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15. Boston, Mass.- Board of Trade. Wool Report for 1867. 15. Kayes, J.L. Prolection a Boon to Consumers. Address before the National Assoc. of Knit - Goods Manufac


1867. vviso,

Batchelder, Samuel, Letter to Mr. Wayes.

17. Wayes, J.L. The Angora Coat: its origin, culture and products. 1868.

18. Biglow, E. B. Address upon the Wool Industry of the United States. 1869.

19. Futional Assoc. of Wool Manufacturers, U.S. Remark upon the portion of the Report of the Special Com

missioner of the Revenue, relating to Wool and Woollens. 1870.

20. Hayes, J. S. Review of Alcan on the Manufacture of Wool: being a supplement to The Fleece and

the Loom?

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