Sylvia: A Novel

John C. Winston Company, 1913 - 413 páginas
"The lovesless marriage of a coquette"--Hanna: 3245.

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Página 68 - em. SONG. Who is Silvia ? what is she, That all our swains commend her ? Holy, fair, and wise is she ; The heavens such grace did lend her, That she might admired be.
Página 65 - WAKEN, lords and ladies gay, On the mountain dawns the day, All the jolly chase is here, With hawk, and horse, and hunting-spear ! Hounds are in their couples yelling, Hawks are whistling, horns are knelling, Merrily, merrily, mingle they,
Página 107 - In the moral government of the world, it seems evidently necessary, that the sins of the fathers should be visited upon the children...
Página 269 - There'll be a Hot Time in the Old Town To-night.
Página 16 - She was the belle of her state (state, he says, not town), and "suitors crowded about her like moths about a candle flame." Yes, I mean that old muckraker, Upton Sinclair. This is the kind of thing he gets into when he describes her: "I know that a heroine must be slender and exquisite, must be sensitive and haughty and aristocratic. Sylvia was all this, in truth; but how shall I bring to you the thrill of wonder that came to me when I encountered her— that living joy she was to me forever after.
Página 96 - And I made up my mind before I came here that I would tell you the truth as I know it, even though that may cause me some problems in my funding.
Página 196 - She could not see his face, but she knew that he was looking at her with his expression at once tyrannic and benevolent.
Página 307 - The man is a big, broad-minded, open-hearted man who does great things in the service of humanity. There is a love-story that grips and carries you almost breathlessly through the climax. A book to charm and do good. Cloth, 438 pages. Illustrated. $1.35 net. Postage, 12 cents...
Página 299 - And, pray, what do you mean to do 2" inquired Mrs. Duncan, with an incredulous smile. lt I am going into the fL*hing business, mother." "Into what?" " Into the fishing business." " What in the world do you mean by that? " " I mean just what I say, mother." "Is the boy crazy? " demanded Mrs. Duncan, suspending her culinary operations, and looking with interest into the animated face of her son. " I am as regular as I ever was in my life. I've thought it all over, and spoken to Captain Littleton besides;...
Página 233 - She sank on a chair by the table and buried her face in her hands, sobbing like one distracted. The man by her side was frightened, never having seen such grief. "Miss Castleman," he pleaded, "pray control yourself — surely it can't be so bad.

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