaistow Wilde, H.M.'s Counsel learned in the Law, to be Knight, one of the Barons of the Court of a Judge of the High Court of Judicature Exchequer, to be Judge of H.M.'s Court at Fort William, in Bengal. of Probate.

Nov. 13. His Highness Seramudi Sept. 12. The Hon. Henry George Rajahye, Hindostan Raj-Rajender Sree Elliot to be H.M.'s Envoy Extraordinary Maharajah Dheeraj Sewaee Ram Sing, and Minister Plenipotentiary to the King Bahadoor of Jyepore, and his Highness of Italy.

Furzund Dilbund Rasekool Itahqad Dow. Sept. 17. Sir Henry Barkly, K.C.B., to lut-i-Englishia Rajah Suroop Sing, Bahabe Governor and Commander-in-Chief in door of Jheend, to be Knights of the and over the Island of the Mauritius and Most Exalted Order of the Star of India. its dependencies.

Nov. 15. The Very Rev. Richard Sept. 22. Major Robert Miller Mundy Chenevix Trench, D.D., Dean of Westto be Lieut.-Governor of the Island of minster, to be Archbishop of Dublin, in Grenada.

the room of the Most Rev. Richard Sept. 26. The Right Rev. Walter John Whately, deceased. Trower, D.D., to the Bishopric of Gib The Rev. Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, D.D., raltar, in the room of the Right Rev. Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History George Tomlinson, D.D., deceased.

at Oxford, Canon of Christ Church, Sept. 30. John Alexander, Earl of Honorary Chaplain in Ordinary to the Hopetoun, to be Lieutenant and Sheriff Queen, and Examining Chaplain to the Principal of the shire of Linlithgow, in Bishop of London, to be Dean of West. the room of Archibald John, Earl of minster. Rosebery, K.T., resigned.

Dec. 1. The Rev. Addington Robert Oct. 2. Gillery Pigott, Esq., Serjt.-at Peel Venables, M.A., to be Bishop of the Law, to be one of the Barons of the Court See of Nassau (Bahama Islands), in the of Exchequer, in the room of Sir James room of the Right Rev. Dr. Charles Plaistow Wilde, Knight, Judge of H.M.'s Caulfield, deceased. Court of Probate.

Dec. 8. The Right Hon. Sir John Laird Sir Roundell Palmer, Knight, to be Mair Lawrence, Bart., G.C.B., K.S.I., to H.M.'s Attorney-General, vice Sir William be H.M.'s Viceroy and Governor-General Atherton, resigned.

of India, in the room of the Earl of Elgin, Robert Porrett Collier, Esq., to be deceased. H.M.'s Solicitor-General, vice Sir R. Pal. At the Court at Windsor, the 8th of

December, 1863 :- Present—The Queen's Oct. 4. Arthur Edward Kennedy, Esq., Most Excellent Majesty in Council. C.B., to be Governor and Commander-in This day His Royal Highness the Prince Chief in and over the Island of Vancouver of Wales was, by Her Majesty's command, and its dependencies.

introduced into the Privy Council, where Oct. 23. Major-Gen. Burke Cuppage to His Royal Highness took his place at the be Lieut.-Governor of the Island of Jersey,

upper end of the Board. in the room of Major-Gen. Sir Robert The Right Hon. Sir William Gibson Percy Douglas, Bart., resigned.

Craig, Bart., the Lord Clerk Register and Nov. 1. The honour of Knighthood Keeper of the Signet in Scotland, was, conferred upon Gillery Pigott, Esq., one by Her Majesty's command, also sworn of the Barons of H.M.'s Court of Ex of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy chequer.

Council. Nov. 6. Henry Mills, Esq., one of




(Except Cornwall and Lancashire.)
BEDFORDSHIRE–Benjamin Helps Starey, of Milton Ernest, Esq.
BERKSHIRE-James Blyth, of Woolhampton House, near Newbury, Esq.
Bucks-Philips Crosby Lovett, of Liscombe House, Esq.
CAMBRIDGESHIRE AND HUNTS—D. Onslow, of Great Staughton, Esq.
CHESHIRE—Sir Charles Watkin Shakerley, of Somerford Park, Bart.
CUMBERLAND -William Nicholson Hodgson, of Newby Grange, Carlisle, Esq.
DERBYSHIRE—Sir Henry Flower Every, of Eggington, Bart.
DevONSHIRE-George Stucley Stucley, of Hartland Abbey, Bideford, Bart.
DORSETSHIRE—George Whieldon, of Wyke Hall, Gillingham, Esq.

DURHAM—John Richard Westgarth Hildyard, of Horsley, Esq.
Essex-George Palmer, of Nazing, Esq.
GLOUCESTERSHIRE-Philip William Skynner Miles, of King's Weston, Esq.
HEREFORDSHIRE-William Bridgman, of Weston-under-Penyard, Esq.
HERTFORDSHIRE-Samuel Richard Block, of Greenhill-grove, Esq.
KENT-Samuel Long, of Bromley-hill, Esq.
LEICESTERSHIRE—John Martin, of Whatton House, Esq.
LINCOLNSHIRE-George Charles Uppleby, of Barrow, Esq.
MONMOUTHSHIRE-Henry Martyn Kennard, of Crumlin Hall, Esq.
NORFOLK—Joseph Stonehewer Scott Chad, of Thursford, Esq.
NORTHAMPTONSHIRE---George Ashby Ashby, of Naseby, Esq.
NORTHUMBERLAND-Watson Askew, of Pallinsburn, Esq.
NOTTINGHAMSHIRE-John Henry Manners Sutton, of Kellam, Esq.
OXFORDSHIRE--Thomas Taylor, of Aston House, Esq.
RUTLAND— The Hon. Henry Lewis Noel, of Exton Park.
SHROPSHIRE- Thomas Charlton Whitmore, of Apley Park, Esq.
SOMERSETSHIRE-George Treweeke Scobell, of Kingwell, Esq.
COUNTY OF SOUTHAMPTON—Melville Portal, of Laverstoke House, Esq.
STAFFORDSHIRE—Thomas Bagnall, of West Bromwich, Esq.
SUFFOLK-John William Brooke, of Sibton Park, Esq.
SURREY-Lewis Lloyd, of Monk's Orchard, near Croydon, Esq.
SUSSEX - John Charles Fletcher, of Dale Park, Arundel, Esq.
WARWICKSHIRE—Charles Marriott Caldecott, of Holbrook Grange, Esq.
WESTMORELAND-William Wilson, of High Park, near Kendal, Esq.
WILTSHIRE—Thomas Fraser Grove, of Fern, Esq.
WORCESTERSHIRE-Richard Hemming, of Bentley Manor, Bromsgrove, Esq.
YORKSHIRE—John Hope Barton, of Stapleton Park, near Pontefract, Estl.


ANGLESEA—Robert Lloyd Jones Parry, of Tregaian, Esq.
BRECONSHIRE—Thomas de Winton, of Cefn Cantreff, Esq.
CARDIGANSHIRE-Price Lewis, of Gwastod, near Lampeter, Esq.
CARMARTHENSHIRE—Isaac Horton, of Ystrad, Esq.
CARNARVONSHIRE-John Platt, of Bryn-y-neuodd, Esq.
DENBIGHSHIRE-John Lloyd, of Rhagatt, Corwen, Esq.
FLINTSHIRE-Charles Butler Clough, of Llwyn Offa, Esq.
GLAMORGANSHIRE- John Popkin Traberne, of Coytrahene, Esq.
MERIONETHSHIRE—Howel Morgan, of Hengwrtuchaf, Esq.
MONTGOMERYSHIRE—John Dugdale, of Llywn, Esq.
PEMBROKESHIRE-William Rees, of Scoveston, Esq.
RADNORSHIRE-Henry Thomas, of Pencerrig, Esq.

8. d.


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1.-AN ACCOUNT OF THE GROSS PUBLIC INCOME OF THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, In the Year ended the 31st day of December, 1863, and of the actual Issues of Payments within the same period, exclusive of the sums applied to the

Redemption of Funded or paying off Unfunded Debt, and of the Advances and Repayments for Local Works, &c. INCOME.



£ 8. d. Customs

23,421,000 0 0 Interest and Management of the Per-
17,745,000 0 manent Debt

23,801,729 17 10
9,252,000 0 0 Terminable Annuities

1,992,013 15 11
Taxes (Land and Assessed)
3,208,000 0 Interest of Exchequer Bonds

108,750 0 0
Property Tax
9,806,000 Interest of Exchequer Bills

315,541 2 10
Post Office

3,800,000 0

Deficiency Bills

175 0 0
Crown Lands (Net)
302,500 0 0

26,218,209 16 7


8. d.
Civil List

405,712 17 2
Produce of the Sale of Old Stores,

Annuities and Pensions

301,823 1 1
and other Military and Naval extra

Salaries and Allowances

178,751 17 11
704,572 9 8
Diplomatic Salaries and Pensions

169,684 0 0
Amount received from the Reve-

Courts of Justice

687,491 16 6
nues of India on account of the

Miscellaneous Charges

198,732 7 8
effective and non-effective charges

1,942,196 0 4
of British Troops serving in that

993,000 0 0

15,021,481 4 4 Allowance out of Profits of Issue re


10,491,596 3 1 ceived from the Bank of England,

Miscellaneous Civil Services

7,701,764 16 0
per Act 2+ Vict. c. 3
131,578 00

Salaries, &c., of Revenue Departments 4,541,732 3 9
Miscellaneous Receipts, including Im-

Packet Service

908,082 7 9
prest and other Moneys
857,634 16 1
Kertch and Yenikale Prize Money

85,925 0
China War Indemnity
212,335 00

38,750,581 14 11
2,899,120 5 9

Total Ordinary Expenditure £66,910,987 11 10
Expenses of Fortifications provided for by Money raised per

Acts 23 and 24 Vict. c. 109, and 25 and 26 Vict. c. 78 900,000 0 0

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£67,810,987 11 10

8. d.

Total Expenditure
Excess of Income over Ordinary Ex.

penditure, in the Year ended 31st
December, 1863

3,522,632 13 11 Deduct,-Expenses of Fortifications, as above

900,000 0 0

2,622,632 13 11

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